Channeling vs. Growth: A Fallacy

A debate is occurring at the moment that pits channeled messages against personal growth, implying that the first impedes the second. To me that is akin to saying that my reading the morning newspaper impedes my growth. It may, given the suppression and slanting of news by the cabal. But, in my view, there is nothing inherent in reading the newspaper or channeled messages that impedes growth.

The galactics, ascended masters and celestials choose to communicate with us through channeled messages at this time. If we don’t read them, we deprive ourselves of knowing what the latest developments are. Today (March 14, 2012), SaLuSa announced that the God of this universe had decreed that war must end on this planet.

To me, this is a “divine deadline” and extends, if I’m correct in my assumption, the prohibition against false-flag operations and nuclear explosions for warlike purposes to all military operations aimed at bringing about war.

I grant that many will not accept the existence of God, but I do. Many will not accept that God communicates, but again I do. I think a lot of people will change their minds on that score within the year, resolved by the many new things we learn following Disclosure. But how many in society even know that Disclosure is forthcoming? That is after all something communicated by and large in channeled messages.

Wanderer also informed us today that the galactics were opening up lines of communication with third-world counties. We follow the fall of the cabal best through channeled sources. Where else can we learn so intimately about developments like these than from SaLuSa, Wanderer of the Skies or the other Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command sources?

We listened to Stephen Bassett talk with Graham Dewyea the other day on Our Galactic Family and one of the things that struck me was how little Stephen actually seemed to know about the galactics. I’m willing to bet he doesn’t read channeled messages. Or Ben Fulford, David Wilcock, or Kerry Cassidy. It’s OK that they don’t. That’s a valid choice.

But because they don’t, quite regularly they make statements that demonstrate they don’t really know where things are at with the extraterrestrials.  Kerry takes her information on galactics from a novel by Arthur Clarke, called Childhood’s End. Is that to be preferred to channeled messages? Why sentence oneself to a lack of knowledge or, worse, misinformation when the information is at our fingertips? One can do so, but it isn’t a choice I prefer to make.

I grant that there are reliable channels and unreliable and we’re tasked with sorting out the two. There are also channels who work by automatic writing and those who work by direct address – and the information conveyed will look different depending on whether the channel receives in writing or allows the source to speak. But the ones communicating wish to reach us and want us to have the latest information. I don’t choose to ignore their chosen way of communicating.

My own spiritual practice of awareness,  transparency and emergence, is not interfered with because I listen to channels. I am not less motivated to stand up to the cabal or make decisions for my own wellbeing and others because I listen to them. I don’t take less responsibility for my actions because I do. How am I inconvenienced or badly affected by consulting these sources of information?

Eventually the various beings who now get word out to us through mediums will communicate with us directly. I daresay that those who’ve listened to channeled communications will know a mite more about the sources than those who have ignored their attempts to reach us to date; the others may have to begin their learning curve at that time.  I think we’ll see the value of all the exhortations from the channeled sources that we’ve been reading to remain unafraid, maintain our balance, drop our unfinished business and stand forth as the heavenly beings we are. My own personal growth has been vastly stimulated by the channeled messages I read.

We did not choose that the Company of Heaven communicate through channeled messages; they did. But accepting that that’s their preferred medium of communication for now, everything, from our personal growth to our social education and activism, is assisted by being privy to their messages.

I don’t mind if others don’t read channeled messages. That’s a valid choice. It has consequences, as all choices do. But I do mind if they make those who do read channeled messages wrong for doing so.

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