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Smoking Gun on U.S. HAARP Activity

Feb. 3, 2011

This video, posted by Jill on Share 11,  correlates HAARP activity to active snowstorms, earthquake activity and bird kills. Really let that settle in. The smoking gun?

Melvin8865 on Youtube says this about it:

I am mirroring this for user dutchsince. ALERT!!! HAARP has been BUSTED…. FINALLY!!!

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It all comes together…

HAARP, Chemtrails, Animal Deaths, Beebe Arkansas, and CAUSING EARTHQUAKES!!

Undeniable, PROOF POSITIVE !!!

Today, February 2, 2011 — 2/2/2011– Wednesday … the mega-storm pushed eastward, but a pocket hung over St. Louis, Missouri…

This drew my eyes to the radar, to monitor the mid-west storm… when I saw something “strange” over Arkansas…

Something “strange” DIRECTLY over the earthquake zone…

Something “strange” DIRECTLY OVER BEEBE ARKANSAS !!!! Where all the animal deaths BEGAN last month.

I now know for certain, that a HAARP type device is causing these earthquakes (as evidenced by the lines in the clouds)… chemtrails are sprayed north of the zone, and the animals are dying because of this combination!

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  1. I must say, I live in the area and I work near Boeing. There have been so many jets flying in and out you can’t help but hear them in the office. No one has talked about how much more there is because their tuned into the office energy.

    There have been more and more and more “contrails” up there in the past few months. I haven’t researched chemtrails to much, but I do know there is a distinction between the two.

    How long do chemtrails “hang” in the atmosphere? I just had a flash moment…when I came home last Friday, I was amazed that there were at least four planes with fresh “trails” behind them creating a sort of grid but they were JUST starting out as the trails were small and I have no clue how high up they were. I remember at the time thinking, what are they up to for that many to be up there…