Tweedledee Confounded

Demicans and Republicrats: "What's NESARA?"

As we watch the final day of posturing on issues pertaining to the national debt in the U.S., I must admit how tired I am of the smoke and mirrors.

As we near the deadline, members of Congress will have to weigh whether they want to be remembered as the one who brokered or broke the deal. How close a shave do they want?

No matter what side they come down on, the same tired rhetoric will be used: standing for the rights of the American people, defending liberty, balancing a nation’s budget on the same sound principles as a family’s budget, etc.

A new wrinkle is the military being required to slice, if I heard correctly, half a billion off its budget. I personally don’t consider that level of cut significant.  One vet interviewed by CNN gave his take – that we were defeating America’s ability to defend itself and pretty soon the bad guys would come in and take over the place. Voice from another century.

[Ara tells me the figure is $350 billion. That is significant. Could be a sign of movement.]

But the endless rhetoric from Congress is only one level of smoke and mirrors. The more important level is that the financial system designed by the elite for America and the world is a sinking ship and no amount of dressing it up will change the situation. Deckchairs on the Titanic and all that.

Am I pessimistic? Far from it. A truly wise and equitable arrangement – NESARA or the economy mandated by the National Economic Security and Reformation Act – is waiting in the wings to lift us all from lives of penury and struggle. And not just us here in our comfortable, if debt-laden, Western burbs, but all the downtrodden and exploited billions in places where clean water is a luxury. Excuse me. Where sufficient water is a luxury.

We’ve lived relatively high off the hog for centuries now. It’s time for the rest of the world to enjoy what we’ve enjoyed since then. And it doesn’t even mean a decrease in our living standard. Far from it. All of us will experience a dramatic increase. And we could have had that long ago but for the very Tweedledees and Tweedledums who are at the moment posturing and baffling us with empty words.

So we’re watching twilight of the gods – or perhaps Masters of the Universe, as they fancied themselves – and we really will see a new day for the people, the same people that all of them were sworn to protect and praised in rhetoric but failed in practice. Our day is coming. Not far off. And the really amazing part is that so many of them will be invited to the table too. Some not, but many will.

This place will soon be under new management and We the People will, in fact as well as in name, be its managers. We won’t be defended by depleted-uranium weapons and megathreats. Depleted will be deleted and megathreats will be bygones, soon forgotten.

A New Day is dawning and it will dawn for everyone this time, with no one left out – no, not even the “bad guys.”




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