Archangel Gabrielle on the New Golden Grid, the Process of Ascension, and the Advent of Global Prosperity – Part 1/2

The first thing on my mind....Archangel Gabrielle describes today the fall of the old Third-Dimensional grid for humanity and its replacement by  a new golden grid – the new collective consciousness of humanity in the Golden Age and the grid upon which all energy travels and communicates.

She discusses how we move from the false self to the Self that’s the totality of who we are. She describes what it means and entails to be the observer of the self.

She asks us to embrace the fragmented self and to spend time each day experiencing the totality of who we are. She assures us that the energies being sent to Earth at this time are sufficient for the integration into the totality of our being to occur. She coaches us in hugging, embracing and loving ourselves.

She reminds us that we put ourselves in this dark room to break through the darkness. She asks us to use discernment in whom we trust but to begin by trusting ourselves and radiating out from there.

She discusses the divine masculine and the divine feminine in terms of the stillness of the Whole and the movement of the energy. She describes the “triflame” or trinity of the stillness [the Father], energy [the Mother], and the stillness within the energy [the Child or Self].

We finish with a discussion of the advent of global prosperity. Thanks to Ellen for our transcript.

An Hour with an Angel, August 26, 2013, with Archangel Gabrielle

Graham Dewyea:  Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of the The Great Awakening, and Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth:  Towards a World that Works for Everyone.

It’s a pleasure to be with you. I’m Graham Dewyea.

Our guest today is Archangel Gabriellele. So with that, I’ll pass it over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow:  Thank you very much, Graham. And welcome, Archangel Gabrielle.

Archangel Gabrielle:  And welcome to you, dear hearts — for I am Gabrielle, I am Suzanna Michaela Gabriellele, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One. And it’s my honor to be included in this platform and in this delightful gathering this day.

I bring you the gift not only of my golden flame, but my golden elixir — the elixir of balance, of perfect health, and of joy — that it may fill you, replenish you, refresh you and catapult you, as if it’s rocket fuel!

You may wonder, my sweet angels, family and friends, why I have taken the unusual stance of requesting to speak to you this day. And I do so — and we will talk about it more — but I wish you to know of again the renewal, no, not only of the promise, but of your golden grid, of your individual golden grid, of the collective golden grid of humanity, and the golden grid of Gaia, which is attached to and an integral part of the golden grid of All.

Many of you feel that you have struggled, that you are clearing grids, vasanas, issues, from past lives and your present life, and you wonder if you are in the process of Ascension. And that’s why I come forth.

Your golden grid, the new grid of humanity upon which everything travels — all energy moves and transmits, communicates — is in place.

What does this mean in practical terms? It means the grid of the old third, which was quite dark, afraid, tattered and torn, has been replaced. And it has not only been replaced in each and every one of you, but for the whole collective.

This, my friends, is an essential component of the Ascension of all of you as one group, one heart, one mind and one will.

Now does this mean that there are not those who will resist? Of course there are. But they are still being penetrated, contained in a whole variety of ways, being worked on above and below, and above and below by your star brothers and sisters as well. And in this, you are ready to proceed. And, dear hearts. I am ready to proceed with your questions.

SB:  Thank you, Archangel Gabrielle.

I was going to ask you a question about your work, but I think, because you have already introduced this topic, perhaps we can come to that a little later.

Can you at this time help us to understand the distinction, or the difference, between the self that we are, the false grid that we are, and how we can recognize when that false grid is influencing us, and how we can move that self and create some separation between us and that grid, please?

AAG:  I would be pleased to discuss this with you. And this is one of the things that you will know and come to discover about me, is that I welcome exchange, for I am also the archangel of communication. And what is communication except lively exchange?

So yes. Let us proceed.

What you are saying via the lower self, one way to think of this, is as the self that has not fully integrated, that it’s still piecemeal, and that you have not fully embraced the totality, the wholeness and the truth of who you really are.

Now is this a crime against humanity? No, but it’s definitely a desire to move from that fragmented self into the totality, the anchoring of that integrated wholeness.

So what do you do? Dear hearts, it’s important that you become both the [passive] observer and what we would call the active observer. Let me explain.

A very simple litmus test for you to know when you are coming from the lesser self, the fragmented self, the old self, the illusionary self, is when you stop, pause, and say, “Does this thought… does this action… does this feeling feel like love? Does it demonstrate love? Is it representative of who I truly am?”

And if the answer is no, step back, regroup, center, anchor deep within your beloved Gaia. Stand with me, stand with Michael, and then proceed in ways that are of the truth of love.

It sounds simple, and we say it in ways that are simple because we want you to fully understand; it’s the most simple thing and it’s the most complex undertaking you will ever do.

So it’s to be the observer of yourself.

Now what do you do with that fragmented self when it rises to the surface, when it’s acting out, when it’s the one that’s in your body walking, talking, behaving in ways that are not truly you? Do you judge it? Do you chastise it? Do you criticize it? Do you yell at it? Do you become angry with it? None of the above.

What you do, beloved angels, is you embrace it. You reassure it. You express your love, your understanding. Because that fragmented piece of yourself, whether you acknowledge it or not, from its perspective, is doing the best it  can.

That fragmented self is similar to the injured child who may be acting out to get our attention, or to do what it thinks — and I emphasize ‘think’ or ‘feel,’ in a very low vibration what it thinks — it’s supposed to do and what it thinks that the universal self, the integrated wholeness of who you are wants it to do.

So you do not chastise. You embrace. Because what is the fragmented self except an aspect, a portion of who you are? So you embrace the fragmented self, the one that’s behaving ‘less than,’ and you bring it in through the portal of your heart; you tend to it and allow that integration, transmutation and transformation to take place.
Is this clear?

SB:  Very clear. What you’re describing is indeed the process that I use when I complete what I call ‘vasanas,’ what you call false grids. I have no problem with embracing my fragmented self, because I experience that. I experience my anger, I experience my resentment. I know that.

But when you say to embrace the total integrated self, well, that I may not have experience of. So it’s very much more difficult for me to conceive of embracing the integrated self than it is to think of, say, embracing my irritation or shame or something of that nature.

Can you talk a little bit to us about how to embrace something you’ve never experienced before, please?

AAG:  You are assuming that you have never experienced your integrated self and your wholeness. Now let us begin by telling you — not advising, not guiding, but sharing news — your golden grid, upon which your integrated wholeness lies, is intact. So that’s already done.

Now are you like a child still discovering the totality of who you are, the magnificence, your talents, your abilities, the expanded reality? Yes, you are exactly like that child.

Have you ever watched a baby, an infant or a toddler, as they discover their toes? It’s a huge fascination for them. And then they discover that they can put their foot in their mouth, and their fingers and everything else that they can lay their hands on.

You are the toddler. You are the child still exploring the totality of your being. But, dear hearts, let me be exceptionally clear: You did not come to Earth in this incarnation simply as a fragment of who you are. That was not part of your plan, and it was not part of the Mother’s plan.

So what this Ascension process is about is that process of discovery, anchoring, accepting the integration — yes, accepting, because some of you fight it, or some of you are expecting more — anchoring that within yourself. So how do you do that?

Take time, every day — yes, every day — not only to be in joy, which is my favorite recommendation, but to be with the totality of yourself; to anchor in your heart and simply feel and experience — and ask to experience — the fullness of who you are.

All of you — yes, all of you — have had moments where you feel you are overflowing with energy, with truth, with joy, with love. And then you revert back, you pull back, and you say, “Well, that’s not the consistent totality and reality within which I live and operate.”

But that’s incorrect, dear heart. That’s the truth of who you are. And as you embrace that and build upon it daily, hourly, what it does once you have anchored what you think has been the best feeling, knowing and truth you have ever had, it will begin to expand, larger and larger and larger.

The energies that have been sent to each and every one of you, and to the collective and to the planet, are sufficient at this time for not only the awareness of this integration to occur, but for the expansion of this integration to occur.

So you say, “But, Mother, Gabrielle, Michael, Quan-Yin, Buddha — I do not know how to meditate.” And what I say to you is, learn. Go to the quiet places of your heart. It’s not difficult. Allow yourself to anchor and simply receive. This is the biggest barrier to what you are experiencing, when you say “I am not fully receiving my integrated self.”

So you are not on the fulcrum, you are not on the center-point, you are not on the still-point. You are on the side of the teeter-totter or the seesaw that’s more engaged with the fragmented self.

Come back to the middle, or even better, dear heart, go on the side of the fullness of who you are.

(Continued in Part 2.)

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