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Building-Nova-Earth-Banner-largeThree special 2-hour webinars. One each month. Saturdays March 9, April 13, May 11

Have the first two months of 2013 seen you questioning and having doubts?

Are you wondering where everything’s at in our world right now, where we’re headed and how we’re going to get there?

Are you ready to help build Nova Earth but not quite sure what to do?

Today, InLight Radio is announcing the Building Nova Earth Webinar Series – a three-part, monthly live webinar series specifically created to assist all attendees to navigate and understand the concepts and co-creational opportunities now on offer to all of us as, together, we build Nova Earth.Inlight-Radio-Team

The Building Nova Earth Webinar Series will air as one two-hour webinar each month – beginning in just two weeks, on Saturday, March 9 and continuing in April and May. (See detailed roll-out below)

It will be co-presented by the InLight Radio on-air team, each of whom will present his or her own segment within each of the three webinars:

  • Linda Dillon (USA) – Channel for The Council of Love, author of The Great Awakening and channel for Heavenly Blessings and An Hour With An Angel
  • Steve Beckow (Canada) – owner of Golden Age of Gaia (formerly the 2012 Scenario) and co-host of An Hour With An Angel
  • Graham Dewyea (USA) – Founder and Producer, InLight Radio and host of Heavenly Blessings and, in 2012, Our Galactic Family
  • Geoffrey West (Canada) – Anchor Cosmic Vision News and co-host An Hour With An Angel
  • Stephen Cook (Australia) – Host of the 2012 InLight Radio program The Light Agenda, the special 2013 – Hope for our New World and News Editor of Golden Age of Gaia.

“We’ve been looking at a great new way for us to reach out to people and bring everyone together at this critical time and we decided, at this stage, that a live webinar series was a visually and energetically connecting way to go,” says InLight Radio founder and producer, Graham Dewyea.

“We know people are feeling a bit in limbo at the moment. We know that some people have been confused. We know that others have questioned their faith – and even themselves. And so we felt that, as a group, we had something to offer in the way of personal experience, practical advice and sensible ways of dealing with what’s happening today and how we each envisage co-creating and building Nova Earth, on both an individual and a wider, societal level.”

The Building Nova Earth Webinar Series will air as follows:

Webinar 1: Building Nova Earth – Where Are We Now?,
Saturday March 9, 2013 – 4pm-6pm USA EST (1pm-3pm, USA Pacific)

This webinar will examine where things are at now. Where we are now in our Ascension process – and how it is still underway. What’s happening on and to our planet. How we got to this point. How we deal with it and how we are feeling. You’ll hear how to stay out of fear and doubt, how to stay patient and in gratitude; what the current global changes are; and what practical tools and tips will help you get through this important time in our evolution.

Webinar 2: Building Nova Earth – Where Do We Go From Here as Individuals?
Saturday April 13, 2013 – 4pm-6pm USA EST (1pm-3pm, USA Pacific)

Our second webinar will look closely at what we as individuals can do, feel and act on right now. It will particularly focus on how each of us can take a look within and thus ensure we, individually, embody the Divine Qualities and what they are. How they form the basis for all our behaviours as we evolve as individuals and the things we need to work on within ourselves to be able to then lift the group and planetary consciousness. You’ll learn how to look within yourself as you live these qualities and apply them to and in your daily life as you continue building Nova Earth. We’ll also share suggestions for manifesting your desires for both you and Nova Earth.

Webinar 3: Building Nova Earth – Where Do We Go From Here as a Society?
Saturday April 13, 2013 – 4pm-6pm USA EST (1pm-3pm, USA Pacific).

The final webinar in this series will examine what we – as humanity, as a collective and as a society – are likely to be doing as we co-create and build Nova Earth together. How will society look and function? How will society embody the Divine Qualities? How will we support one another? What can we do for immediate family and community while also being conscious of those from other countries, cultures and communities? And how we will work together in a way that builds a world that works for everyone? This final webinar will also examine what we need to do for our planet and what co-creative role our families from the stars and the Heavenly realm will play.

Each webinar in the series will conclude with a live question and answer segment featuring the five presenters, all of whom were keynote speakers at the 2012 Scenario Conference in Sedona – Preparing for Ascension, last year.

Seats are $50 per person for each monthly webinar and you can book your seats to one, two or all three webinars today.

Please note: This seat price includes the opportunity for attendees to enjoy an encore viewing of the webinar they booked for online at any time during the 30 days following each live presentation. This also means that if you can’t make the actual webinar live time, you can choose to view it when it’s convenient for you during the following 30 days for the same price (you just won’t be able to participate in the live Q and A segment).

Technical Recommendations: This is a live webinar, so your computer will need to have the capability to receive the live video/webinar. The recommendations are listed on the booking page. We suggest you check this list prior to booking your seat.

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