“Building Nova Earth: Towards a World That Works” – New Book Ready for Shipment

Nova EarthI’ve completed the book Building Nova Earth” Toward a World That Works, which was written as one means of providing for the teams that comprise the Nova Earth Foundation (formerly, the Nova Earth Society).

How to order a copy: see below.

In a nutshell, what work does the book accomplish?

(1) It lays out the background knowledge one needs to understand the context “Nova Earth” and what work there is to do to build it – what the galactics are here for, what the Illuminati challenge was, what the purpose of life is, what Ascension represents, what being human means, and what a global context for Team Earth looks like.

(2) It lays out our invitation to build Nova Earth, what a world that works looks like, what the internal work is to build Nova Earth, what the external work is, and what it looks like to accomplish our chosen project of ending gender discrimination and persecution on the planet now.

I intend to follow this book up with one on NESARA, Disclosure and the Galactics, Cross-Cultural Spirituality, and Ascension itself.

The book will soon be on sale through Amazon and other outlets.

However you can purchase your copy now by giving a donation of $10 or more to the Hope Chest providing:

(1) You insert in your PayPal message the word “Team,” which indicates that your donation is meant for the lightworker teams, or

(2) You select “Team Donation” when you go to the “Hope Chest” donation page.  (Choose the option below.)

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Team Donations
Supports the team of volunteers that run this site.

This offer is not limited to Nova Earth Day but applies to all donations given at any time to the lightworker teams above $10 (provided “Team” is indicated or the “team donation” button used).

Anyone who feels they can’t afford the price of $10 can send an email through “Contact Us” and a copy will be forwarded to them. (Scout’s honor please.)


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