Think of the Aurora Borealis. That’s Mine

Geoffrey brought out a new and humorous side of Archangel Michael today and I have to share my enjoyment of it (from the pre-record). To be completely transparent, I have to also share that I had trepidation at going this route but Geoffrey did make it work!

He explored Archangel Michael’s own personality, pleasures, and humor, which prompted AAM to share an interesting side of himself. He said:

“I am an artist. I am a musician. I’m very much involved in peace in the true sense. I’m joyful. I’m a creator. … I spend time in play. … I love a good adventure.

“I’m the one that is always up for whatever is going on. I’m the one that is always saying ‘Yes’ and trying to figure it out later.

“Because it always turns out, sometimes in the longer run, that it’s joyful, that it’s exciting. And yes, there is this part of me that loves to create and collect creation codes, to bring greater beauty to the heavenly hosts, to show the Mother/Father/One, to share with the humans, the star beings, the galaxies far beyond. So there is this both sides to me, the part that you would think of as the quiet, pensive, but even when I am creating something it is going to be something that is going to make you laugh and smile.” (1)

As a footnote, he added: “Think of the Aurora Borialis. That’s mine.”

And what he feels characterizes us most and “the thing that I love most about you is that you’re always ready for the next thing.” He leads adventures, visiting all places in the universe and bringing back creation codes to introduce into worlds and the heavenly hosts and to show the Father/Mother One.

He revealed that he often appears to people but loves to manifest incognito, sometimes as a person who has lost their mind. This certainly fits with what one friend told me, that he appeared to her and danced backwards in a circle around her, waving at her.

He doesn’t like to show up as a member of the heavenly host with his sword and shield in hand.

If he was a salesperson, he said, he’d rather be a counterperson than a backroom manager and he’d prefer to sell iPhones. He’d say “I have a deal. I have a great deal. And it’s on special just today, and it’s free. All you have to do is sign up. And if you sign up with me, what I’ll do for you is I will promise you with a life-long guarantee joy, happiness, prosperity, abundance, relationship, partnership, happy families, and a place to live. What do you say?”

“If you walk out, I’ll chase you because I am a very persistent salesperson.” Join him and purchase a wonderful eternity.

If the customer walks away, he’d say, “Hey, if you don’t sign with me, I’ll lose my job. And my Mother really wants me to keep my job. Could you just do me a favor and sign here? It’d really help me out.”

The hour was over almost before we knew it but, thanks to Geoff, I saw a completely different side of the Boss. “I am also your protector. Give me your fear and come play with me.” Always a pleasure to play with my favorite salesman.

And I’ll take that eternity. I don’t even need a credit card.


(1) Archangel Michael on An Hour with an Angel, Nov. 26, 2012.

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