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Julie Simms: Why the 2012 Scenario Conference Exceeded My Imagination!

Julie Simms: Why the 2012 Scenario Conference Exceeded my Imagination

By first 2012 Scenario Conference  Sedona attendee Julie Simms –  October 29, 2012

When I first heard of the 2012 Scenario Conference in Sedona, I was intrigued, but not too sure I could attend. A major draw was Sedona herself, but I wasn’t sure I needed to attend. So I decided I’d think about it.

The next day, I was sitting in meditation when I thought I heard a voice telling me I should attend the conference. I often hear voices in meditation, but don’t see much so I asked who it was and heard, “Jophiel.”

Wow, really? I had never heard from an Archangel. To say I felt honored is an understatement. I asked why and received reassurance it would be an invaluable exchange. I decided not to question further and after meditation, I grabbed up a ticket.

I didn’t have too many expectations of the conference going into in. Without a doubt, I was excited to meet Linda Dillon and the other speakers, to be present for a live channeling and I hoped to learn a few new things. But mostly, I was thrilled to interact with 300 like-minded friends from around the world. A whole weekend with no censorship about my belief in ascension … sweet! But I got SO much more.This event was the greatest love-fest I’ve ever been a part of and I’m not just talking about the innumerable hugs.

The tremendous respect for our collective mission was undeniable. And the admiration and love was not only touching, it was a powerful force. I believe my heart grew at least three sizes.

I could feel my energy pulsing, my light growing brighter and though I couldn’t see it, I could feel with no doubt whatsoever that the collective energy of our love was sending massive amounts of healing love to the world and our sweet Gaia. I was permeated with that healing. I felt massive release of old programming, paradigms, fear and doubt. And I was filled in completely with new, exquisite ideas, faith, joy and a bright light I could carry back to my hometown to share.

At the end of the event, I went back to my room and laid down to meditate for a bit so I could enjoy the feeling. My body was vibrating head to toe. And when I summoned my higher self, she came in on ice skates and was spinning, jumping and laughing with joy. She grabbed my hands so I could join her and said, “We are all overwhelmed with joy. Come celebrate with me!”

As I sit on the plane on my way home, I’m still buzzing with strong optimism and the capacity to lead with my heart, I’ve found contentment and calm I didn’t fully embody prior to the event. And while there may still be rough days ahead I’m better equipped not only to cope, but to live fully present, in joy and in love.

Just as InLight Radio broadcasts carry tremendous power as you listen over your computer, I believe the Live Stream of the second event will provide an invaluable opportunity to pull you into the collective energy and I recommend anyone who couldn’t go to listen to the Live Stream or the on-demand sessions.

You’ll receive the important blessings bestowed upon us all no matter where you are. After all, can’t our beloved Angels, Guides and Galactic family members defy time and space to be with each and every one of us simultaneously?

And wouldn’t you like to embody then share this powerful energy? I’m definitely planning to watch my favorite sessions again. It never hurts to reinforce positive beliefs, release more baggage and collect more love.

The shift is happening … claim your spot at the front of the line!

Much love and gratitude,

Julie Simms – Seattle, Washington, USA


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