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Waxing Nostalgic on the Eve of Departure

His master’s voice

I’m waxing a little nostalgic as we pack and all the editors, hosts, moderators, transcribers, IT gurus, readers, listeners, and everyone else prepare to leave for Sedona.

There is the possibility – as there always is – that this last adventure may see the world completely change before it’s over. Not because we changed it. No. But because the whole round of rapid-fire and world-transforming events could begin in the midst of it all.

I’m looking back over a long personal journey since Len Satov on a drive with D’Arcy and me down to see Mother Meera in Bellingham in August 2008 asked me if I knew what was transpiring in 2012.

Of course I didn’t. But I said to him that I would do what I so often do in these circumstances – I’d create a dictionary of quotations online and test out his 2012 assertions. That dictionary was First Contact (1) and I still update it every day.

From there it was on to Galactic Roundtable discussion group, born of a request to help, and then the 2012 Scenario, born of an acute illness and time on my hands.

Len also had the most fascinating readings with an East-Coast medium named Linda Dillon. He would read them to me over coffee at Starbucks. I hung on every word.

I hesitated from August 2008 till Winter 2010 to actually make an appointment with Linda. I only did so after having had a startling dream of my twin flame, whom I gravitated to like iron filings to a magnet and couldn’t pull my cheek away from hers. There we were stuck together cheek to cheek.

Who was that masked lady? I had to ask Linda.

From my twin I went to Archangel Michael, who led me by gentle steps from one adventure to another.  Contacts began behind the scenes on projects that remain confidential with people I can only mention by initials. Then Graham Dewyea asked if Linda would channel AAM in a radio show.

As the websites grew, they began to attract negative attention and as various projects failed to get off the ground, more criticism and debunking. But all through this, the soul group formed. Not around me. That’s a myth and I don’t need to feed it. I was as much a member of it as anyone else. It was more like stone soup, where one brought water, pot and firewood. Others brought carrots, potatoes and beef to make soup from what started out as just boiling water.

For instance, the conference belongs to Sierra. It was her idea from the get-go, no matter what one calls it. Dave and Stephen, with Anthony’s unstinting help, have done the heavy lifting. I’ve been let off easy to just keep scribbling on the site. The Hope Chest is Dave’s creation; Andrea runs the 2012 Scenario discussion group; InLight Radio is completely Graham’s baby; Sage, Achieving World Peace Now; Casey keeps it all running – all of it.

I get to muse, reflect and write. Life could not better be.

So many of us (you and I) have been together since the earliest Galactic Roundtable days when we prepared ourselves to assume leadership roles in the New Age fast approaching. So many of us are assuming or have now assumed those same forward positions.

In the face of intermittent ridicule from your family and friends, colleagues and acquaintances, you’ve kept the faith even when expected events, promised trips, and highly-touted manifestations did not materialize. It looked to our detractors like we were all surely quacks and crackpots. ETs, angels, pots of gold.

It’s Howdy Doody time!

Inappropriate jokes like calling small spaceships “black limos” have dogged us to this day and invite allegations that we work for “the minions” and the CIA. A willingness to persevere is labelled a failed promise to retire, etc. Our inability to afford conferences ourselves is seen as a failure to support others. But we’ve had no money to attend other people’s events. We had to create our own if we were ever to get to a conference.

And most recently we’re accused of having deep pockets when most of us are not employed and lead a fairly hand-to-mouth existence, assisted by a few kind people who’ve taken an active interest in our work and have kept the wolf from the door.

It’s been a long journey and we hear fabulous tales of magnificent events to come. But that isn’t what keeps my faith alive; I can’t speak for others, but I know in my heart that I serve the Divine Mother and always have and that’s what drives me. The sight of Sri Ramakrishna or Archangel Michael is all the reward I seek for work that traces back to the mid-Seventies.

So I’m very, very grateful to the soul family – D’Arcy, Christina, K., R—y, Graham, Dave, Stephen, Anthony, Casey, Andrea, Karen, Sage – there’s far too many of you to name. And very grateful to readers and listeners without whom I’d be writing in a closet, talking to myself. It’s fun to have been Howdy Doody, his master’s voice, but Howdy Doody in a closet would have been unbearable.

So: waxing very nostalgic having a sense of what’s coming down the pike after a long, long journey. And feeling very, very grateful.


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  1. Steve,

    I, too, have been reminiscing about our journeys together. I was here with you (I think) soon after you started up this blog! October of 2010, I believe, is when I found you. Since then not a day has gone by that I haven’t clicked on your blog.

    I don’t know if you are aware or not, but now I have a blog of my own! It’s angelicview.wordpress. And I would be humbled if you came to visit my site.

    Thank you, for all you have done – and continue doing.

    <3 Shannon (AngelicView)

  2. Hmmm….is Steve thinking wrap-up time here? This sounds like a goodbye.

    To quote from Monday night’s message:

    “AAM: Each and every day these are occurring. 10-10 was a big day. 11-11 will be another big day. 12-12 will be another big day. But let me assure you, there are thousands going through the portal each and every day, so there is no need to look to a certain day. Simply keep your own individual focus and then choose your day. It can be unique to you, you know!

    SB: All right. I definitely choose today! [laugh] Thank you, Lord!”
    – – – – – –

    See what I mean? :)

    If somebody pleads/decides on early Ascension (“Take me, take me!”) what would be the logistics here? For instance, assuming I got the go ahead, would I and my body disappear? How long would I be gone before returning to 3D (and the bed I was sleeping in?) in order to help the others through the portal? And what would I be learning/doing while away?

    Would my neighbors wonder where I’d gone and call out the troopers? Gulp! Is this early Ascension business a split second decision, or would I get enough time to at least insert my top partial?

    Thanks. Hopefully, the devil will not be in the details. ;)

    Sparkles of Love,


  3. In response to Kay, those are great questions. I wonder too. I thought of another possibility. When Alex Collier talked about going on the Andromeda ships, he said he was gone for 3 months. When he returned to Earth only 18 minutes had transpired! So possibly some will be Ascending and getting further training without anyone in 3D knowing anything unusual had transpired, no running to the police filing a missing person report, no hand wringing wondering where we all went. Perhaps some of us go back to our HOme Towns with new training and all knowledge of our mission to perform there, as well as leading them through portals. I am sure of one thing, when the conference is over I will be in a Higher Dimension with more knowledge than I have now and assurance of my role to play . I sense I am one to guide others through portals as you do. Namaste, Kathleen Moore

  4. Thanks, Katheeen, I forgot about the “gone only 18 minutes” bit. Makes perfect sense!

    So exciting, all this! :)