T-100: 100 Days and Counting

The countdown clock at the foot of this site numbers 100 days today, September 11, 2012 – 9/11. One-hundred days until liftoff. T-100. (1)

Viewed from my perspective, everything behind the scenes that I’m aware of, and much of it cannot be shared, is expanding in significance, demanding that lightworkers become more conscious, calling on us to raise our maturity levels, asking us to true up to our commitments,  etc.

One reader wrote to me a short while ago and accused me of trying to take a “fathering” role and said it was neither wanted nor needed. I hear that the mission I’m at work on sounds like that, but I can neither yield to such an allegation and cease what I’m doing nor allow myself to become afraid of facing comments such as that.

You can hammer me later for everywhere I’ve failed. For now there’s a job to be done.

More and more is demanded of us as lightworkers as our time of collaboration with the galactics draws closer. Evidence exists of attempts at partnership that have failed because we for our part could not emerge from our egos, could not put aside thoughts of personal reward or aggrandizement, could not overcome feelings of offense taken because someone spoke to us in the wrong way, etc.

The Neptune is only the best example of that and the reader reminded me of it. He reminded me of a second venture that failed but I’m not at liberty to name that one. Of course he’s right. We did fail, but all our efforts are now bent to see that there are no repeats.

The days draw closer to when the galactics will appear among us and the chances of the population having been conditioned to fear them or responding in unwelcoming ways are great enough that a lot depends on how we as lightworkers act as emissaries.

The final goal of Ascension is not something that many people have heard of yet and many people may reject it as being fanciful. We have only 100 days left to turn the tide of social unawareness to social acceptance.

As all this goes on, we have to ensure that the people who say they are in danger of falling through the cracks financially remain afloat until NESARA is declared and finally ends our difficulties.

Connections must be made among countries, religions, ethnic groups, and language groups. The social conditioning of millennia towards separation and division must be overcome and the ground laid for acceptance of the new paradigm of the divine qualities.

Everywhere there is work to do, growth to be achieved, and foundations to be laid.

Anything that promotes shame, fear, resentment, hatred, etc., has to be put aside. People who insist on standing on entitlement, deserts, hurt feelings, etc., either have to be placated and brought back into the group or persuaded to step aside to allow this work to proceed.

And so many people are on edge, on guard, skeptical or mistrustful. The task seems insuperable and yet must be accomplished on a global basis in record time. We cannot fail on this mission, as we did in Atlantis. We must succeed this time.

In the midst of it all, the demands increase to remain calm and balanced, detached and tranquil while the stakes get higher and the pressure rises. This will either be our crucible in which our impurities are melted away or the anvil on which our characters are hammered until malleable.

There are no passengers anymore. Everyone is crew.

Never has life been so challenging and never were the stakes so high.  And the clock continues ticking and time fleeing at an accelerating pace.


(1) T-100 -= Takeoff minus 100 days.


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