The Bell Tolls

Our holidays keep getting pushed back by inclement weather, missed connections, etc., but the real reason I think is this “process” that I and many others find ourselves in.

Yesterday the process seemed to take off and was the real reason why we didn’t leave then. I felt as if I’d explode from inside. I was on the peacepath and the warpath at the same time. I was overturning the tables of the moneychangers, but in the inner temple. It was my ways of being that lacked integrity that were being overturned.

I’m not saying every last way was overturned. I just mean that I felt an inner revolution taking place. I haven’t somehow cleaned myself out and am not trying to represent things that way.

I felt like vomiting; I had vertigo. I was sleepless; I was deeply fatigued. I couldn’t sit; I couldn’t lie down. I was uncomfortable no matter what I did or did not do.  I was a mess in every conceivable way. Only remembering what Archangel Michael had said in the interview the night before (1) allowed me to permit this process to continue.

So yesterday was a day from hell.  Today is quieter. Today I’m lethargic and luckily the clouds descended outside and prevailed on us to postpone our trip yet another day. I’m not fit company at present. Not potentially explosive, but terminally boring.

AAM in his interview describes how our memory is not working well at this moment, how our interests are changing. This again is very uncomfortable because I still have a job to do, whether or not memory works or interests change so it’s stressful to allow this process of change from that perspective as well.

But for me the heart of what AAM said is contained in the following four paragraphs because this change I’m well aware of and hungry for. Spiritual interest is increasing, almost to the exclusion of what have been the hot topics to date – Disclosure, accountability, NESARA. Much of what I’ve been tracking for years is itself assuming a back seat and spirituality is coming to the fore.

What AAM calls the mental body has been our preoccupation for thousands of years, but that is yielding to our spiritual selves. And I’m super-happy about that. There isn’t anything that I enjoy more than spirituality (I’m not meaning religion).

And for me that’s just the way it is. It doesn’t yield to questioning, analysis, rationality. My heart sings whenever I’m involved in anything truly spiritual.  Let me review what AAM said about the heart of this process: the easing of the mental preoccupation and the apotheosis of the spiritual in our lives. Of everything that’s happening, this for me is good news.

“What you are noticing in yourself, and how you can track your progress, is that your interest in information consumption is shifting. Now, that does not mean that you are not interested, curious and driven, to hear, to learn and to know the truth. In fact, this is becoming a burning passion. And that is why we begin each of our sessions together by igniting that flame and helping it burn more brightly until it truly is all consuming.

“So you are becoming more discerning also in what you are wanting to consume as information, but your mental body also is rebalancing itself. Most of the human collective have lived, and do live, primarily in their mental quadrant, and they have done that for thousands of years. In your cultures — and it does not matter, east or west, north or south, unfortunately — the mind and the ego, the personality, have become paramount, king.

“So, one of the things that is occurring is that your mental body is becoming more in harmony with who you really are. So, for those of you who have perhaps over-excited your mental body, you are finding that it is retreating somewhat and that your interest in things that your mental body was engaging in is taking not a full retirement, because that is not the purpose of this, but it is certainly taking a sabbatical.

“And that will ebb and flow. It will ebb and flow like the tides, like the crests, like the troughs. And what is replacing that is that the rebalancing is taking place as you are tending to go not more into your emotional body — although some of you have need to rebalance that as well — but you are going more into your spiritual self, your beingness. And we ask you to allow that.”

This seems crystal clear to me. Not like I can clearly put it in words. I feel more kinship to stillness than I do to movement, silence than I do to sound,  solitude than I do to crowds, love than I do to pleasure.  And this sense of kinship with these things is growing and is more noticeable than any other thing.  I welcome the return of acuity when it comes, of youth, of higher pleasures, but nothing do I welcome more than the expansion of the sense of spirituality.

So pardon me if I verge off into the discussion of spiritual verities and the exploration of divine qualities.  I’m not sure I could stop myself if I tried.  To say “spirituality” is to say the factor that invites Ascension anyways. Archangel Michael said that the passport to Ascension is love. Love is the substrate of existence.  Love is not different than God. And love is the essence of spirituality.

And the same could be said of peace and bliss and so on. Somehow spirituality, journalism, preparation for Ascension and everything else will have to meld and I just leave that up to the higher powers who are running the show. But if I find I can’t do it and simply wake up in a cave, wondering how I got there, please, don’t send the dogs out after me.

Spirituality first; everything else will find its natural place.

For me now, this process has to work its way to its pre-destined end and until it does expect me to be … well, a little crazy, perhaps spiritually intoxicated.

Ask not for whom the bell tolls. If you haven’t been bitten today, it tolls for you.


(1) Archangel Michael: The Passport to Ascension is Love,” at

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