A Sacred Circle: Creating a World that Works in Miniature

I’m being shown on another project what it looks like to create a sacred circle. In a sacred circle, no one is more important than anyone else and no one can be excluded.

The two things we humans seem to do to wreck a good thing is to make some people more important than others and exclude other people altogether. But in a sacred circle one gives up both tendencies.

You’ve heard me say that what we of this generation are doing, to use the words of Werner Erhard, is to create a world that works for everyone. If one sees that a sacred circle makes no one more important than anyone else and excludes no one, then one has created in miniature a world that will need to work for everyone. One has a “game” to play, the playing of which weights things towards unitive consciousness.

So, while the world hangs on events in the outer world, I am hanging on the creation within myself of unitive consciousness in a game that creates a miniature world that works for everyone.

Until now I’ve seen it as part of my role to keep up with what’s happening in the outer world, but, as we prepare for Ascension in just five months, my interest in the outer world continues to fall away.

Here. You can have my press card. Take my tape recorder and my box camera with the built-in flash. I seek contact with my heart right now. I seek the place of love and to send that love outward. I seek the building of an inner city of light, an inner world that works for everyone which I then project outwards, visibly through my shares.

I build and polish that inner city of light. I watch its imaginary citizens interact with loving kindness and send their love out into the wider world. I recast myself as an emissary of light and love, independent of what’s happening in that wider world outside myself.

I ‘m free of my culture, free of my society. The great solvent of love, the elixir of bliss, and the nourishment of joy are setting me free. This is my truth. And that you should share in my bounty is my stand.

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