Application of the Divine Spells Relief

Move over, Medical Model!

When we’re upset, the things that move us from that upset or take the upset from us, I believe, have one thing in common: they are all, or as a process they all rely on, divine attributes.

I use a process of awareness and being with the feelings that I become aware of to “source” an upset – to get to the source of it and complete it. Others use love or joy or forgiveness. But what all of these have in common is that, as far as I can see, they’re attributes of the Divine.

An example of things which are not attributes of the Divine which drive us further into upset are anger, hate and vengefulness. If we respond to our upset with these, we increase our upset. And so it was meant to be, I believe, because life is designed and it’s designed to accomplish a purpose.

You’ve probably heard me state that purpose of life so many times that I should be able to dispense with stating it again.  I should need only to use a code word like “the Purpose” and spare you the full statement. (1) But some may not have heard it so please allow me repeat it. What I say here comes from the vision I had on Feb. 13, 1987.

The purpose of life, in my view, is for God to meet God (2) in a moment of enlightenment. The Formless (the One, the unconditioned Brahman), being all there is, and so unable to know itself for lack of any circumstance in which to do so, created illusory life forms to journey from unconscious awareness of their identity as God to conscious awareness, through many lifetimes in matter.

Their aim was to reach a point where they realized their true identity as God in a moment of enlightenment at which point God meets God and the purpose of life is fulfilled. We are those life forms.

All of life was designed. It has natural laws that keep us from going off the rails and destroying the place. They keep us moving generally and gradually forward, with allowable detours perhaps, (3) so that all has a cosmic orderliness if seen from a high enough vantage point.


We discover over many lifetimes and through many experiences that certain attributes are Divine and certain others are not.

Anger, hate, lust, greed and the other so-called “deadly sins” (a “sin” is an archery term for a missed mark) are not divine attributes. These we are taught to discard through the operation of the natural laws, that have us see the consequences of remaining with these qualities vs. discarding them.

But the divine attributes carry their own rewards. For instance, being aware of an upset, observing it and being with the feelings that arise – all of which are states associated with the formless, passive Divine – causes the upset to work its way through us, complete itself, and lift. The “application” of the Divine to the upset is the medicine which cures the disease.

Responding with the seven deadly maladies, so to speak, causes the disease to rage and persist. I think life was designed to operate that way so as to educate us and steer us towards the Divine, which is the predetermined destination of all our wanderings.

The fact that all of this is so – if I am right – lays bare the design of life. This divine design ensures that the application of “not-God” leads us away from accomplishing the purpose of life and the application of “God” leads us closer to it. This outcome is laid on, I believe. It’s a design feature of life, just one of many – the longing for liberation, reincarnation, the Adam Kadmon template (the human design), DNA and many other things are other design features.

So we can up the power of our microscope and see the design features of life, up it again and see the design of life itself, and get that applying divine attributes to a situation that goes wrong can probably be depended upon to cure the situation – if not in the immediate present, then in the longer run and if not for the other person, then at least for us.

It’s the divine that’s the medicine for what ails us. And regular application of it or imbibing it, or whatever way of drawing on it is best for you, spells relief.


(1) Archangel Michael once said in a private reading: “You don’t like repeating yourself, do you?” And I replied, “Yes.” And he replied, “Can you imagine how I feel?” Yes, I can!

(2) I acknowledge how many elements of this analysis, such as the phrase “God meets God” and “seen from a high enough vantage point,” derive from my wife D’Arcy.

(3) The descent of higher-dimensional beings into 3D to experience what a life of separation was like was one allowable detour.

“There was a time in the very distant past when you were like us, but allowed yourselves to drop into the lower vibrations to fully experience its challenges. So, in fact you are really no stranger to the higher dimensions, which is why you will take so easily to the coming changes.” (SaLuSa, May 7, 2012.)

“Duality is not your real home, and it gives only the holographic stage upon which you act your roles as Human Beings.” (SaLuSa, March 21, 2010.)

“Your reality is not in the lower dimensions, as you are Beings of Light deserving of a future in the higher ones. You have tried your hand at creation in duality with little success, yet you have clung to your Light and the knowledge that you are more than what you seem to be.” (SaLuSa, Feb. 10, 2010.)

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