The Transition is a Great Awakening and a Prelude to Ascension – Part 2/7

Having described the Transition generally, Archangel Michael goes on to discuss how we may feel this month and the changes we may expect.

“What kind of changes might you experience? Well, there are physical things that people are experiencing. There are headaches, severe headaches I might add, and this is also because there are portions of your brain that are being ignited, activated, brought to the forefront, that the human beings have never used before. Now they were intended to be used but they haven’t been.

“So along with those headaches, you can also expect a great deal of inspiration, a great deal of new thought, new understanding, an expansion of what you feel is your personal field of wisdom, an expansion of what you feel in terms of compassion and understanding of others, what you feel is a withdrawal or a release of what you feel you need to do for others. … You often tend to think that you are to assume the burdens of others and of course that has never been the plan. …

“Now within that is a deep sense of connection at the same time to everything and everybody, including us, our realms, your star brothers and sisters, the animal kingdom, the elemental kingdoms, the physical kingdoms.” (1)

He reviewed at some length physical maladies we might be experiencing. He tells us that we’re experiencing energetic attunements, the shift to a crystalline form, and the activation of DNA all at once and tells us to rest when we get the urge.

“There is a return of the cosmic flu, a feeling that you have that you don’t have the flu but that you are coming down with something. So there is an achey feeling. Many of your joints are hurting. There is a feeling of lethargy or tiredness and again part of this is the attunement to your body, that you are holding so much more energy than you are used to, even though we have been increasing the waves of energy substantially for the last several of your years but never has it been this strong or this profuse.

“So if you are having aches and pains in your joints, in your legs, in your shoulders, in your necks … know that it is simply energetic attunements. You are also shifting, you know, from your carbon-based bodies to a more crystalline body. And that as well is taking place. And there are parts of your DNA that are being activated. So there is a physical component to this.

“When you are feeling tired, when you are feeling you don’t really give a darn whether you are doing the tasks of the day or not, that you would really like to simply lie on your couch or sit on your chair and stare at the walls or the sky, I would encourage you to do so because the action that you are taking is allowing the energy to find its perfection, to find the flow within you.

“It is not about leaving your body, let us be very clear about that, and because of that you are having physical symptoms.” (2)

He discussed the great deal of anger that some people may feel. He tells us that many people are feeling negative states rising to the surface to be released and asks us to be compassionate and just observe.

“There is a great deal of anger and frustration that we are also witnessing coming to the surface of the human beings. And this is coming from those who have not, shall we say, travelled on a straight path. They are feeling disenchanted. They are letting go of the false grids of disillusion, disappointment, despair. So that anger is simply being let off as a kettle would let off steam.

“So what we would suggest to you is that, if you are in that position or whether you are working with those who are in that position, again it is to be in the place of compassion but it is also to be in the place of standing back to be the observer.

“So we would ask you to send them the light and love and simply let them know that they are being penetrated to such a strong extent that this has to come up. If there is anything remaining within, it is at the surface right now. It is not going to be at the surface two months from now. We mean in your time, in your reality, it is at the surface right now.” (3)

He warns us that we may feel disconnected from reality and advises us to stay firmly anchored to Gaia.

“The feeling of disconnection from reality, of what you have known as third-dimensional reality. And it is important and that is why we continue to say both through this channel and through every single time we speak to you is that it is vitally important that during this time of change, of shift, of Ascension, that you are anchored firmly in the heart of Gaia. You cannot do this too often. It is keeping your feet firmly on the ground.” (4)

He reveals that we are or will be joining with the Company of Light to create Nova Earth and so will need to remain tethered to Gaia.

“You are coming to join with us as we are coming to join with you. That is where the creation of Nova Earth and Nova Being is taking place. So, we want to ensure that you are tied, firmly anchored, within Gaia.” (5)

He advises us that part of the feeling of disconnection will arise because we’re travelling interdimensionally and gives us suggestions on how to cope with the new experiences we’ll be having.

“Because as you are travelling interdimensionally, as you are beginning to have more clearly the interdimensional experiences, there are feelings that you will feel – disembodied, floatey, disconnected and out of time and space, dislocated in time and space.

“So you are adjusting to that feeling. And one of the ways in which we would recommend to you … to do this and to practice with is to go into your heart, go into meditation as deep and as quietly and peacefully as you may, and I would suggest that if you call upon the blue flame or or course your triflame, that this will help anchor within it and then direct yourself from this place of connection and say now I am going to go and I am going to experience the fifth, the sixth, the seventh, the eighth, the ninth dimension, and then send yourself.

“Feel as if your body, not simply your astral body, but your body, your experience, within the very room, the very chair in which you are sitting, has shifted into that reality. It is not that you are going on a trip somewhere or it is somewhere distant. That is not it at all. It is exactly where you are.

“So go into that dimension and simply sit and experience the qualities and enjoy the beings you meet there. Decide how you like it and what you wish to take from that dimensional reality as well and to anchor it within your heart, your being and your body.

“Then when you come back into your body, when you say OK, now I’m going to go back and I’m going to anchor into third dimension and reality, the sense is again like a reaching down not a pulling back. Come like a feather, floating on the wind gently, into that reality that you wish to occupy and then rest. The rest and reanchoring in Gaia and of course the expression always of thanksgiving and gratitude is mightily appreciated.” (6)

Sometimes we’ll feel sadness and sometimes peace.

“Depending on where you are — so, for some of you, you may feel tired, very weepy or emotional.

“There may well be, as this channel has experienced, a very deep sense of unknown sadness. And it is a sadness of what has occurred upon this planet, what has occurred in lifetime after lifetime with the devolution of the Plan. But that is all right, my beloved friends; let it go, because this will also be continued on by a sense of release. Many of you will want to rest, back to the time of being a child who needs a nap, or a child who needs a nap after they have had a good cry. …

“This sense of exhaustion — and it may fluctuate — is going to also be filled with times of exuberance and unlimited energy, as if you could circle the globe three times flying with me and still want to go on further.

“There will be a sense of peace, that even if the externals that you are witnessing appear a little chaotic, that your internal reality is aligning with a deeper universal sense of unity, of connectedness; and of peace, of oneness. As that shifts within you, your external reality is immediately changing and shifting as well. No, you do not need to be tinkering out there. The tinkering, the work, is being done within. …

“It is the elimination of grief. It is the elimination of sadness. It is the elimination of judgment, and particularly judgment of your own sweet selves.” (7)

He reminded us that the key in all these novel experiences is not to try to force or resist what may be happening.

“The key to this is never forcing it. It cannot be hurried or forced. These energies are unstoppable. Of course, they work with your free choice. We do not remove free choice, but you are filled with such energy as you are going to start to note that your choices are shifting, and they are shifting to a higher vibration.” (8)

He advised us that the Company of Light would not be turning the vibrations of love down.

“So, be the clear frequency, and receive with wide open arms. And if you feel it is too intense, then lie down. Do not try or ask to turn it down, because that is not going to happen. We are not going to slow down at this point. We will help you manage it. Simply ask. But we are not going to turn it down.” (9)

But he assured us on May 14 that we are receiving help from the highest sources.

“The help that you will receive and that you are receiving is far more enormous than you think, far more substantial. When I say to you that you are receiving directly into your core, into your fields, into your physical being the energy of love directly from the heart of One, so I would pose the question to you, what greater help can there be?” (10)


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