Team Earth

We know what a sense of unity and community looks like within a nation, but what does it look like for a world? It seems to me that humans like us (as opposed to humans like our galactic friends, about whom I probably cannot speak) crave identification. Look at how many of us are proud of our high schools, cities,  sports teams.

So one of the things that entering into a new, wider identification as Earth dwellers seems to involve is letting go of all the smaller, older identifications, the suit of clothes we’ve outgrown, the sense of ourselves that no longer serves us. It seems to mean letting go of or forgetting all the memories, trophies, victories, and lesser graduations, which, all wrapped up into one, make up our sense of who we were.

Nonetheless, in creating a new identity as Team Earth, we’re settling on yet another temporary identity. We’ll have to abandon it too at some point. The purpose of life is not to realize ourselves as Earth dwellers, but to realize ourselves as God. Or if that offends you, then one with God. Or if even that offends you, then as one of God’s children.

So expanding our identity from being a Peruvian or a South African to being a terrestrial human, as useful as that will be in 2012, remains only one step in the total evolution of our consciousness. It’s a desirable one because it prepares us for what’s coming next (Ascension), but it’s by no means the end of the story.

We identify ourselves as Team Earth to prepare for Ascension. From now until Dec. 21, 2012, or whenever Ascension happens, we’ll need to see to the wellbeing of Earth, her human population, and her animal kingdom.

Once in a reading,  Archangel Michael discussed the work of the animal kingdom. Many animals, he said, are doing the work of transmuting the negative energy of human beings. He explained that animals are way ahead of humans. In fact humans are the last to clean up their negative energies. The animals, by contrast, are already prepared to ascend.

(We for our part will probably have to stop eating them soon. We are after all the world’s top predator, its foremost slayer of animals. If we think of the human race as heroes, and various negative alien races as villains, we may wish to stop and think what most animals must think of us.)

The animals are our allies. Soon it’ll be our job to join them in transmuting the negative energies we’re mainly responsible for. Gaia herself will continue to rumble away under the watchful eye of our space family, ridding herself of much of our negativity. But you heard Gaia herself say on An Hour with an Angel yesterday (1) there won’t be any devastating events we need to fear. She’ll continue releasing negativity, but even she looks after us.

As part of the team that will restore the Earth, we must come together. Our first priority needs to be building the sense of teamwork that will attract all colors, religions, and paths to the work of terraforming and reviving the suffering around the globe. Anyone who’s participated in even high-school sports or student-council work knows that team-building itself takes work.

All of us share humanness and dedication to restoring and revitalizing the Earth in preparation for Ascension. The cabal is leaving. The galactics are coming. The big push is not far away. Our consciousnesses continue to expand to help us along the way. We’re positioning ourselves to carry out what we came to do. To get the job done that faces us, first we must become Team Earth.



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