On Easter, We Need a Conversation as a World

We need to have a conversation as a world.

Do I know how to do such a thing? No. Do I know that a global dialogue needs to begin? Yes. Is the Internet flexible enough to begin such a thing? I’m not sure.

We need to have a discussion that ignores boundaries, citizenship, interests, “national security.” We need to roll back time and eliminate the differences that were created among us by the dark ones’ creation of languages, religions, classes, nations, and everything else that divides us.

This is a day on which a perfect one allowed himself to be crucified so that people could see how we have murdered truth, enslaved whole populations, and bound future generations to false beliefs, all to ensure the rule of the few over the many.

Now those artifacts of that rule need to be overturned, peacefully but finally.

The whole mythology, the whole fantasy, story, drama and symbology that holds the world in slavery needs to be overturned and all of us released from its grip and hypnotic trance, the same way that that perfect one overturned the tables in the temple.

This conversation as a world needs to leave no one out – not the young, not the old, not the disfranchised, not the non-conformist. It has to be had in amicableness and compassion. It has to take in every corner of the globe. It has to be held in truth and fearlessness.

It may as well be started on Easter Friday and it will be our final triumph over fear. We need to step outside our own bondage as the perfect one burst the bondage of his body.  We need to begin taking leave of everything, every vestige of the old world order, every constraint currently placed upon us by it, every reminder of our former chains.

We need to forget all that reminds us of our differences and remember all that reminds us our commonness.  And today is certainly the day to begin that – peacefully, globally, irreversibly.

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