Which Way to the Future?

I’ve just had a chance to read Ben’s latest update.  Ben’s information seems, as is often the case with economic forecasts, a projection of past and present trends into the future.

As you know, I value Ben’s information and his service to the harmonious outworking of our future. But I have to demur regarding his projections. Not as if I like doing so and not as if I don’t do it with respect.

For instance, Ben says here:

“If the US does issue treasury dollars and devalues them by about 50% this is what will happen: First of all, all that Chinese stuff in Wall-Mart will double in price overnight. That is the tough part. The good part is that there will be a huge investment boom in the United States because the US will once again be a competitive exporter.

“Americans will also start buying more made in America products, creating real jobs and real wealth for the American people. There will also be lots and lots of free-spending foreign tourists flooding in, also creating real jobs for real Americans.” (1)

This scenario assumes that life will go on pretty much as it has until now, with the exception that the cabal will be removed from power and a new regime will be installed in the United States to preside over an economy that operates cleanly and honestly.

That will undoubtedly happen, but it seems to leave the events that we believe will occur largely out of the picture. Life will not, I believe, be business as usual, not even remotely so.  The Monaco Accord group of nations will undoubtedly play a role in matters but, it turns out, they are not the same as the NESARA allies.

The reformation of the American and other economies will probably proceed in a manner guided by the Company of Light. It won’t proceed simply as an economy righting itself and finding its own best form and truer nature. But then Ben does not accept the reality of the Company of Light and David Wilcock does only provisionally (he calls them “management”).

The reformation, I think, will proceed as a transitional and temporary economic arrangement that serves the purposes of the Ascension scenario – leveling the playing field, removing people from distress and debt, restoring individual sovereignty to the planet, and allowing people the leisure time to prepare for the expected events of the end of the cycle.

So this year is not simply a year of clearing the planet of cabalistic control and restoring democracy and economic integrity, after which the economy will restore itself along the lines it always has followed in the past. It is in fact a wrap-up of this civilization’s business and a preparation for the dawning of an entirely new era, a golden age, with its attendant shift to a new dimensional reality for many and a departure of others to continue in a third-dimensional reality elsewhere.

You can see in the commentary of Ben and David a tremendous and comprehensive commitment to new economic and political arrangements for Earth, but little acknowledgement and probably no support for arrangements like NESARA.

What Ben calls the White Dragons, which may or may not equal the “Elders,” as far as I’m aware, not only know about NESARA, but also play a role in bringing it in.

To hear Ben say that the White Dragons are willing to contemplate continuing to fund the U.S. Seventh Fleet comes as no surprise to me, believing as I do that the American Navy is a bastion of the Earth allies, which has prevented nuclear war on several occasions and assumed control of  Northern Command, which I regard as a cabal tool, and the secret space fleet, known as “Solar Warden.” But that is just my surmise. I have no “secret” or “inside” information on that.

What Ben says about the pharmaceutical and oil industries coming clean on their perpetrations against the public rings true for me as does the necessity for truth and reconciliation. However I’m not clear that there will be time for a truth and reconciliation commission.  I expect more a revelation from the galactics, drawing on the akashic records perhaps and using some type of unknown technology to play back for the public what actually happened.

So people can accept whatever scenario they like. For those who choose not to follow channeled information, and it’s fine with me that you make that choice, David and Ben’s information, coming as it does from insiders and other people “in the know,” leads to one scenario; for those who put stock in messages from the galactics, celestials, and ascended masters, that information leads to a different scenario.

Only Disclosure can bring about a meeting of the two viewpoints. Until then, my scenario (or ours) probably seems pretty exotic and is not well accepted by most other commentators. But eventually, in my opinion, it will be.



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