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The second thing I wanted to comment on as a result of the reading I’ve done in my recuperative time was how thoroughly we’ve been bamboozled about the cabal and its gold if we consider some of what David Wilcock has revealed on Whistleblower Radio, Dec. 14, 2011 and in his articles on Divine Cosmos.

We’ll look briefly here at the true extent of gold in the world, its planned future use, and other uses for it than simply the financial.

David told Kerry Cassidy on Whistleblower Radio:

“In 1938, there was gold – seven giant US battleships’ worth of gold that was held by the Asians, that was shipped to the US, that was put on deposit secretly with the Federal Reserve. And bonds were issued in exchange for this money. There was supposed to be a plan in Bretton Woods that this – the Bretton Woods Agreement of 1944 is when, after World War Two, all of this gold confiscation was complete. One insider told me that he toured a facility personally in which you walk down the hall, it’s a mile long, there are doors on either side of the hall, [and] each of those doors leads into a room the size of a basketball gymnasium in which there are gold bullion bars, in bricks, stacked floor to ceiling. …

“It’s apparently the biggest secret there is. And they don’t want you to talk about this, but it appears that, you know, there’s…. The gold is kept in underground facilities. It’s kept – there are sunken ships at the bottom of the Marianas Trench and elsewhere throughout southeast Asia, where this gold is being kept. There is a treasure room on the island of Taiwan, underneath the island, that was hand dug by laborers. It is 40 miles by 50 miles wide and seven terraces deep. Apparently half of this entire room is filled with gold on one side and the precious treasures of China on the other side.” (1)

The Chinese interests have tried repeatedly to retrieve their gold. Many of us followed Chris Story some years ago as he tracked Chinese officials making various trips to the United States to retrieve their gold. David tells what Chris Story did not reveal and makes a lot of the reasons for the persistent tug-of-war of those days much clearer.

“This led to another suit that came out in 1998, where China attempted to reclaim the gold that was, now they call it, stolen from them in 1938. It was a 60-year term that expired. The lawsuit was lost. In other words, the Federal Reserve lost the lawsuit in a secret trial that was at The Hague in the United Nations. And as a result of them losing this lawsuit they had a settlement put on them, and they were told that they had to return the money on September 12, 2001. The money was being held under … the World Trade Center, and obviously, the day before, September 12, look at what happened. …

“Since that time the Chinese changed their strategy. This isn’t really the ruling party of China. It’s not the Communists. It’s the deposed party under Chiang Kai-shek called the Kuomintang, that fled to Taiwan and Indonesia, the Philippines and elsewhere. So we need to make that clear.

“So anyway, to get [back] to the story, because I’m trying to do this as fast as I can, they lost, the Federal Reserve lost. They handed this gold off to the Kuomintang, the gold was fake, the Kuomintang responded by organizing an international alliance that caused the collapsing of the dollar and many American corporations. That was the 2008 financial collapse. In the aftermath of the 2008 financial collapse, they created this TARP shit where they bailed everybody out. Nobody expected they were going to do that. It totally caught them by surprise that they created that much money out of thin air. It delayed the plans.” (2)

Who would have suspected the relationship among these events? And who would have suspected the extent of gold reserves being held on this planet either in various hands or in “safe” locations like the Marianna Trench? I’m awaiting news of vehicles that can travel the trenches and retrieve the gold. If these did not exist, why would anyone locate the gold there? Unless … they knew and worked alongside of our soon-to-be-expected guests from far places.

However we regard these revelations, I’d like to speculate that these gold reserves are probably some of the sources for the upcoming NESARA economic reforms.

In discussing in detail who owns the gold, Ben and David distinguish two groups of Eastern or Asian secret societies who claim ownership: one a bloodline group variously called the Elders or the Dragon Family and the other a meritocratic group which includes the Chinese Triads and the Japanese Yakuza. (3)  Their description of these two groups is very complex and would go on for pages. I need to leave it to a separate article and just focus on the gold here.

The Western Illuminati also include a bloodline and a meritocratic group of secret societies. The Eastern and Western groups combined own or possess these tremendous reserves of gold. Much of what the Western group possesses was allegedly stolen from the Eastern group, who’ve been trying to get it back ever since.

I leave it to you to reread Ben and David’s explanations of how so much of the gold of the world ended up in China through centuries-old purchases of spices, silks, ceramics, etc. Ben continues:

BF: About 85 percent of the world’s gold ended up in Asia over the past [few] thousands of years.

DW: I’m really getting it now. This is amazing! Go ahead.

BF: Part of what World War II was about was a grab for this gold.

DW: Wow. (4)

Fulford then goes through a complex story of intrigue and counter-intrigue and ends with:

DW: How much tonnage are we talking about here? How much gold was it?

BF: What I’ve been told is [that] the story we’ve all been told about how all the gold ever mined in history could fit into one or two Olympic swimming pools… is a total lie.

There’s at least nine times or ten times more off-market gold than there is officially tradable gold.

DW: My God!

BF: Some of it, like I say, was laundered by the CIA types to finance various things. (5)

Now comes the 9/11 tie-in:

BF: Cantor Fitzgerald Securities, the company that was handling the paperwork, was blown up – and all 600 of their employees were killed.

DW: Was that in Building 7?

BF: No, this was in [one of] the [two main] World Trade center building[s].

Building 7, where the Treasury police and all these people were, was blown up – and all the paperwork there was blown up.

Basically, they were saying, “We’re not giving back the gold!” (6)

So what’s the point of relating this intricate story of intrigue and counter-intrigue? There are three points.

The first is to say that, when we consider the history of the working and middle classes in the last sixty years, when we remember the history of the destruction of the 99%’s bargaining and thus earning power through mergers and acquisitions, successive market bubbles, automation of work and offshore outsourcing of the remaining jobs, and when we know that more gold is sequestered than we ever dreamed of, we can see quite clearly how certain regional power blocs led by secret societies have labored to capture the world’s wealth for themselves.

Left without assistance, I think the 99% would have ended up economically enslaved.

The second point is that the wealth now being liberated by the Earth allies or white knights, backed by the power of the Company of Light, is precisely this vast reserve of gold.  When we realize how much gold exists, then we get some idea of how the Company of Light intends to do bring in NESARA.

Yes, we know of St. Germaine’s trust funds, the farm claims, the prosperity packages and all the rest of the NESARA initiatives. But Wilcock and Fulford have done us a service in bringing to our attention the astronomical gold reserves of the planet, which the planners of NESARA intend to liberate for the use of the people of the world.

Matthew describes this aspect of NESARA’s work:

“The storehouses of stolen gold must be opened and precious metals once again become the stable basis for national and international economies and commerce. A series of banking regulations that have abetted the massive fraud must be stricken and new laws enacted to safeguard against a similar situation ever recurring. The global ‘illegal’ drug industry, which garners untold funds for a variety of nefarious activities, must be halted. Take heart in knowing that this network of unimaginable greed, corruption and deception under the Illuminati umbrella is unraveling. ” (7)

My understanding is that all of this gold will be reclaimed from the Eastern and Western secret societies in the name of the people of the world and folded into NESARA.

But the third point may also prove startling because it revolves around the use of gold as more than just a standard of monetary value. Here is Matthew on this subject as well:

“Gold … is one of the most beneficial elements in the universe. As the microcosm of the universe that each of you is, this is how it applies to you: Gold enhances brain functioning and contributes to physiological stability through cellular regeneration. Throughout the eons of deterioration of human intelligence and the loss of knowledge that each life form started in the pure love essence of Creator and is a part of the Supreme Ruler of this universe, the use of gold went from health to wealth.

“It spiraled downward from its vital role in spiritual clarity and physical well being to its use as jewelry and other objects of opulence and eventually became the foundation for some economic systems. Gold also is an important part of higher civilizations’ technology. The earliest visitors to your planet went there precisely to look for gold, and upon discovering it, kept this a secret so they didn’t have to share their find with any other civilizations.” (8)

So following the gold has proven to be a tremendously fruitful contribution of the investigative reporting of Ben Fulford and David Wilcock. In this instance the two help us to understand how this global society we live in may be constituted and reconstructed through NESARA in the months ahead as we race towards the climax of 2012.


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