The Transformative Words of an Angel – Part 1/2

The first thing on my mind....

My heavens. How do I communicate all that has happened in the last 36 hours?

Everything connected with my birthday per se is undoubtedly mostly of interest to me and mine. But it was all fun and very memorable. And, yes, I’m 65 to the reader who expressed astonishment. But I feel seventeen. Age like beauty seems to be in the eyes of the beholder.

Leaving that aside, the parts connected with the visit with AA Michael are so impactful to me that I have to communicate them.

But before I do that, I’d like to have an adult conversation with you. I’d like to discuss the notion of having a role or mission to play. In doing so, I’m not wanting to be flip or tell tales out of school, but instead for us to put our heads together as lightworkers here doing our part for Ascension. So if you can hear what’s said next in that context, it would be a great blessing.

I’m finding it interesting to see what beginning one’s mission does to a person. In a very real sense, one’s life ceases to be one’s own. For instance, I’m part of a drama, as are you. In the final analysis it remains a drama, a reshuffling of “pieces” around the board of life, just a few scenes from the overall drama of the journey of us all from God to God.

Someone raised the power of the microscope in this vicinity and so we look at episodes in the drama of life that are visible from this vantage point. Then someone else raises the power of the microscope in that vicinity and we spend a few minutes or hours looking at episodes in the drama of life visible from that vantage point. But it’s all one integrated drama, is it not?

Our Ascension is a few exalted scenes from that drama. It features an entire universe (as far as I’m aware) moving up two levels from the Third to the Fifth Dimension. It involves the highest universal councils of which we can conceive, although to AA Michael they are realms “below” him (he does not use the higher/lower metaphor himself). The elder brothers and sisters are helping the younger brothers and sisters take a few clear, purposeful steps along the Path and all of them have gathered here for the occasion. The harps are tuning up. The lights are blazing. The orchestra and chorus of legions are warming up.

I’ve donned my little black conductor’s hat and I’m walking up and down the aisles of the train carrying the guests to the city of light, helping people stow their bags and telling them where the dining coach is. And someone else is driving the train and someone else is cooking the food.

And while I’m wearing my conductor’s hat, I’m a conductor, and the locomotive engineer is a locomotive engineer, and the chef is a chef. My life is not my own for the time I’m on shift and the sooner I get it, the better and more seamlessly I play my part.

So today, in the first place, I saw how important it is for me to play my role (the same for you, I think). In this instance, I was to play the role of the one having the birthday, which primarily is to receive. And the biggest gift I was to receive was a phone call from Linda Dillon channeling Archangel Michael.

I tried my best to keep it under my hat but how can one contain one’s excitement over an occasion like that? I’m probably not meant to contain it. Here I am modeling one who is crazily excited at receiving a call from an exalted one.  I didn’t plan it. I’m to play the excited one who’s the recipient, the beneficiary.

So I’m dancing around my apartment, wild with excitement, tripping over things, a tad delirious while all the time keeping as much of an exterior of dispassionate workmanship as I can muster in putting up each day’s posts. Outside, “dah da dah, dah da dah.” Inside, “Far out, man! Yah! Cooleee-cool, Dude! Yowsuh, yowsuh!”

And, while dancing around in my life, I’m aware that I need to play my role without arrogance, without putting in my thumb and pulling out a plum and saying, “What a good boy am I!”

Yecccchhh! Go to the back of the class. Not the job. Not the part.

This is not about me. And that’s the primary lesson to be learned and assimilated right now if I’m to play my part effectively (and the same for you, I wager.)

It’s as important in this for me to convey the necessity of playing one’s role and playing it right as it is to discuss the events themselves.  I’ve never before been in this position of seeing clearly that I have a role to play and a responsibility to play that role, to play it well and to stay in role. (I’m speaking out from behind the mask at this moment, but after this, I promise to pull the mask back on and stay in role, in character. OK, well, not always.)

Just as arrogance would be a dropped ball on one side, so shame would be a dropped ball on the other. That course of action would involve saying: “An Archangel is calling me? What do you say to an Archangel? Eeek! I’m not good enough! I’m not worthy! Take this cup from me!”  I would then retreat and hide and not take my part seriously. No pass on that one either.

I have to put my discomfort and my feelings of unworthiness aside and allow the play to be acted out, playing my part in it and playing it well. In this case, I’m to receive and to receive graciously and consciously.

It would take too long to go over how it was determined that I received and kept the date of Oct. 11 (my birthday) for my reading because you remember that my actual reading took place on Oct. 1. But I had originally been given the day of Oct. 11 and traded with Susan for her day of Oct. 1 for logistical reasons. (Susan could then ask the questions which were left over from the earlier reading.)

However, in the middle of the night, the Boss told Linda to keep the Oct. 11 date for me, which, unknown to me, was a gifted time for a birthday greeting.

I won’t be discussing the whole of the reading. I’ll leave that to when I have a transcript.

But one thing that happened for me in the reading that I do want to discuss was that Archangel Michael answered a question that has been with me all my life. In fact he said that I came into life with this question: Why is it that we forget the larger life when we come down into Third Dimensionality? What is it that occurs that has us forget?

Was he demonstrating something? Undoubtedly. Every part of his messages is a demonstration. Often he demonstrates the answer rather than giving it. Humor where humor is needed. Fearlessness where fearlessness is needed.

Not like I knew I had a life-question before he told me. But the minute he said it, it resonated with me unquestionably. And he then went on to answer the question of why we forget and his answer has caused a creative explosion in me.

I saw my whole life flash before me (figuratively speaking only). I saw myself seeing how it is that awareness closes down. I saw myself in encounter groups, the Cold Mountain resident fellowship, the est training, enlightenment intensives – always trying to figure out how awareness closes down and how it opens up again.

I saw me figuring out “Beckow’s theorem” that awareness varies inversely with muscular tension in the body. I saw me deeply investigating the question of clearing vasanas and, as I did so, releasing myself from the bands of tension that kept my awareness low and finding again that space of innocence, of heightened and liberated awareness, to the extent that I did.

I saw the thrust of my life, when viewed from a single angle.

Can you see that allowing for there to be a life-question, and then allowing the creative explosion to go off, and then reporting it, is me playing my role in things (just as your life will see you playing your role, in the course of life itself)? I hope so. I feel an unspoken need to convey the matter.

Returning to the creative explosion that occurred, it was as if I found the answer to the one question that constituted the whole high-school exam and now I’ve passed and graduated. I’m not sure if that conveys very well the way I feel right now. But it is as if there has been a gigantic completion. I’m out of school. I answered my own question.

Before yesterday, I didn’t even know that such a thing existed as a life-question, but the Boss has led me through the process and I do see it now. Part of yesterday evening, when my wife D’Arcy and I went out for dinner, was exploring her question (which is hers to share). Watch one, do one, teach one, as she says. Life is going that fast now that this has become the order of the day.

In the second part of the tape, Archangel Michael told my wife about her life. It was equally fascinating to hear what she was here to do and what the special challenges are for her.

I’ve already told you that AA Michael said that, in the second part, President Obama was born in Hawaii and confirmed that President George Bush Sr. was born in Germany. So enough of the “birther” stuff, please.

Before turning to the question in more detail, let me say that this is the second time this kind of event has happened to me. The first  was in the vision experience I had in 1987, probably his doing as well, now that I think about it. (1) At that time, my question was: “If it’s true that our early lives are a puzzle, which, when we complete it, becomes a picture, could it be that life itself is a puzzle and, if so, what is the picture that life is?” In eight seconds removed from time, I was shown a wordless and unfolding tableau of the entire life journey of an individual soul, from God to God.

I don’t know if you can get, through words, how receiving that answer at the time had me feel like kissing the ground, I was so grateful.

But at the same time, I only had the answer in nub, in kernel form. I knew that “enlightenment is the purpose of life,” but that was all. I knew one thing and one thing only. It took 20 years to flesh that one thing out.

Now here I am again in the position of knowing a second thing, but only in nub or kernel.

AND I can only tell you what showed up for me as the answer. You may say, “Well, that’s not the answer for me.” Perhaps not. But it is the answer for me.

(Continued in Part 2.)


(1) See

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