The New Energy and the New Paradigm

Many people I’m sure have had the experience of entering a new energy field and watching their moods suddenly change and with them their prospects for successful action. The Arcturian Group told us recently that what is happening on Earth is similar:  a new energy is prevailing and this new energy is altering everything.

“Much that you have believed could never change is indeed changing, for all is energy and you have changed the energy needed in order for these old issues to function.

“We see you embracing the new ideas with love for you are beginning to see that there are indeed better and higher ways of doing things, ways which include all, and not just a select group deemed worthy by the false standards of old energy beliefs.

“Those who still continue to hold to what is finished, will have a difficult time of it, for they are ‘beating a dead horse’ as you say in your vernacular.” (1)

Last month, the Arcturian Group cautioned us that the old paradigm of separation and fear will no longer work. It must be let go of.

“We understand those issues that seem to be so daunting to all at this time. There seem to be no solutions, and you are right about this as there are no solutions on the level that they are being sought by those who do not understand that the energy is quickly changing.

“Solutions are being sought in that which is finished and is leaving. New solutions must be employed; solutions that work from the new and higher frequencies now pouring in–new ways of seeing and doing. Let go of all that is old and finished, and open yourselves to new and better ways of doing those things that you need to do as a society. These will be presenting if you allow yourselves to be open to change.” (2)

The new energy will not allow us to return to the old ways, SaLuSa says. The Light requires us to move on.

“The door for change is opening wider and, as you are beginning to realize, there cannot be a return to the old ways. It is becoming even more apparent than ever that a civilization on the verge of Ascension must move into a new level of vibration. The Light beckons you to lift up and leave behind anything that no longer serves your purpose.” (3)

Now is the time, the Arcturian Group tells us, to begin operating from a new paradigm of oneness and unity, rather than the old paradigm of separation and fear.

“There are still many who function wholly from a standpoint of fear. The universal human mind presents to you that which is known and contains every three-dimensional belief ever believed.

“You must move beyond the human mind into the vast ‘no-thing ness’ of the Divine Mind. This is the function of meditation; not for you to have psychic experiences or manifest more human ‘stuff’ (although these things can be an outer expression), but to bring you to a point of inner silence in which you simply rest in your Oneness.

“Begin to accept and claim this oneness with the Divine and from that Infinite Source will flow the new ideas, for Source knows no limitation. Mind, in its true function as an avenue of awareness, then interprets and forms this Divine activity in the outer as new ways of doing, new forms, the new earth. You see you are not losing anything real. You will simply experience these things now on a higher and better level. (4)

In accepting this new paradigm, we’re battling beliefs we received from trust sources, some of them religious. We may have to rely on our intuition now to rescue us from them.

“You are Divine beings in your real identity and therefore have infinite sources of ideas and ways of doing and being. The problem has been that you have not known this and most were not ready to know this until now. In your ignorance you have believed yourselves to be less that the lowest.

“Churches taught that you were worms in the dust until you performed certain rituals or believed certain doctrines. In your ignorance, you accepted this, freely giving your power to those who would then claim it for themselves, convincing you that only they knew what was best for you.

“This scenario is still happening, and there are still many who follow false and often ego inspired teachings, believing that somehow only certain humans are able to know what is the truth. You who are reading this are coming out from this umbrella of falseness. You are awakening to the truth of your identity and are now ready to take back the power you in your ignorance gave to the many (not all) loud and ego driven voices of government, churches, media, etc. etc.

“Trust your intuition on all matters. If any teaching rings of separation and duality, then know it is of the old energy. You are one, and that is a never changing truth.” (5)

To give us an example of how these old and erroneous beliefs keep us submissive and controlled, the Arcturians use the instance of evil. We think that evil is real and so we mistake the appearance for reality and are afraid, they say.

“All that appears so frightening and so negative at this time, simply manifests old energy moving up and away. These experiences offer opportunities to acknowledge the non–power of anything other than Source. You say, ‘Oh now, how can you say that for these things are terrible and kill people and harm the earth’. Yes indeed, that is the appearance. That is what you see with your third-dimensional vision, but we tell you that you are now ready and beginning to see beyond these appearances.

“You are beginning to know and understand that the Divine is the substance and creator of all things and therefore all true creations are of love and harmony. Appearances of discord and evil are creations of the un-illumined mind imbued with beliefs of good and evil. Mind simply forms the outer, from the state of consciousness of the individual.” (6)

The challenge before us now, the Arcturian Group, is to hold to the truth of our being, the oneness of all life, which the new energies are revealing to us.

“The lesson for you now dear ones, is that you hold to the truth of your being. Let the truth of oneness with Source, and therefore all that is, be more manifest in your thinking. Let Truth be your first thought before any human thoughts or taking steps for action. You see that way, you begin to change your way of thinking and soon your state of consciousness.

“You must practice knowing the truth. Truth is, but it must be recognized and then become an attained state of consciousness before it can manifest. In your daily lives then, first realize the truth of all things and the non-reality of anything that would seem to be a power. There is only One Power and that is Divine Power which is everpresent within you. There is only one presence and that Presence is where you are, always. There is only one knowledge and that Knowledge is where you are at all times for it not only is within you, but is you.

“This is the goal, the realization that you are that which you seek.” (7)

In bygone days, they say, we would have studied these things, but now we need to act on them and from them.

“It has seemed fine in the past to study these things and to discuss them with like-minded people–groups and friends where you feel a comradery and the sense that you are doing something very spiritual. However, you are ready to move beyond this now for those were baby steps.

“You must now begin to live these truths and not only when things are going according to what you think is the right way for them to go. It is time to begin to live, move, and have your being in truth; to let it be your first thought, your first realization, your first response. Then if there are human footsteps to be taken, you take them, but always with the realization that there is a Divine Law of love and wholeness in place that nothing can over ride or change.” (8)

Embracing the new paradigm of oneness and unity will help us to cast off the old systems of control, SaLuSa says.

“Currently you are raising your levels in seeking an end to the old systems of control. That is helping speed up the changes, and the energy for change cannot be denied. It means that you have taken a positive approach and risen above the fear-laden prophecies that are being made about your future.” (9)

Embracing it, the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades tell us, will be fertile to pure-hearted intentions.

“You are currently witnessing a complete turn around in the earth’s dynamic … an edifice of human thought that is no longer in alignment with the old paradigm of separation, but one of greater fortitude and of a higher vibrational constitution. What we mean is this … the soil of your earth has become fertile enough for your pure-hearted intentions to take root.” (10)

The Master Hilarion told us in March that everywhere we look we’re begin to see people uniting in love.

“Everywhere you look, people and groups of people in communities are all beginning to look at the concepts of uniting in love, in cooperation with each other, in finding a peaceful solution to the challenges that are before them and making a clear choice for peace, for working together in common purpose and for the higher good of all. This is a movement that is just starting to manifest but will grow stronger and more pronounced as this year progresses.

“The Earth and everyone and everything upon Her is in a state of transition from one level of being to another and you have been traveling backwards and forwards on your Paths as you traverse the energetic impulses as they travel in waves upon your Planet, shifting many old paradigms as they pass in a way that leaves the old way of doing things firmly behind as a new way is embraced and accepted. The old simply falls away with barely any notice and those who cling to these former ways of being and doing will find it hard to adapt to all the changes that are taking place moment by moment.” (11)

More recently, he saw people everywhere standing up for what is right and taking back control of the planet in “incredibly peaceful ways.”

“Everywhere around you there is a greater awareness taking place and humanity is starting to step up to the plate and is beginning to understand that taking a stand for what they believe is right is having its powerful effect.

“As people join each other in adding their voices in many different projects and focuses to end the blatant disregard for the citizens of this World and the resources upon this Planet from those who want only to maintain control, the realization is dawning within the Awakened Ones that there is great power in numbers and this realization is having a domino effect. As more people rise up and stand up for their rights and the rights of all upon your World, change will come about in incredibly peaceful ways.” (12)

Thus the fertile and rising new energies are moving us away from the old paradigm of separation and fear towards the new paradigm of oneness and unity. As we embrace it we let go of old systems based on control. In the past we may have studied these things, but now we need to act on them. Everywhere we look today we can see people beginning to act from the new paradigm and taking back the world in incredibly peaceful ways.


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