Turning Swords into Plowshares

Turning swords into plowshares

We here follow non-traditional sources. People may reject them, but I believe they offer a unique vantage point on current affairs. People in the world at large don’t suspect much of what’s going on. Activists follow events as best they can on the ground and from “insider” information.

But events on the ground are mostly covered by mainstream media who are often constrained from reporting the truth and insiders can be used to spread disinformation or may be afraid to communicate information that could cost them their lives.

However, if we add to these accounts those that emanate from the galactics, spirit observers and in some cases celestials, we can increase our knowledge of what’s occurring and add dimensions that other sources don’t contribute.

In regard to the military turning its hat around, the first indications I’m aware of that such a thing was possible came from the Galactic Federation of Light in 2009. On two occasions, SaLuSa, one of its spokespeople, predicted that peace would come to the world, which implies that the militaries would stop fighting.

“We … know that you tire of the constant battles that take place in your lives, and yearn for peace and the opportunity to live your life as you choose. That dream will come true and the suddenness of your transformation will be quite astonishing. Your future is in the Golden Age, and beyond your present imagination.” (1)

“Peace must seem a long way off at present, yet it will come upon you because you are benign at heart, and cry out for release from the continual warring that is endemic through your history.” (2)

Ker-On of Venus, SaLuSa’s GFOL colleague, said that the military at that time was having doubts about its mission and predicted that the military would lay down its arms.

“There will be a surge of Light that will see a powerful response to the dark forces, as they try in vain to re-establish their authority. Even in the theatres of war there are doubts surfacing as to the purpose of it all. Peace is becoming a word that resonates with happiness, and although brave men and women serve their country in a patriotic way, they are questioning their resolve and sense of duty. Changes are inevitable that will see a totally different outlook where war operations are concerned. The changes are coming from within and when people lay down their arms, a new era of peace will begin.” (3)

But these are all general references. A very specific reference came from Matthew Ward that NATO was supporting the freedom of Libyans in his message of March 25, 2010:

“We are aware of the conflicting opinions about the US-led coalition of military forces in Libya. What we see is a glorious U-turn in the attitude of national leaders intervening in the affairs of another country: For the first time in your history, intervention is not for a purely selfish purpose, but a noble one—to assist people who are fighting for their freedom. Without this assistance, many more Libyans would be slaughtered by the dictator whose conscience along with his mental capacity was destroyed long ago.

“The day of dictators is over and so is the day of supporting those dictators for self-serving reasons. The day of exploiting Earth’s resources without regard for environmental destruction is over, as is the day of the wealth of the world in the hands of a few. Everything based in darkness is swiftly coming to an end.” (4)

Several months later, Matthew predicted that the military would eventually stop fighting.

“All warring will end incrementally and troops in foreign countries, whether in combat, occupation forces or simply because military bases exist, will return to their own countries.” (5)

That’s how matters stood when I asked Archangel Michael for a reading in September of 2011. I had recently been criticized as naive for saying that the military was gradually turning its hat around. So I asked AAM for his confirmation that NATO’s intervention in Libya was intended to support Libyans in their quest for freedom rather than to ensure control of Libya’s oil and he replied that it was.

Moreover, he also revealed that he had influenced NATO to turn from the cause of war to the cause of peace.

Steve: Libya and NATO. I’ve gotten into a controversy by saying that ‘NATO is turning its hat around. NATO in helping Libya was doing a good thing.’ There’s a line of reporting that says, ‘No, NATO is doing a bad thing in Libya.’ Can you help me understand that? Are NATO’s actions in Libya and Syria a good thing, or are they trying to simply ensure their access to oil?

Archangel Michael: No, they are trying to create peace.

S: OK, and so is it correct to say they have turned their hat around … that they have taken up the cause of peace?

AAM: Yes, and I can tell you that directly, … as part of my peace initiative.

S: All right. Could you just tell me what the central happening was. … Was it the US Navy that influenced NATO to become peaceful, or was it some group or some person?

AAM: The Navy had a small part.

S: Who had a big part?

AAM: I did.

S: And are you saying a kind of a personal intervention with people?

AAM: It was an energetic healing. It was an instilling of the desire for peace. It was a dire exhaustion of the struggle for war. It was a letting go. It was moving this group energetically from being in a place where they felt they had to react, and the only way to progress was to be offensive, to reminding them that they can be proactive in creating a very different world and a world of peace. (6)

Moreover the evidence gathered over a number of years suggests that the American Navy came under the control of white hats some time ago. I wrote about the Navy’s role as an Earth ally recently:

“I know the American Navy has been under the control of the white hats for a few years now (don’t say that out loud though). They hold the top military post in the land. They took control of the nuclear football years ago. They control Northern Command and the secret space fleet. They forced down a plane headed for the Middle East with a nuke destined for Iran. I think at a key recent time they quarantined the U.S.S. George Washington way over there on the South China Sea (the George Washington was located off Long Island Sound on 9/11 and was a floating command post, as far as I’m aware, though the public records state differently). On and on I could go citing indications that change is occurring in the military.” (7)

It was not always so. The Office of Naval Intelligence, according to Billy Cooper who worked for them, was involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Cooper was a young naval officer in the ONI when he came across a highly-classified memo describing the role the ONI took in the assassination of President Kennedy. He was so horrified that he quit the service. So the Navy has moved from party to the assassination of the President to white hats leading the effort against the New World Order.

That’s why I asked AA Michael if the Navy played a part in NATO turning its hat around. I wanted confirmation that my hunch about the Navy was correct:

S: Am I correct that the US Navy has been one of the Earth allies for subduing the cabal?

AAM: Yes. (8)

So we can now say that the American Navy and NATO are Earth allies or white hats. These are pieces of the puzzle that can only be gathered from sources like the Company of Light.

Many liberals today, like Cynthia McKinney and the writers of Global, believe that NATO remains sinister and that anyone connected to the American military is a dark hat. I don’t blame them for assuming that to be the case. But I think the truth requires finer tools than most of us have available to us in Third Dimensionality.

I personally don’t have those finer tools but the Company of Light has. Just as very few in society would believe that UFOs were real a few years back, so today very few would believe that we’re subject to rising energies and the influence of great beings like Archangel Michael who are collectively turning people’s minds from thoughts of war to thoughts of peace.

If we want an adequate appraisal of what’s happening nowadays, we need to take into consideration what the Company of Light can tell us because they have the best vantage point on the change agents relative to events – they are, most often, those very change agents. An empirical-materialist dismissal of matters like angels and extraterrestrials denies us information that we often cannot get elsewhere – not from “insiders,” not from any news outlet, and often not from ex-service people, who may be sworn to secrecy or unwilling to risk their lives to expose the truth.

Non-traditional sources may not be widely accepted yet, but soon they’ll be our major source of information on a very great deal of what’s happening in our world.


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