Simple Video Explaining Paradigm Shift

The first part of this video may seem at first blush to be very, very elementary, but it actually explains the process of scientific revolutions through paradigm transcendence, Occam’s Razor, and a number of other matters thrown in.

Scientific theories try to explain a range of phenomena and grow ever more complex until, in the midst of all the dissonance, someone drops the prevailing hypothesis and substitutes a theory that actually accounts for all the exceptions and voila! A new paradigm!

They may do this by simple observation of what’s actually so or they may do it by arriving at a statement that arches over and includes all of which they are aware of or by another means.

The new paradigm exists for a while until exceptions begin to pile up, more and more boards and nails are needed to hold the structure together and the whole process starts over again. In a few weeks time, we will begin a process of total reformation of our thinking. It may be useful to refresh our minds on how paradigms shift and change.

The second part on the error at the center of a statist society is even better.  This whole video is very refreshing. Thanks to Roth.

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