A Difficult Point to Make Perhaps, but Necessary

I’ve been asked if my regard for President Obama has somehow gone down because I posted Alex Jones’ video and retreated from my theory of a sting.

Heavens, no.

I don’t agree with Alex Jones on many things and I do agree with him on others.  I simply don’t want to deprive you of his viewpoint on the matters I agree with him on, such as the “multiple deaths” of Osama bin Laden. I don’t post it for the untoward things he said about President Obama.

Perhaps I should remove the video if it confuses. If I think it does confuse, I may remove it.

My regard for President Obama is unwavering.

I don’t know if anyone watched Piers Morgan’s interview with Michael Moore last night, but Piers said to Michael, Obama promised to close Guantanamo and he hasn’t done so. Therefore he is a liar. (He may not have used the word “liar.” I’m paraphrasing.)

And Michael responded, no, he’s not a liar. He just hasn’t been able to deliver yet on his promise to close down Guantanamo.

There is a distinction between integrity and capability. President Obama may not yet find himself in a position to be capable to do all he wants to do, but that does not reflect on his integrity.

By the same token, President Obama may hold some views that I don’t hold, but who among us holds all the same views as any other? We all will disagree on some things.

I cannot see into President Obama’s inner mind. I do not absolutely know if he thinks Osama bin Laden is alive or not, but I think he may. In letting my theory go, I’m saying that I do not see evidence that I’m correct and my theory is having to become more and more complex to explain what the President is doing and saying.

The need to make a theory more and more complex usually says that the theory is not correct in some respect. And so I drop mine as a theory. It may prove to have been correct in the end. Well, great. But I have no need to be right. I do have a need to proceed with integrity.

My dropping my theory does not mean that I cease to support President Obama.  Even if he believed that Osama bin Laden was still alive before May 2, and even if he bought the official version of 9/11, which I don’t, I still believe that Barack Obama is basically honorable, a man of integrity, and the man for the job of President.

I refuse to be black and white in my stance on things. The world does not yield to views that see things in black and white. And we will not all agree with each other. But does a person have integrity, whatever his views, or does he not? That is what concerns me.

And in my view, Barack Obama is a man of integrity and I support him whether or not I may agree with him on everything.

The day I reduce my view of things to black and white is the day I stop being useful as a lightworker.

The day I require everyone to need to agree with me is the day I stop being useful as a lightworker.

I really need people to get that about me. I will not consent to behave like a lemming. I will not consent to be thought of as always right or needing to be seen that way. I am a human being and a human being is not always right.

Imagine fighting for the right to be wrong on occasion.

But I value integrity and not being always right, honesty and not always looking good.

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