Matthew Ward on the bin Laden Announcement

For your information, I asked Suzy Ward if she would ask Matthew whether the United States killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan on May 2, 2011.

Her reply was that “Matthew said he’ll speak about this in his next message, but to answer your question now: No, the US did not kill Osama bin Laden May 2 in Pakistan — or any day, anywhere!”


If the U.S. did not kill bin Laden, then I assume that he was either murdered as Benazir Bhutto said he was or else died of natural causes from one of the many conditions he seemed to have suffered from. But we will hear more soon.

That is not to say that this scenario does not serve a useful purpose in laying the “War on Terror” to rest, but the allegation at the center of it is not true, nevertheless.

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