Suzan Carroll: The Arcturian Corridor – Part III

As much as I enjoy Suzan Carroll’s Arcturian Corridor, this month’s instalment simply seems too long to enclose here. So I’ve published it instead as a page. If you wish  to read on, simply hit the link at the bottom of this snippet.


We welcome you to the continuation of Part III of our journey through the Arcturian Corridor. Since you re-entered our Corridor, we have been educating you about the many inter-dimensional portals found on the body of Gaia. We wish now to educate you about the inter-dimensional portal in your own physical body, your pineal gland. In preparation for the activation of your Personal Portal, we wish to expand a bit more about the many vortexes that are opening in your reality.

zBecause of the progressive altering of the third dimensional laws of space and time, more vortexes are becoming visible, but usually only in the corner of your eye. Until you can “believe” these visions, they will disappear when you look at them straight on. Auspiciously, there are many events that will soon be occurring which will stretch your ability to believe in the “impossible.” For example, your Galactic Family is communing with more and more of its ground crew in human form, as well as making their presence more visible in your daily life.

Furthermore, as more of you awaken, you will discover the truth of the many patents for technology that have been suppressed. Once this technology becomes available, it will change your world. These patents include, free energy, anti-gravity automobiles, the use of known minerals that absorb toxic substances, the creation of inter-dimensional portals and much more. Those who function from “Service to SELF” have too long governed your world. As more citizens of Earth commune with their Multidimensional SELF, other awakened ones, Gaia and their Galactic Family, they will regain the power and courage to confront the lies that have ruled them.  (snip)

(Continued here.)

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