Latest Video from “Little Grandmother”

I very much enjoy “Little Grandmother’s” (Kiesha Crowther’s) videos and I know, from your comments, that you do too.

I very much enjoyed her latest, from a Swiss workshop this month, in which she discussed changes associated with 2012.

On the pole shift, my understanding is that there will be no events of any kind that will have large-scale or planetary repercussions, save Ascension itself. Matthew Ward referred to the notion of a pole shift in passing, in a message from 2009.

“As for a pole shift in 2010—or any other of your calendar years—Earth’s orbit has been changing gradually and there will be no dramatic geological effects.”  (Matthew’s Message, March 10, 2009.)

I’m not hung up on the matter. Take what you like from her latest video and leave the rest.  She’s definitely a force for good on the planet.


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