What is This all About?


Reposted from Galactic Roundtable, June 17, 2009.

Dragons, Sirians, leylines, gridlines, galactics, celestials, Illuminati, Anunnaki – what is going on here?

What is this all about?

What is the purpose of life? To know the truth of myself, to uncover my oneness with Life, to discover my original nature.


How do I accomplish that? Any genuine path sincerely followed leads to Self-realization. In any direction you turn, there is My Face.

But others are so far ahead of me! The divine journey is endless. Some are fed in the morning, some in the afternoon, some in the evening, but all are fed.

But I have lost my way! Wherever you are, there am I, nearer than the nose on your face.

Galactics, celestials, terrestrials, Agarthans – all of us share the same purpose in life.

All of us are walking in the same direction, from the same Origin to the same Destination. Around the circle we go, arcing, spiraling, away from unconsciousness towards full consciousness.

All of us are moving from darkness unto Light, from untruth to Truth, from death to Immortality.

Today this path; tomorrow that path. Today this means of celebration; tomorrow that. Today this view of God; tomorrow that.

Emerging, expanding, realizing, sharing.

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