On the Spiritual Hierarchy

Depiction of Sanat Kumara

Given that Sanat Kumara has addressed us several times recently, it may be an opportune time to address the matter of spiritual hierarchy.

Periodically and gingerly I’ve been saying something about hierarchy. My reasoning has been that, if I repeat the subject often enough and in small enough doses, when the time arrives for us to need to know about the matter, we’ll have softened up on it.

People living in duality have, many of us, developed a healthy skepticism of, disdain for, or fear of hierarchy. Our leaders have let us down. They’ve sown the skies with poisonous chemtrails, caused hurricanes to  displace us, given us deadly vaccines, denied us free medicare, built FEMA camps to detain us, kept us poor,  etc.

In the face of these developments, many of us have sworn never again to trust those who present themselves to us in the role of hierarchs.

But at some point in the future, we’ll have to wrestle with the fact that the higher dimensions are actually organized hierarchically.  Only in Third Density are we all jumbled together. When we transition to the other side, we’re sorted out according to our vibrations.

The lowest realms are sometimes described as hells and are populated by people of denser vibrations.  The higher dimensions are sometimes called heavens and are populated by people of more refined vibrations. Each realm is said to have a “ruler,’ whose service is based on his or her ability to love. Here is Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson on the subject:

“We have rulers. … Each realm has its ruler. That’s not a strictly accurate term, though we do use it. … He doesn’t [strictly rule]. He presides, and that is very different. I’m talking about the realms of light now. You can see for yourself how much pleasanter and easier it makes life.

“No falling of one government merely to make way for another equally bad or stupid or ineffective. No political fanatics with insane and inane ideas and, what is most important, no individuals holding office who are totally unfitted for it. If the people of earth would like to settle some of their worst problems, the spirit world could give them a hint or two on how to do it.” (1)

“Although each realm has its own resident ruler, all the rulers belong to a higher sphere than that over which they preside. The position is such that it calls for high attributes on the part of its holder, and the office is held only by those who have had long residence in the spirit world. Many of them have been here thousands of years. Great spirituality is not alone sufficient; if it were, there are many wonderful souls who could hold such office with distinction.

“A ruler must possess a great deal of knowledge and experience of humanity, and in addition he must always be able to exercise wise discretion in dealing with the various matters that come before him. And all the ruler’s experience and knowledge, all his sympathy and understanding, are ever at the disposal of the inhabitants of his realm, while his kindness and infinite patience are always in evidence. This great soul is ever accessible to any who wish to consult him or who bring him their problems for solution.” (2)

When the White Brotherhood introduces themselves, we’ll hear honorific terms like “master,” “hierarch,” “logos,” etc., being used.  These are not employed to call forth from us an attitude of servility or even deference, although we’ll find a natural deference arising in  us in the face of the godly bearing of these beings.

The beings themselves do not demand deference. It’s the natural law and our own natures that in the end move us to deference. The beings themselves are non-deferential. When I addressed Ashtar as “Lord Ashtar” once, he replied: “This is Ashtar. I prefer simply Ashtar, not Lord or Master or any other added affectation.” (3) I consider his response to be fairly typical.

Depiction of Master Hilarion

In everything that occurs in the spirit world, beings of higher evolution serve beings of lower evolution. The difference between them simply reflects when each issued forth from the Creator. The older souls have had more experience and grown wiser and more loving than the younger have had a chance to, usually.

All souls have issued from the Creator and gone out into the world, as Jesus said. (4)  Having learned their identity as fragments of the Divine, they then journey Home again – to the Divine.

Some issued earlier; some later. Some return and then leave the Divine again to experience another aspect of reality.

If you were to see a hierarch, you might see him or her perhaps wearing a fine jewel. Ornaments on the spirit plane are usually earned and reflect one’s attainments. So, for instance, “Imperator” (the prophet Malachi), when he appeared to Bishop Wilberforce, wore beautiful garments and a crown that expressed his stature.

“Imperator’s robe now is of dazzling white, as though composed of purest diamonds lit up by rays of vivid splendour. Round his shoulders he wears a vesture of sapphire blue, and on his head is a crown of glory set in crimson circlet. The circlet indicates his love, the vesture of blue is his wisdom, and the brilliant robe his exalted state of purity and perfection. … [The crown] is seven-pointed, and each point is tipped with a radiant star of dazzling brilliance.” (5)

He received the crown as recognition of his elevated consciousness.

When Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson visited a ruler of the spirit world, he described him thus:

“The illustrious personage, towards whose home in the high realms we were making our way, was known by sight to every soul in the realms of light. His wish was always treated as a command and his word was law. The blue, white and gold in his robe, evidence in such enormous proportions, revealed the stupendous degree of his knowledge, spirituality, and wisdom.” (6)

We’ll need to overcome our fear of authority in the years ahead. We’ll need to realize that spiritual rulers are unlike earthly rulers in that they really do have the welfare of their charges at heart. Of course that will come naturally because their emanations will be sublime and loving. Just being in their presence, as SaLuSa has often said, will convince us of their beneficence.

But, until that time, when we merely hear about them and consider whether we wish to cooperate with them or not, not having experienced their presence, I merely plant the suggestion now that spiritual hierarchy is not something to be feared. Time will reveal that to us but we may save ourselves some pain and trouble if we release ourselves from our native skepticism and resistance when faced with spiritual figures from higher planes if we remember that their state of evolution is probably greater than ours and the evils and failings that beset us may not beset them. (7)


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(7) I’m aware that some believers in evil aliens will warn us against “giving up our power” to higher beings. We are never asked to give up our power. Chances are that our desire to defer to them will arise naturally.

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