Life in the Golden Age. Part 5. We’ll Travel Far and Wide as Galactic Citizens

Post-2012: All aboard!

Our path of evolution will take us to being ascended galactic masters in the Golden Age, SaLuSa tells us.

“As time progresses you will change from one of limited knowledge to a Galactic Beings of full consciousness. Then you will be the Master that you really are, and release your full potential. There will be little or no comparison to the Being you are now of limited consciousness.

“After thousands of years slowly finding your way back through enlightenment, you are about to launch yourselves on a journey of immense meaning and opportunity. It is as though you have only just left the kindergarten, and are seeing for the first time the world outside.

“There are wonders and amazing experiences awaiting you, and once you learn more about them we know that you will never look back at this time. Your experiences in duality will have proved beneficial, and you will never need to walk that path again.” (1)

However, the longing for liberation (2) will keep moving us onward in our path to know the All in all, Ker-On reminds us: “Wherever you find yourself, experience is still what you seek, and there is a compulsive drive towards obtaining knowledge about everything within the great Cosmos.” (3) “There are mysteries galore in the Universe that you will be motivated to explore,” SaLuSa tells us. (4)

In fact, the universe is teeming with life.

“You are faced with a Universe that is full of life, millions of planets and suns, and dimensions that seem never ending. You can then contemplate parallel Universes and even an Omniverse, which is probably too much to take in. However, it gives you a measure of how enormous the heavens are, and how the hand of the Creator is in everything you see. Perhaps you will realise that absolutely nothing is impossible where the Creator is concerned, and who would dare put in place any limitations.” (5)

Our future will be alive with opportunity, SaLuSa tells us.

“Heaven is a word that describes what awaits you, but it is a reality that is alive with opportunity and exciting adventures. You certainly will not spend your time resting on clouds; as the higher dimensions are energetic and full of action.

“As an ascended Being you have the Cosmos as your playground, and it stretches into Infinity. The end does not exist, and everything is moving further away from you all of the time.” (6)

We’ll not only leave Earth, but we’ll leave the present as well, according to SaLuSa.

“In the future you will be free to move around from one place to another, into the past, or forward into the future and your experiences will be quite different to now. Life will be exciting and full of challenges, as there is so much to discover that is outside of your present existence.” (7)

Our partners of the Galactic Federation of Light “are inter-dimensional travellers, and distance presents no problem to us,” Atmos tells us. (8) We could remain on Earth, SaLuSa says, but the universe will beckon.

“Life is certainly not dull on Earth, but you are never totally free to do as you wish. Real freedom is when the Galaxy is yours to travel, and that will come to you in good time. With our advanced forms of transportation, distance is no problem and we can make frequent journeys to far-off stars whenever we want.” (9)

Many of us will choose to serve other evolving civilizations, he tells us. Some may choose to serve on the lower realms, like 3D.

“You will have the freewill to choose your next experience, and freedom to journey anywhere in the Cosmos. You may join us or travel elsewhere in service to other souls who need the benefit of your experience, as it will be your choice.” (10)

“You can of course elect to serve within the lower vibrations, and some of you will undoubtedly feel drawn to those souls that remain in them. Even so, as a Guide you will not have to go through a whole series of lives as before. The choice is yours, and once you rise up you will surely be overwhelmed by the great panorama of opportunity before you. You have an expression “you have not lived yet’ and I am tempted to say it is applicable now, as you have realms without number in which to pursue your interests.” (11)

SaLuSa tells us that the galactics can spend centuries in their spacecraft in an eternal Now.

“Our Space Craft are totally self-supporting and provide all of our needs. In fact we could easily survive in them for several hundred years, as you understand time.

“Time is not constant and you would find inter stellar traveling strange at first, but you are now grasping the idea that the past, present and future are all in the Now.” (12)

If we serve other civilizations, we’ll do so as members of the Galactic Federation of Light. Many of us are from other planets and stars. SaLuSa tells us that all GFL members are ascended beings.

“We are what you are to be, and when you attain our levels you will be able to rejoin your Space families. You have been away from your true homes for a long, long time, and with your awareness of us your yearning to return is growing.” (13)

“Membership [in the Galactic Federation] is only open to those who have achieved full consciousness. There is a place already for you with us, as we see that once you achieve Ascension you will have acquired the level of consciousness necessary to join us.” (14)

“The Galactic Federation member civilizations have all ascended, and together we are a great force for good serving the Creator.” (15

“We of the Galactic Federation are carrying out God’s work to bring Light to all developing civilisations.” (16)

In fact we are being schooled to join the GFL, SaLuSa tells us. We came from their ranks originally and now we rejoin them.

“Dear Ones, you are being carefully prepared to join us in the future, and we shall stand together as One. By then you will be Beings with a level of superconsciousness, and quite different to what you are now. In some ways it will not be so strange, as you are returning to levels that were once quite familiar to you. You are going to be great Beings once again, with tremendous powers of creation and many will serve in our fleets for the needs of others. You will be one of us, and a fully-fledged Space Being with all of the attributes you see in us.” (17)

We’ll sit on the same great councils that now make decisions on our behalf, says Ag-Agria.

“One day many of you shall be seated on the Councils that preside over the Universe, and in your greatness serve God directly.

“However, that is a long way off but indicates your unlimited potential to rise to the highest levels.” (18)

SaLuSa informs us that our experiences in duality will make us eagerly sought.

“There will be many opportunities for you to become Ambassadors to other planets, and your experience of duality will be eagerly sought. You were already Light Beings before you set out on your journey into the lower realms. Therefore, the idea of returning to them should seem quite natural to you, and not in the least strange.” (19)

Life will be very different where we go, sometimes invisibly, SaLuSa says.

“Remember that you will have become the Masters that you really are, and will be welcomed into other life streams. Life is bountiful, and exists everywhere making its way along an evolutionary path as you have done so. Much of it is invisible to your eyes because it vibrates at a different rate to yours.

“As an ascended Being and through the power of thought, you will be able adjust to it just as we sometimes do.” (20)

The Company of Heaven expectantly awaits our return, Saul tells us.

“You are all about to come home to that magnificent experience, and your welcome, as you find yourselves once more surrounded and lifted on high by so many loving friends and relatives, will indeed be tumultuous!” (21)

“Boundless joy is shortly to envelop you all, so during these last moments of the old matrix, hold the vision of the new Golden Age that is about to dawn for you. All is precisely on schedule, the countdown is almost complete, and Heaven on Earth will very soon be yours.” (22)

While eagerly awaiting us, the Federation is hard-pressed not to overwhelm us with details, according to SaLuSa.

“We can hardly wait to meet you, and reach that point where we can share our knowledge with you. Whilst your history is important, your future is to be fully explained so that you can prepare yourselves for life in the higher dimensions. As you are beginning to realize, it will be vastly different to what it is now and far more satisfying. Many of you have a reasonable idea of what it entails, but you will find it will far exceed your expectations.

“From a Human to a Galactic Being is quite a big jump in your evolution, and in every way it brings you a superior way of life. The drudgery and lack of free expression to follow your desires will no longer exist, and you will be as free as a bird to live happily and fulfilled. Yes, Dear Ones, there is a lot to tell you about, but we try not to overwhelm you with the details too quickly. Sufficient to say that instead of being earthbound you will be Space Beings, free to experience all of its wonders and myriad of life forms.” (23)

Our destiny lies in the stars, St. Germain tells us. Like SaLuSa he states that we have come down in vibration to gain the experience to lead others.

“When you rise up the doors of Truth will open up for you, and not only will you fully learn of your sojourn in this cycle, but also your destiny in the stars where your true home lies. You are the travelers of Space, and the harbingers of Truth who will lead others to it. You are the Masters who have let down their vibrations so as to grow in experience, and administer your wisdom to others who are lesser evolved.” (24)

It’s time for us to take the leap of faith that will take us to the stars, Archangel Michael says: “You must step out of your comfort zone and reclaim your birthright. Follow the path of Light, beloveds; the time of the grand reunion is at hand.” (25)

The events that will usher us into the Golden Age, Saul says, are “unstoppable.” (26) We may be “far from full consciousness” now, SaLuSa tells us, “yet in a comparatively short time you will again reach such levels.” (27) It is “approaching rapidly,” Saul says. (28)

“As you wait expectantly to move into full consciousness be aware that you will not have to wait very much longer. It is your Father’s Will and yours that you make this move back into His glorious Presence where you belong and where everlasting bliss awaits you.” (29)

It’s been a long wait for us who live in relative time. But contemplating the majestic future that awaits and preparing for it may make the time pass more swiftly.

And finally will all evolution stop after 2012? Have we gone the full distance? If we are “fully conscious,” can we finally sit back and put our feet up, so to speak?


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