Meg Benedicte: The Spirit Soars with New Possibilities!

Perhaps I’ll get used to someone just dropping the phrase “as a visiting soul who ‘walked in’ to another’s incarnation” some day, but it’s still too new rolling off someone’s tongue.

Meg Benedicte joins many people who are moving to a new location, getting rid of the old, and preparing to anchor the “New Earth.” Her spirit soars with new possibilities.

At the bottom is a video of Meg’s “Vortex of Creation Activation” meditation.

Meg Benedicte

September Newsletter by email, Sept. 3, 2010

Meg’s website is:

This summer’s events of clamoring cosmic fireworks and shocking shifts in consciousness have left many of us ragged and rundown. And yet, as the human psyche recovers and adjusts to change, the spirit soars with new possibilities! We as a collective family have arrived at new shores…a New Earth of pure potential is rising up to meet us!

Riding that wave of new beginnings, I am in the process of moving my home and business to a new locale this week.  Nothing in the old reality supported my truth anymore! And so as I pack my belongings, sort through old stuff, discard out-dated things of the past, I am cognizant of the enormous meaning this has for me.

Not only am I moving away from the beach and into a creative center of Los Angeles, but I am letting go of 50 years spent living someone else’s life plan.

As a visiting soul who ‘walked in’ to another’s incarnation, I’ve never experienced human existence that reflected my true essence. On some level, we all can relate to this conundrum…not quite living a reality that mirrors our authentic essence.

Due to layers and layers of false programming, junk DNA and multi-generational patterning, we have been struggling to speak our truth, be fully present in our bodies, to open our hearts unconditionally, or surge with creative magnetism! Far from it!

Well, as a result of this summer’s jolting Grand Cross astrology, many of us have actively broken free of the restraining systems and matrices of the human condition. As liberated ‘souls having a human existence’, we are embarking on the next stage of our purpose here.

We are moving to new cities, new jobs, new partnerships, and new directions in life. We are taking our authentic essence and forging a new path for ourselves. We are the anchor points of a New Earth – with a foundation in unity consciousness.

Humanity is in the process of a great shift – moving away from the paradigm of ‘survival of the fittest’ and into the new paradigm of ‘survival of the wisest’! The Information Age of the 21st Century has initiated a sweeping movement towards seeking knowledge.

The collective mind is slowly turning away from the insatiable drive to acquire more material wealth and power, and beginning to assign value to intelligence, insight, awareness and conscious living. I invite you to join this movement with me! We are the generation who will turn this world around! Namaste!

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