The Effect of Visualizing a Clean Gulf of Mexico

I recently asked Matthew Ward to explain what he meant by the comment in his May 19 message that “this manmade disaster requires a manmade solution.”(1)  He replied:

“What I am suggesting is that you encourage readers to visualize Earth and all of her life forms in pristine beauty and health and not only request extraterrestrial assistance — that is, this needs to be a joint effort of souls there and beyond, not simply a turning over of your manmade disaster to other civilizations to resolve.” (2)

But the notion that our visualizations impact the situation is something I now place before you.

I have to say that I’ve never been greatly interested in visualizations.  I’m a literal person, not a visual one.  But in this instance I understand that my own lack of interest has to be set aside because it appears that our visualizations do have an effect.

Niara Isley has started a new blogsite at, the “the0wave” reflecting the recognition that “zero-point energy” is the wave of the future.

What I want to bring to your attention is Niara’s invitation to begin visualizing a Gulf of Mexico free of oil and to visualize it each evening at 9:00 p.m.. Matthew says that such a visualization is effective so I’m ready to get behind it.

There are two other reasons why I can get behind it. The first is that the galactics have said that the more of an invitation they have from us, the more they can involve themselves in such things as the clean-up. Mass visualization of a clean Gulf is an invitation.

The second is that the Law of Attraction brings to us whatever we set our attention on. If we set our attention on a clean Gulf through our visualizations, then we bring that eventuality to us.

Here is a snippet from Niara’s post – the part that relates to visualizing a clean Gulf:


by Niara Isley

June 15, 2010

For here and now, the one new way [of approaching the Gulf spill] that I envision I’m calling The Wave. Based on the power of intention work of Lynne McTaggart and Dean Radin’s entangled minds research and others who are working to shed lights on the workings of consciousness and it’s actions on the quantum field that WE create our reality from.

Studies have shown that groups of people meditating in a city can bring down the crime rate. The more of the human collective we can mobilize for The Wave, the more impact. I’d like to see 5 million to 1 billion human beings participating in this on a regular, daily basis.

It’s very simple. Wherever you are in this world, whatever time zone, at 9pm your time, take 5 minutes to visualize the oil in the gulf being cleaned up and out. Visualize it being vacuumed out, eaten by microbes, or just magically disappearing, leaving clean, clear, pristine water. Visualize the Earth herself shifting the crust under the surface of the water to seal any and all leaks, in the gulf and everywhere else.

If people can turn the tide of cancer in their bodies and create “spontaneous remission” by visualizing the cancer being eaten up by their immune system cells, then as a human collective, sharing this whole world, we can collectively visualize this oil spill into remission.

This needs to be a monumental project, undertaken by huge numbers of the human collective… as I said, from 5 million to 1 billion. That much collective intentional energy from all of us can turn this tide.

If everyone in their respective time zones does this, 9pm by 9pm, by 9pm, time zone by time zone around the globe, five minutes every day until we see change, this will create a continual wave of intentional healing energy around the clock on our world.

If you have not fully grasped the concepts of the quantum field, the observer effect, you may doubt this can work. Please educate yourself. At least watch “What the Bleep do We Know” or read “The Holographic Universe” by Michael Talbot to begin to grasp the principles this kind of energy of thought and intention can work on.

Study the work of Dean Radin and Lynne McTaggert and others. Make yourself a believer. And while you’re educating yourself, tune in for 5 minutes at 9pm your time and add your energy to The Wave.

We are not powerless. We CAN make a difference. The illusion of space separating us from the disaster in the gulf, from each other is just that, an illusion, as quantum experiments showing the interconnection of seemingly separate particles have shown.

We can each empower ourselves to be part of the solution here. We don’t have to wait and blame and stew in impotent anger about what BP/oil corporations or the governments of this world are doing or NOT doing. We can take positive, non-violent action. Express, share, honor your feelings by sharing here in comments. Email each other and share.

We all have feelings of anger, fear and grief about what is going on. But we don’t have to let it consume us, paralyze us and prevent us from taking this positive action, spread out among so many of us around the world. We can share our feelings, draw strength, faith and hope from our sharing, and stand strong in our commitment to each doing our part to make change happen. It’s our world after all. There are far more of us than those who seem to be in control.

Copy this and send it to everyone you know, get everyone on board that you possibly can.


(1) Matthew Ward,May 19, 2010, at

(2) Suzy Ward to Steve Beckow, June 14, 2010.

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