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Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan Split

Kerry Lynn Cassidy and Bill Ryan have, Kerry says, split over an incident in which Bill “outed” two whistleblowers who, he considered, were giving false and misleading information. Here is Kerry’s version of the incident, published on the Project Camelot site.

It’s with regret that I hear the news.

On Protecting Sources and Confidentiality

by Kerry Lynn Cassidy

April 16, 2010

This statement has been written response to the recent actions of Bill Ryan and speaking to the core reason for the split within Camelot and why the building of the [Project Camelot] portal became necessary.

I have been silent until now and have not spoken out publicly at any length due to my desire to preserve the good standing and credibility of Project Camelot. However, I can no longer remain silent due to the statement made by Bill Ryan on his site regarding what he considers to be a “takedown” of Camelot.

The only takedown has been the complete and total responsibility of myself and Bill Ryan. We no longer agree on core values or perceptions and have not for over 1 and 1/2 years… therefore we have archived the Camelot site into what is now known as the Camelot Library.

I am concerned that the good name and integrity of Project Camelot has been dealt a serious blow by the actions of Bill Ryan. As many of you know, the split within Camelot has become the object of much internet gossip…

If one keeps in mind that our credibility and integrity are the main and integral parts of what our name stands for in the world that we inhabit as, in essence, investigative journalists into the nature of reality and revealing the truth beneath the Matrix… then our reputation is all we have to allow us to continue to pursue our mission and maintain our standing in the internet community.

Note: This standing was recently brought into question when Bill Ryan came forward to debunk and out two whistleblowers. He did this, in spite of the fact that both these whistleblowers came to Camelot in trust and in secrecy, placing themselves at the mercy of Camelot with the complete belief that Project Camelot was an organization of integrity and would fully honor any secrecy in their dealings with those individuals as clearly stated in the mission statement on our website.

Unfortunately, Bill Ryan recently decided that the statement of confidentiality and secrecy was to be amended to say in essence “if I, Bill Ryan, decide subsequently, that the story told to us in confidence is false or misleading I will then take it upon myself to out the witness and thereby reveal our “source” to the world, putting their lives and the lives of their loved ones in danger, as well as violating the clear implied and expressed agreement that we have established in writing previously with them and to the world….”

Along these lines, I submit the following image from the website of their now famous release of the videotape of collateral murder by U.S. forces in Iraq during which two journalists were also killed. This statement — from that video states the CORE principle by which they operate. This is a nod to them and their integrity. I am sad to say this cannot any longer be the claim of Project Camelot…

To be clear, they state “Wikileaks exists to help you safely reveal important material to the world. We have an unbroken record in protecting confidential sources.”


At question is our reputation which will precede us wherever we go in the future with regard to Project Camelot and therefore we have been left with the decision as to how we intend to operate going forward.

The Portal was built to allow for this difference in our styles and approaches to whistleblowers and confidential testimony. I can state here, unequivocally, that I do honor confidentiality and will continue to pledge to protect my sources against all odds regardless of whether they be external or internal to Camelot.

At the same time, I want to state here that the recent statements of Bill Ryan with regard to Illuminati takeover of Camelot are not only completely unfounded but a subterfuge to cover gross errors in judgment that led him to cast 2 whistleblowers to the dogs… in severe disregard of his pledge to uphold the mission of Camelot and in violation of all that Project Camelot claims to stand for.

After repeated requests to Bill Ryan that he reconsider his position and views, I was left with no recourse but to publish this statement.

While he will needless to say, go to great lengths to show the world that one was an unbalanced hoaxer and the other is, he believes, acting as an agent of the Illuminati in a dark plot to take down Camelot, neither is true. Camelot is operating as before with the exception that we have reached the point where working together has become impossible due to our differences in views and interpretations of what it means to have integrity.


Kerry Lynn Cassidy
Co-Founder, Project Camelot

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  1. well,

    if one was an illuminati agent intending to bring down yr project … they suceeded, yr not working together anymore.

    also, if he outed the whistleblowers and put their lives in danger… are they dead yet?

  2. I read from Bill’s blog that Kerry purposefully deleted the Anglo-saxon video from project camelot (twice) because it portrays a racially sensitive issue.

    Not only that, this document highlights the racial hatred and to what extent of the white man is capable of doing to the Asian populace.

    Kerry cassidy, either infiltrated or by her own discrimination will have none of this because she is of anglo-saxon heritage.

    The proof of her personal agendas are amply evident in her videos. For example, you will find in several of her publications that she questions whether China/the Chinese will do this or that, as if she finds the Chinese population a threat to her and her heritage.

    In light of all this, I personally view the Camelot split to be the best thing to happen to Bill.

    Bill can now work with the greatest integrity and he doesn’t need Kerry to stand in the way of truth.

    • This is all about ego and popularity between these people! Why bring racisim into the issue of truth? If there is supposedly a plot to kill Asians, blacks, or any other group by a group of people who are predominantly “white,” and if it’s the truth, then why try to hide anything. There is a conspiricy going on in the world, so why not root out the evil, no matter what creed or color they are and deal with it.
      These people like Bill start out meaning well, but then the ego, the self takes control, and all is lost. That is why you never see those in control allow any one of their kind to subvert or interfere with their agenda….that’s why they are winning and us sheep are losing! Personally I think Bill should get rid of that hat that is part of his scull and image, wash and cut his hair and stop trying to be head honcho!

  3. I think the whole situation here has something to tell all of us. I have followed Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy for quite some time and they together have brought up material that people just did not know and would not have known if Project Camelot would not have been born. Now it seems that the Project has been split. I think that splitting the project up is probably a good thing for there will be more Kerry Cassidys and Bill Ryans. The world is changing dramatically and a lot of people in Society want to know the truth. There will be others that will take their own projects and tell them to the world. They are probably. at this time, in the making. Reality as we know it will be changing and there will be things happen that a lot of people will not be able to adjust too. All in good time my friend, all in good time.

    • Tom , thank you for one of the few sensible comments about a sensitive issue.

  4. I believe Bill Ryan is also of “Anglo-Saxon” ancestry, i.e. white. Get over it. Don’t think the Asians aren’t (or don’t already have) weapons aimed at Caucasian biology. And to hear a lot of blacks and browns, they would have it too if they knew how. Perhaps some do.

    I know it’s not PC, but whites are the ones who can’t openly defend their own race, leaving all kinds of weirdness to form behind the scenes. All other races look after their own interests. Only among whites do a large number of people seem to go out of their way on behalf of those of a different race.

    If there are biological weapons, a small element of whites developed them, not the “white man.” Same with other races’ biological weapons. Sorry, but I live in a country where massive amounts of black on white crime are deliberately covered up by the media.

    Virtually every white person I know has had a friend or family member attacked, murdered, raped or assaulted by a black. So don’t talk to me about what the “white man” is doing. All races do this stuff when they can get away with it. If someone is highlighting some “Anglo-Saxon” project aimed against non-whites, then let’s have all the plans being hatched against whites. Plenty of those.

    • Charlotte…
      You sound like a racist. what part of the world are you from? South Africa?

      • You fool, you just proved her point! Whites can’t openly defend themselves without being called racists! There was nothing racial about her comment: “Virtually every white person I know has had a friend or family member attacked, murdered, raped or assaulted by a black. ” Did she say that blacks weren’t as good as whites? Did she say anything discriminating about blacks whatsoever? Who’s fault is it that every one she knows has a friend or family memeber asaulted etc by blacks? Who’s fault is that?

        Every word she wrote was reasonable and fair. I bet you’re a liberal aren’t you? Because your response was a typicl emotional knee-jerk reply from a liberal.

  5. Look, i know Kerry can interrupt on the interviews, make people angry etc etc. I genuinely feel she has a good heart, she didnt want to expose anyone..and have their identity revealed. Hoaxers or not, you cant just take it upon yourself and behave like you own project camelot ..then “outing” these sources. About this “anglo saxon” vid , well im sure Kerry didnt want to show it because its just not in good taste. It will offend people, somethings are just best not given a world wide coverage. I have watched nearly all of Project camelot’s vids, from the start i could sense Kerry was frustrated with Bill, the guy would waste so much time..just trying to ask a simple question. Going on and on introducing a guest. Kerry couldnt really express herself properly i think, at times Bill would tell her to stop while she was talking..and then he would ask the question. Things like that start to build up inside of you, you start getting annoyed and frustrated . Its clear to see there are differences of opinions. I said in the past how gullible kerry was with whistle blowers …and she blocked me from her channel lol . I guess thats my issue with Kerry, the fact she takes SOME of these sources so seriously. Im sure if one investigated these whistle blowers , it would turn out to be some liar.
    Anyway saying that, Bill Ryan is one of the best out there, he is intelligent, speaks good points . Im always a big fan of Bill Ryan

    • Sidney, You have hit the nail on the head here with all of your points in my opinion. Bravo.
      I have had exactly the same thoughts about both Bill and Kerry, and would have stated those thoughts almost identically to the way you have done. It’s actually quite uncanny.
      I realise these remarks of mine don’t add much to the debate other than to echo your words, but I felt I had to say something as I agree with your sentiments almost down to the letter. Well said!

  6. I just don’t understand how two intelligent people, who have worked together for so long, accomplishing so much and in some ways rewiring how the interested public percieve the issues surrounding other worldly phenomena, could allow this difference of justfied management, become the bane of the entire project?

    I think this has become an issue of two powerful egos, who have built a monument to knowlege and have forgotten the purpose of their true calling.

    I always thought, that the material was the most important thing and the sources of it precious.

    In any event, Thanks to you Both, for your inestimable contribution in the quest for truth.

    You made the study of strange things, fun.

  7. I have watched almost all of the Camelot interviews, and I found the dynamic between Bill and Kerry to be strained, at times awkward and overlapping. I wish there could have been less interrupting (of the interviewer and each other) and less rambling on the part of both, but this may have been caused by egos vying for equal air time. To be quite frank, I could never understand the need for two interviewers on a show which focused on a lone whistleblower. If you need to do a commentary on matters disclosed you can always add it at the end of the interview, separately, This is just my personal bias.

  8. I think their split up is a sign!

  9. I stopped watching Camelot after Kerry’s insulting, aggressive & bias behavior towards Dr. Steven Greer. THAT incident clearly revealed Kerry’s bias, lack of manners and lack of integrity.

    I have just found out about the split and learned about Bill’s new website.

    I can and will now happily follow Bill’s work again without having the displeasure of listening /watching Kerry…

  10. Look, I’ve been watching and listening to Camelot and Steven Greer and this is how I see the whole situation. I respect them all in their efforts and their sheer balls to even take this task on of revealing all of this to the world. I would imagine that Kerry, Bill and Steven are all under tremendous stress with this overwhelming undertaking. We and they are all human which means none are perfect. We all have flaws (egos) which will flare up if we feel threatened. And that is what happened with the Camelot/Greer interview. I see all three as being basically good people that maybe have a little different philosophy on some issues. But from what I could see you really all agreed pretty much on the issues, except the old ego gets in the way. Don’t be too hard on one another. Forgiveness is best for all involved.

  11. Yes, they did split. That happens to people. That’s the way of life. Consider how many marriages end in divorce. But instead of pitting this one against that and talking of egos, on camera time and interviewing styles, let’s just look at the storehouse of information Bill and Kerry as a team left us with.

    Now looking forward, we as consumers of information, can expect even more exceptional work, yet now from two fronts. Let’s keep in mind that these folks need financial support.

    I wish the best to both Kerry and Bill and say I’ll be looking forward to even greater works.

    As the grandfather of seven ranging in ages from one to 19, I’ll sign off with those enlightening words of Thumper’s mother, “If you can’t say something nice then don’t say nothing at all.” Walt Disney’s “Bambi” Good day and Good night wherever you are. Old Cap’n Kent

  12. Both Kerry and Bill have always had their differences, and it was a healthy one, i.e. Kerry’s interview manners were indeed a little distracting and ugly, but d message remains the focus, and the sacrifice both have put in the project is what we must look at and remain grateful about.

    They today still love and respect each other. They’ve understood their shortcomings, accepted their choices for the better, and they have remained honorable in their different lights.

    So, I’m not going to look at what Kerry or Bill’s reason for splitting and decide to slander anyone or anything, they have always said, I paraphrase, that they were not going to b there to provide all the answers. It’s left for us to investigate the rest.

    For me, I’d follow their respective projects diligently and proactively. I enjoy Bill’s interviews a lot, I love his character and prudence. I admire Kerry’s tenacity.

    With love and light,

  13. I am disappointed that they split. They really got some great interviews. However, I must side with Bill on this one. Kerry seems to believe almost everything she hears and if it doesn’t fit into her perceived notion of truth, she turns into a bitch like the Steven Greer interview (which should of been called a debate). I don’t agree with Dr. Greer that all ET’s are benevolent but the way Kerry handled that interview was disgusting.

    I really think that Kerry really wants to be “special” and in-the-know like many of the people that she’s interviewed. I recently saw her say that she was now receiving “downloads”. What a bunch of crap that is. I think she is really desperate for attention.

    Bill on the other hand is great. He doesn’t believe everything that he hears and is much more skeptical. If he doesn’t agree with someone he doesn’t become a Dick. Avalon is going strong and it’s nice to see Bill doing interviews without Kerry.

  14. Ditto Kevin. I saw that Doc Greer fiasco too and finally just shut it off. I think I saw somewhere
    that she wanted to be an actress – and singer. That might explain her “need” to be on camera and to hear her own voice.

    When I first began viewing their interviews I got the impression that Kerry was the boss and Bill
    was a hired hand. Only after seeing more and more of their work did I learn they were partners.

    I like Bill too, but he sometimes try a little too hard to formulate his lead-ins and questions. I’m
    an old Texan so I like Bill’s accent.

    Kerry has written that they split because Bill outed two whistle blowers.

    Does anyone know who these two folks are? Out. Old Cap’n Kent

  15. Well, Greer is a fraud though he might believe what he is saying is true. I took one of his ‘courses’ and found him to be equally self centered and self aggrandizing as Kerry so perhaps that underlies her confrontation with him.

    Kerry seems to have interrupted and distracted many great revelations in the interviews that I’ve seen. I think she has taken too many drugs and the effect is a hollowing out of her sensibilities. Bill seems to hold his drugs better.

    In spite of it all both have brought out excellent information for which I am grateful thanks to both of them.

  16. I just have to say that the two comments above, ‘Sydney Xda’ and ‘Andrew Obsidian’ seem just a little too suspiciously supporting of Kerry. How do we know those aren’t her personal sock puppets. They just seem to have her ‘vibration’.

    Like for example, how would a third party viewer actually know that “Kerry couldnt really express herself properly i think…,” OR what about, “at times Bill would tell her to stop while she was talking..and then he would ask the question.” I have never seen this on film. Only Kerry would know that for sure.

    Kerry, take heart. You will have a better next life if you fess up…

  17. Seems u cant trust anyone but thanks for giving me invaluable Insight my quest continues PLEASE TAKE CARE KERRY STRANGE HATS ARE AFOOT..X

  18. Is everyone forgetting — Endless shows about the change…this is the energy of separation, from all that doesn’t work. This is the change, everyone is going to have to let-go of what doesn’t work for them… nothing more… except when the mud flies….

    They came to the end of their journey, and now two new avenues with take on their individual path so they can continue with ‘their version of the world’… as we all have our own!

  19. Kerry,you should hire a professional interviewer. You haven’t the patience with guets and always butt in, when the audience would rather hear the guest’s story, I don’t watch PC because you’re an absolute know it all.

  20. Even though the material is what is most important in an interview, Cassidy didn’t do a lot to make for a better interviewing atmosphere. Lots of missed opportunities were caused by Cassidy’s on-air ego (i.e. Dr. Greer had much more to say other than, “Please let me finish my thought”) . Also, notice when guests do not acknowledge her point or don’t have any new information, she becomes agitated. This is also evident when a point that directly contradicts Kerry’s views is brought up. When the audience begins to pick up on amateur mistakes like that, the interview becomes lost on things that are not important and becomes awkward (not everyone, obviously).

    In example, I was just listening to the Shawn Pickering interview and she was laughing at him because he couldn’t tell her everything on the subject of his source. After reading Project Camelot’s “rules” on their own sources, it becomes clear that Project Camelot follows these same guidelines. Not calling Kerry any names, but that’s hypocritical. You have to keep an open mind when talking about things that are possible but haven’t been personally experienced.

    There are obviously a lot of mistakes that Project Camelot has made (and, hopefully, has learned from), but they have gathered much information for the sake of informing little ol’ me. I thank both Bill and Kerry for this. But Kerry is just hard to listen to.

  21. Dear Kerry and Bill, thank you for making available to us all such a diversity of information. You were supposed to only bring in information for the viewers and listeners to use discernment, but instead you have utilized your un-parented emotions and mind to draw conclusions for you at the expense of a wonderful partnership. Please continue your spiritual growth in/to your mind, emotions and also your physical bodies for this will strengthen your capacity for good judgement/discernment. Somehow you may have forgotten that ‘All is One’, and this knowing is a requirement to truly make an impact in the Name of Life. One Love.

  22. I have seen every video that Kerry and Bill have made both together and separately many many times. I continue to review them every night for hours and hours looking for subtle things. Things one might only find through repetition. I have been at this for years now. Body language. “Micro expressions”. Anything I may have missed the first 20 times. I just keep cycling through their interviews, the wealth of information is a treasure if used properly.
    The one thing I can promise you is that they did more for humanity together than they seem to be able to do individually.
    I will also remind all of you who commented here that seem to have chosen a person to back that none of you can do what they did. None of you were there living out the parts of Bill or Kerry and for you to think you have any idea what really happened between them is showing quit a bit of ego misplacement yourselves.. Right? Please know that my tone is one of respect to all the comment givers as they clearly have been watching this righteous treasure trove of material and care about it and what ever it is we have happening to us on this tiny little planet.
    I’m simply reminding you all that maybe picking the few bad things and writing one or the both of them(Bill or Kerry) off is not in our best interest.
    Most of these researchers or witnesses they’ve captured on tape are nearing the end of their lives! With out these records the next Gen will have no way of knowing that at one point there were real people coming forward and telling some of the most interesting and serious stories to ever be told.
    The real story of just what the Hell is going on with life on Earth and in the Universe.
    Bill and Kerry did an amazing thing.
    That’s all I’m trying to say. Not accusing any one here. Thank you for your time.
    I am not Bill or Kerry nor do I know either of them personally. Lol

  23. kerry brings clarity

  24. PEOPLE… As of now they are back together. Bill is scientific Minded and Kerry more intuitive. They have the same interests but complete different personalities and archetypes. I highly Doubt Bill Ryan Outed Anybody.!!! Although I like Kerry, Her above statement even if true, Is not appropriate and seems to be a more aimed at hurting Bill on a professional but also personal level. The 2 lovers broke up. I love them both!! And have watched nearly all the videos….. They are damn Good Team and the Project Camelot they Built is Crazy Amazing. So glad they are back. And After watching their last interview explaining the break-up now reunion they both admit TPTB did have technology splitting and causing this Havoc. I do not like this statement of Kerry’s she was hurt personally obviously. Happy the team is back together TY Bill and Kerry , We need ya

  25. Bill is scientific minded and Kerry is Intuitive = GREAT TEAM and method. Ya know it is Magic that is why Camelot is so trusted and Beloved