The Divine Mother: Come to Me as I Come to You – Part 2/2

(Continued from Part 1.)

SB: All right. Now, finally, before we leave Barack Obama, I think, it’s my own personal suspicion that a lot of lightworkers have seen a lot of smoke which has been generated by people with ill will against Barack Obama, but they’ve assumed that there’s fire because there’s smoke.

Could you address this flood of negative propaganda against Barack Obama and perhaps address the lightworkers who are convinced that something’s wrong with the President, please?

DM: But you have already addressed it. You have called this propaganda. Now, I am not suggesting to you or to any being, lightworker, love-holder, or human citizen of the planet, that I wish to interfere, over-ride, over-light, your choices and decisions of what you choose to believe. But what I am suggesting is that if you go into your heart, forget the smoke and go into your heart and simply look — do not tell me you are not capable of this! Of course you are! — simply look at this energy and then decide.

The greatest smokescreens are created against those who have the greatest potential to hold and to spread and to effect light in the birth of the new. And it does not matter, you know, whether you re-elect Barack Obama because you believe that he is of the light or whether you turn to some other choice that has been steeped in drama — let me put it that way — because it will not change the light quotient that this one holds upon the planet for the collective.

So, we are not trying to affect the outcome of an election; we are telling you that whether this one is in or out of office, his role does not change. And it will not change. The same, dear heart, can be said of you, because we want to keep bringing it back to each and every heart. If there are many — and there are — who nay-say your work and what you believe and know in your beingness, it does not change the quotient of light that you hold.

Has it caused some redirection sometimes? Yes. But it does not change you. If anything, what happens is the dogged determination, the fortitude, the prudence, the patience grows.

This is not a time of deceit. That is of the old. And of course that is why there are so many who wish to cling to the existing old paradigm that is crumbling even as we speak. It is a heap of debris. And yet they insist on sitting or clinging to this heap of ashes. They may do so. But it does not change what the lightholders, the love-holders, the gatekeepers, the pillars, the portal workers, it does not change what they are doing.

SB: Well, thank you for mentioning the gatekeepers and pillars, Mother, because I was going to ask you about that. And maybe I can do that now, given what you’ve just said.

Can we know more about the early Ascension of the gatekeepers, which is a matter that Archangel Michael has been dropping hints about for perhaps the past year. What is a gatekeeper? Who will the gatekeepers be? What is it necessary to have achieved in terms of light absorption to successfully be a gatekeeper?

DM: A gatekeeper is one who assists a variety of people — human beings, hybrids, starseeds, collective — that is assisting people through the portal of Ascension, through the doorway, think of it that way, of Ascension. So, they are those. And some are cognizant of this shift, some are partially cognizant of this shift, and some are oblivious, even as yet, to this shift.

The gatekeepers are those who have either gone or are going early, if you would put it that way, through the portal of Ascension. Now, many of them think, well, no, that has not happened because they have not fully anchored and experienced a new interdimensional reality. Now, some of them have. For those who are not experiencing it, partially it is because they may not reach back into the Third. They may just simply wish to stay there and be happy with their altered, new realm.

But it is those who are entering into the Fifth and higher dimensional realities to reach back and assist those who are underway. You have this concept that it is one day when everything is taking place, and that is not so. It is a process that we have put in place, and there are many, many helpers. And the gatekeepers are those interdimensional helpers to assist those making the transition, so that a great number, a great percentage of the human or Earth population will be well underway in this process.

Because, as you know, then there is the issue of those who are not simply — how has Michael put it? — sitting on the fence, but behind the fence, and in fact in the wilds of the Third dimension.

So, that is the role of the gatekeepers. It is to help people build their quotient of light and of love so that they may proceed smoothly.

Now, you ask, what is the requisite or prerequisite to be a gatekeeper? Well, the prerequisite is that you decided to be a gatekeeper long before you came, long before even this incarnation. So this has been a plan and a preparation that the gatekeepers have gone through throughout many incarnations both on and off Gaia.

So that is the role of the gatekeepers.

Now, one of the primary ways in which a gatekeeper assists is not through what they are simply saying. Yes, that can be part of it. But it is through their energy field, it is through that expanded field and the acceptance of more and more light and love. And what you are seeing with the gatekeepers is that they have left the highs and lows, what you have referred to as the troughs and waves. They basically are leaving or have left this behind.

They have made peace with the Third dimension and with their lives. So they are in a place of beingness, of wholeness. And they are able to communicate that vibrationally, through their frequency, through who they are, to masses — and I do mean masses, millions — of people.

So, is the contingent of gatekeepers within the millions? No. No, it is a very specific role. And so we want to be clear about this. So that it is not that everyone who is ascending what you think of as prematurely, what we think of as on time, not everyone who is going through the portal is a gatekeeper. Some are simply anchoring that collective energy of inter-trans-dimensionality. And that is a different job as well. And it is a very important and crucial job.

Then there are the pillars, the stalwart warriors. And you will notice that many of these are of Michael’s retinue. They tend to be very strong. And they remain through this process upon the planet, as you can see. Because most of your conceptions are still tied to what we would call the clean, the higher, realm of the Third dimension. And they are standing there to assist those to complete this process with Gaia.

Now, you tend to think of as Gaia only being in the Fifth, but understand that is why we keep using this term of inter- and trans-dimensionality, so that even as Gaia has ascended there can still be the pillars assisting in the Third to help push and hold and complete.

Think of it. They are facilitators for those who are the most stubborn. And they will also assist — the pillars, that is — they will assist with those and they will work in conjunction not only with my realm, but other realms as well, other realities, with those who simply refuse that free choice to accompany me or anyone into that higher realm.

So they will ensure that those who wish to continue in an alternate dimension in the Third, the Fourth, that do not want to be part of this process — because that is really what it is about; it is the refusal to come along — and so they will also insure that that relocation has been completed. And then, of course, they will join us in the grand celebration in what you think of as the Fifth dimension. Is this clear?

SB: Yes, Mother. Although there is one part I’d like to return to and just make sure that listeners understand it. You talked about Ascension as a process and Ascension as an event. And you said that not all people will ascend on a certain day. But people will ascend on a day, is that not correct? In other words, we are in a process of ascending, but at some point we actually ascend, and that will be on whatever day is appropriate to us. Is that not so?

DM: That is correct.

SB: All right. It’s not as if there won’t be an Ascension event. Okay. Thank you. And that was a lovely, full discussion, Mother, and I’m sure people will greatly benefit from it.

I’d like to seek more information from you now on what we know as the Divine Plan. Now, the Divine Plan for Ascension, the Divine Plan for life — there’s a Divine Plan for all of it. Can you, for our listeners who are unfamiliar with the notion of there being a Divine Plan, can you discuss this — perhaps the Divine Plan for this Ascension, please?

DM: I would be very happy and honored to discuss the Divine Plan. And yes, the Divine Plan for Ascension. And your Divine Plan. And I do not simply mean you, Steve. I mean everyone who will ever listen to this broadcast. Because, my beloved children, it is important, essential, that you understand not just cognitively but deep within your core that not only are you part of the Divine Plan, ofthe Divine Plan, but that you, within that, haveyour Divine Plan; that you are critical, and what you think of as worthy enough, important enough, and always have been; that you have a Divine Plan.

Now, so often upon this planet, this beautiful planet of Gaia, there have been so many varying opinions aboutthe Divine Plan andyour Divine Plan. And so, before I speak of Ascension, let me speak of this.

There are so many of you that rejected the notion of your Divine Plan and the Divine Plan, because you wanted to be in charge, that you did not want to think that you were simply a puppet in a pre-arranged theatre; that the free will and free choice was exclusive to you, and that you could vary and go as far as you wanted in terms of what you choose to do; that nothing was fated.

Well, you’ve tried that, haven’t you? And in so many situations it has caused war and mayhem, lack and separation. The Father and the Father through me have never dictated to you how you will unfold your plan. But make no mistake about this. You, in conjunction with All — and think of that — not only with your guides but with your grid, with your collective, with the universe and with us, have chosen your plan.

Now, even in the human realm it is beyond comprehension that you would not wish to align and to do this. And that is why your heart yearns and directs you to undertake certain actions, thoughts, behaviors, directions. And that is why when you are doing certain things and moving in certain directions you know your joy. You say, “I feel happy! I feel like I am on track!” It is because you are within the unfoldment of your plan, and your plan is magnificent! It is the full expression, particularly in this incarnation, of who you are, of your unique spark.

So, do not underestimate your plan within the grander plan.

Now, I cannot speak to you about the totality of the Divine Plan. You would think that I was speaking in an intergalactic language, and chances are that some of you would understand, but the majority of you would not. But I am most certainly pleased and honored to speak to you about the plan for Gaia, for the human collective and for Ascension at this time. And for that I bring you back. I bring you back to the beginning.

The Plan was for you to inhabit a form and to know and be love and joy, diverse, unique, flexible. The Plan was for you to be inter- and trans-dimensional. Did you wander and take some of those scenic by-ways, those detours that I have referred to this night? Yes. And that free will, with all the elements of what you think of as evil and darkness, drama, intrigue — you have excelled at this! And you are also very tired and sick of it, aren’t you?

So, now, you return to that alignment of beauty, of truth in form. And this is what is unique about this element of the Divine Plan, that you are holding on to these magnificent forms, what you think of as bodies. And part of that, beloved ones, is admiring and cherishing and loving your body, because you designed it, you chose it. Yes, you were part of the architectural team.

Is it transferring into a different molecular base? Yes. But your bodies, to take your bodies and be in the higher realms, where you have always belonged, and let go of those densities, that quagmire that you got stuck in — for a very long time! — now is the restoration of the Divine Plan. And it is for you to be the embodiment of love. It is you, each of you, bright angels, starseeds, gatekeepers, humans, Earth-keepers, to have a physical experience of being that embodiment of love.

This was part of the plan, the part that involved you and this planet and the ripple effect out to the multiverse of your star brothers and sisters. Why do you think they wish to participate, to witness? This is highly unique. The humans are going to be transdimensional in form, after all this time. They are going to embody love and the Divine Qualities. It is worth having a look at. It is worth participating in.

So, our [inaudible] to use a human word, our essence, to use my terminology, is being brought to bear upon this unfoldment of shift in the consciousness. This is not unconscious, this is not subconscious. So this is a conscious process, an event, if you choose, and it is also, at the same time, the consciousness, as you know, of the heart fully awakening, of the spirit fully awakening, of the soul fully awakening and anchoring in form.

Now, when I say I bring our focus to this, is it all of our focus — the Father and mine? Of course not. But the energies that are brought with what you think of as the Company of Heaven, the ascended ones, and the Father and I, is far beyond your comprehension. And it is certainly adequate to accomplishing this transition. And as this transition is completed, including the shift in your structures, then you will continue on.

This is the beginning, not the end. Each of you, each of you is infinite and eternal. Will the day come in terms of what you think of as time, when you will simply re-emerge? Yes. But even that is an instant.

So the Divine Plan, let me be very concrete with all of you, is to leave the old Third behind. You are making peace with this and therefore with yourself, your families, your community, your planet. Even as we speak it is leaving that behind as if you would leave a cloak or an old skin behind, activating as you do different markers of your DNA, becoming more capable of holding the higher frequencies — and most of you are well underway; some of you are completely done — new form, but still looking as you do, or how you choose to appear, because that is part of interdimensional reality.

As you activate different markers within your DNA, within your crystalline form, you may restore yourself to 22 or be 75 — it matters not. And in that form, you will be the embodiment of love.

Yes, this channel has joked about this transition from carbon to crystalline. (3) Why do you think we have been so emphatic with her about working with the diamond energy, asking each of you? It is part of this transformation. Does this answer your question?

SB: It certainly does, Mother. And again I have to tell listeners what a joy it is to work with you, because you answer my questions before I ask them. And it makes my job very easy.

I want to confess that I’m one of those people who have said I’m not going to be a puppet and follow a Divine Plan! I have my own free will in the matter. And then I have another thought, that I really am, at essence, the Father. So, this really is my plan!

DM: That is correct. And that is the wisdom emerging. It is the maturity of the soul to know. It is the immature — and we would say adolescent, but very often adolescents are far more mature than adults— but shall we say the spiritual young one who fights and thinks that there is a controlling authority. There is not! It is — and that is why I have put the emphasis. This is not just the Divine Plan. This is your plan.

SB: Absolutely.

Now, this is the first mass Ascension in which people have ascended with their physical bodies, as I understand it. What difficulties has that presented to the Company of Heaven, and what have they learned from this experiment?

DM: Well, it has been a trial. Part of this mass Ascension, with the body, there has been a great deal of house cleaning, of the clearing of debris within every — all of your bodies, not simply your physical body, because everything has need to be pristine, or pristine to a quotient to hold the energy. It has been more complex because we will not and have not over-ridden free will.

So very often, for example, we will see and [inaudible] obviously, with individuals and collectives. That is a big part of the Company of Heaven’s work at this time. And that is what I mean when we say we bring our focus to you.

The biggest piece has actually been the belief systems and the eradication of false belief systems and emotional trauma and debris. Now, we cannot say that these are compartmentalized, because they are more like wave actions that run continually through you. And therefore these strands, even for each of you, as you have done your work, are hard to grasp, because it is in constant movement because you are of my being.

So understand, this has been a challenge. Insurmountable? Of course not. But working with and leaving intact this element of free will has been the biggest task of this entire process. That is one of the reasons — it is exceptionally rare; and when I say that, you have need to understand the magnitude of what I speak — that we use what we have called with you containment.

And that has been also part of this very intense penetration of certain elements of Gaia, of humans on Gaia, so that it would not only give those in containment (4) the opportunity to ascend, but also that their discordant energies would not be interfering with those doing their work. You have not thought of that piece of it.

SB: No.

DM: When the Father and I amplified the love that we were sending you, and continued to do so, into each of you, these laser beams of love and light, it was considered that this would be adequate for transition for so many. But as we have seen, that free will can be very petulant. And so we have intensified everything — everything! — that we are doing with you.

That is why so many of you feel either that it is very intense, high anxiety, looking over your shoulder, or completely disconnected. Now, those of you who have already gone through this process are more at peace. But simply understand, the effort, the focus has been intensified in the last week or so.

So do not think, my beloved ones, that you are out of synch. If you are feeling this intensity it is because you are fully in receptor mode.

SB: Mother, if I may intervene for a moment to ask you a question in regards to what you’ve been speaking about, we talk about things like changing the human body from carbon-base to crystalline or introducing a new wrinkle in the Ascension plan in that we ascend with our bodies, how are changes like these effected? Sometimes it’s said that God thinks and his thoughts create changes. Is there any way to explain to us how these monumental changes are being brought about that we could understand?

DM: Yes. That expression, “God thinks,” as you know, the idea behind that is that there is divine thought and therefore it is, and that is a good way to think of it or conceive of it. But let us suggest to you that God, the Unity, the Trinity, All, creates, and then it is. And when we do this, it is with you as well. So it is not that there is Divine thought and then everything changes. There is also an element of your participation, because you are part of that creation, of that co-creation of that thought.

So, are we changing the carbon to crystalline form? Yes, but so are you.

And we have had many of you do work with your form and with your DNA. Some of you are still thinking this is a foreign concept. That is all right. It is being implanted in you even as we are speaking this night.

SB: Then could we take this instance of a change in the Plan from Ascension out of the body, Ascension beyond the body, to Ascension with the body, could we take that instance and could you trace it down from yourself through the various levels to us? Can you indicate the various channels you send it down through? We hear terms like “the highest Universal Council,” or we hear terms like “the Elohim.” How did this thought or command come down from God to us?

DM: This command, yes, of course. Now think of it as rays of the sun. Sometimes you will look at the sun and you will see beams of sunlight. And so the command, as you have put it, has gone, yes, to the Company of Heaven, to the Elohim, to the Seraphim, to the Cherubim, to every level, through the Council, through many of the Councils. But that beam, that central beam, has also come directly from our heart to you. And that is a unique aspect of this Ascension.

SB: All right. And when this beam comes out and comes to the Elohim and then the Seraphim, how are they aware of it? It’s not like they receive a letter from God. How does it show up for them? How does it manifest for them?

DM: The closest way that you can conceive of how, for example, the Elohim would receive it, it would be as an instantaneous energy transmission into them that would be an expansion — even though they have always known, because it is part of the plan and they are aware of it — but it would trigger, “All right, now it is time for, also, for us to be beaming.” So that it is not just the direct beam; they start to work with the various levels down to the human collective to also implement this aspect of the plan in what you think of as your now.

SB: All right. Well, they certainly know, I’m sure the Elohim and the Seraphim know that this is God’s will. But we, we probably don’t know it’s God’s will. We may feel moved to do something, or inspired to do something. How can we know that we are being directly communicated with or inspired?

DM: It goes to following, listening, trusting, holding love in your heart. And yes, with the totality of your being, not just with a portion of your being. It’s time for you to all work with the totality of your being, and discerning, not judging, ever, whether something is a whim or truly an inspiration. The sense that you receive and how you know is this feeling of, “Ah!” expansion, of this urge that is driven and uncontrollable, because you know it is part of your joy. And if it does not feel like joy, then it is simply a random human thought. So turn away from it and allow that alignment with you and with All to truly fill you.

We have not made this — yes, it sounds complex, but it is not complex. It rests within you to know, and it rests in that sense of being, not of thinking, but of knowing.

SB: I would assume that bliss goes along with this. We only have a few minutes left. Can we turn to the subject which seems a natural subject in relation to what you just said, of the voice and the heart, of the guidance that comes through the voice in the heart? What you have been talking about surely is the way that the heart expresses God’s will, is it not?


DM: Yes, it is.

SB: Could you discuss that for our listeners somewhat, please?

DM: All of you, and all of humanity, and in fact far, far beyond, have been equipped, implanted, however you wish to think of it, with the knowing not only of One will, of our will, of God’s will, but of your ability and your ultimate choice to align with that will. And it is that knowing within your heart.

Now, many of you have come to a place where you do not fully incorporate that or understand it or, yes, trust it in a very human, Third-Dimensional way, but when you allow yourself to simply be and to listen, it is not only your voice, it is our voice, it is the voice of many speaking as one. The more time and practice — because it is a diligence — that you take to truly be in connection with the inner knowing, the voice, the closer you are to us and we to you. It is all that there is. And it is you, dear heart.

Go with my love.

SB: Thank you.

DM: … and come to me as I come to you. Farewell.

SB: Thank you, Mother. Many people will benefit from this discussion. Thank you.

DM: You are welcome.



(1) When asked for a password, Jesus told his disciples: “Tell them (a movement and a rest.” (GATT, 29.)

(2) Each dimension or plane has twelve subplanes.

(3) Linda had joked during our Hour with an Angel conference call a few days earlier that a diamond was a lump of coal that made good under pressure. We are that carbon base, which, under Ascension pressure, turned into a crystalline base.

(4) “Containment” refers to the “light boxes” the dark ones have been placed in, of varying intensities and extents, that mirrors back to the their ill intent when they express it, followed by overwhelming light and love. Containment denies them the ability to harm others any more and encourages them to surrender to light and love.

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