Why are We Always Spiritually Hungry?

The Adam Kadmon template

I understand so little of life and there is so much to learn. But then I have eternity in which to learn and no one is rushing me.

For instance, I think that most of us little suspect that we’re part machine and part God. We’re a creation, or a creature if you prefer, designed by the Master Builder according to a plan, with a purpose in mind.

The Master Builder Himself (Herself, Itself – God has no gender) then stepped inside the machine He (She, It) built and plays all the parts. He does so for the purpose of having God meet God in a moment of enlightenment. (More on that later.)

The plan for human beings in the cosmos is called the Adam/Eve Kadmon template. (1) Leonardo best exemplified it in his man in a circle. People reach the human form, as David Wilcock noted, by many routes:

“The human body shows up in the galaxy on every planet where life can form. It’s a natural evolution. Some might get there by an insect; some might get there by a lizard; some might get there by mammals like we do; some might get there by cetaceans; some might get there even by vegetation, apparently.” (2)

When the P-52 [Present plus 52,000 years] extraterrestrial being named Chi’e’lah was kept in Area 51, Dan Burisch was summoned because he was a biologist and Chi’e’lah’s constitution was plant-based and yet Chi’e’lah was still a human. (3)

Depiction of Reptilian human

Apparently, the plan is that life forms leave God as unconsciously-aware bits of light and enter one material encasement after another, growing in consciousness, until finally reaching a mature stage of knowing their true identity as nothing else but God, a stage of conscious awareness, after which they return to Him.

The purpose is so that the Creator can enjoy meeting itself, which He does in a moment of self-realization or enlightenment. God meets God. (4) The Formless has no way of knowing itself except by this process of creating forms and inhabiting them, of creating finger-puppets as it were, which then realize Him and voila! The game of life is fulfilled. The purpose of life is accomplished. The round of life is traversed.

Previously I might have said that this was my deduction after studying the literature of the sages during a period of time after I saw this entire life cycle of an individual in a vision in 1987. (5)

But more recently I’ve asked Archangel Michael to verify that my interpretation is accurate, which he has on, I believe, a number of occasions. Providing you believe I’m talking to Archangel Michael of course, and many don’t, which is fine. Since I do, I also believe I have confirmation of the accuracy of this interpretation.

Grey or Zeta Reticulan human

Of course it’s only provisionally accurate. More enlightenment, finer distinctions. But this is my working model for now.

If you buy any of it, then certain corollaries emerge. One is that the Master Builder wrote certain design elements into the script. (6) There isn’t choice around these matters. They’re design features of all classes of life within certain categories and dimensions. They come with the suit of clothes, so to speak. We don’t get to vote on them.

They include such features of life as reincarnation, gender, procreation, hunger, thirst, fatigue (depending on dimension), senses, motor skills, etc. But I don’t want to talk about those particular design elements here. I want to talk about another – the element that guarantees that we’ll be spiritually hungry, forever.

What else do we do forever? Anything we do that I can think of tires, pales or fails to satisfy after a while. I used to be addicted to coffee milkshakes when I was a kid. But one day I drank my last coffee milkshake and that was it on that. I had this car, that friend, this favorite holiday spot, but one day all of these stopped appealing to me. Life is so designed that everything material in life eventually fails to satisfy.

Except one thing.


The longing for God remains after all else falls away

And that alone is not material. Yes, we think of things in higher dimensions as spiritual but actually everything within the phenomenal realm of the Divine Mother, Shakti, Aum/Amen, the Holy Spirit is in fact material. Only the formless, transcendent God is not.

You could say that we are seeking ourselves. You could say that the God that we are cannot abide being separated from the God that we were. You could talk about it in a hundred ways but the fact of the matter is, from my point of view anyways, that God built into us a subsensible, tidal thirst that can only be satisfied by God Himself.

The sages have called this “the longing for Liberation,” “the impulse to be free,” and “the urge to evolve.” Here are statements of it:

Shankara: “[The] longing for liberation is the will to be free from the fetters forged by ignorance — beginning with the ego-sense and so on, down to the physical body itself — through the realization of one’s true nature.” (7)

Pseudo-Dionysius: “All things long for God. … It is a strong and sure desire for the clear and impassible contemplation of the transcendent. It is a hunger for an unending, conceptual, and true communion with the spotless and sublime light, of clear and splendid beauty. Intemperance then will be an unfailing and unturning power, seen in the pure and unchanging yearning for divine beauty and in the total commitment to the real object of all desire.” (8)

Adyashanti: “The impulse to be free is an evolutionary spark within consciousness which originates beyond the ego. It is an impulse toward the divine, unity, and wholeness. It is an impulse originating from the Truth itself.” (9)

SaLuSa: “The urge to evolve drives you ever onwards and with it comes the greater understanding of your relationship to God.” (10)

Saul: “Buried deep within each human is a knowing that that is the destination toward which they are traveling. For ages, it has appeared to be a state of being that is to all intents unattainable. And yet a desire, a deep longing to return there remains, providing the unquenchable hope that drives the search to find that heavenly state.” (11)

The fact that we long for liberation through lifetime after lifetime and that that longing survives all other longings is why I’ve said on occasion that the game of life (an eternal game of hide and seek) is rigged (12) and that it all works out in the final reel. (13) God rigged the game by making our thirst for him insatiable.

Yes, we fill that gaping, aching void with yachts and trips and food, but none of that ever stops the longing for God for very long. Then back it comes. The game is rigged. We are driven like leaves in the wind in a Godward direction. There is no escaping.

It all works out in the final reel because the longing draws us on, pushes us forward, prods us, annoys us, attracts us Godward and only the meeting of God and God and their mergence in the final reel satisfies and ends the longing.

So why are we spiritually hungry? And why does that spiritual hunger never leave us? Why does it drive us forward, madden us, make all experiences pale and push us onward like a thirsty man in the desert? Because God planned it that way.

Because He or She built into us that design feature called “the longing for liberation,” a beacon, a magnet, a perennial itch we cannot scratch that will not leave us alone until the prodigal child, his material patrimony wasted, gives up and returns home to Father/Mother God.

So give up. You cannot win against the House in this game. The outcome is pre-arranged, decided. If that outcome did not promise us everything we seek and everything we ever wished for, I’d have sympathy for our complaints. But once we see that everything good lies at the end of the journey instigated by that built-in longing, we stop complaining and get with the plan. As Krishnamurti said:

Jacob dreamed and saw the ladder of evolving consciousness

“The really important thing is … the knowledge of God’s plan for men. For God has a plan, and that plan is evolution. When once a man has seen that and really knows it, he cannot help working for it and making himself one with it, because it is so glorious, so beautiful, so, because he knows, he is on God’s side, standing for good and resisting evil, working for evolution and not for selfishness.” (14)

I know. I’ve seen that plan and look at me. I can’t stop working for it. Years and years have passed since I saw the vision of a soul journeying from God to God and still I write about it. I never tire of it. You have to ask yourself why? Because it fans my longing and I know the proper object of that longing so I allow God to seek God.

I would sacrifice all to bring myself to the point it’s guiding me towards. I kick against the thorns no longer. I get that knowing God is the purpose of life, that God has me locked in His tractor beam and that I’m being drawn back to Him willy nilly or by the direct route – it’s up to me.

And equally, it’s up to you. A long time or a good time. Cosmic years of rebelliousness and suffering or cosmic days of surrender and bliss. What’s happening for us this year is just an instalment. What awaits us, even after this shift, would dazzle the mind capable of conceiving it.


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