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Welcome to the Library for the Golden Age of Gaia. Here you can find and easily navigate all the posts on our website.

This area of the site will be useful to those who’ve become newly aware of Ascension and those who wish to write on matters related to it, as well as those who wish to review its history such as historians, journalists, legislators, diplomats, teachers, activists, and so on.

It will also serve as a record for other star civilizations who are planning Ascensions and want to review our experience as the first world ever to go through a mass, physical Ascension.

It is supplemented by the First Contact wiki or database (, which provides an organized look at the raw materials from channeled messages upon which the articles in the Library are based.

Spiritual Essays

Building Nova Earth

The Tsunami of Love

Ascension to the Fifth

The Reval

Accountability / Containment

Into the Golden Age of Gaia


The 2012 Scenario

Site Matters

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