Bliss is Our Reward for All Our Trials – Part 1/2

Some readers have expressed concern recently that they’ll leave the pleasures and pastimes of the Third Dimension behind without knowing what will take their place on the Fifth. Playing football, making love, listening to music – what will they do without them, if indeed they must leave them behind?

Let me offer an example to illustrate what the situation may be on the Fifth Dimension.

Supposing we were to have this conversation:

You: “I hear we won’t be working on the Fifth Dimension.”

Me: “You won’t have to work. Do you want to?”

Y: “Well, working is the way I earn money and money is what I use to buy things.”

M: “You don’t need money on the Fifth Dimension. You can create what you need and you won’t need much.”

Would you still want to work?

I’d like to suggest that we play football, make love, listen to music in large measure because they have us feel good and lead us to momentary joy or bliss.

But supposing bliss were our native state? Would we then miss not playing football? Probably not. We might still play games with people, merge with them, and listen to music, but not to attain bliss, because absolute, pure, and everlasting bliss we’d always, already have. Does that make sense?

I’d like to look at three sources on the bliss that is available on the higher planes, to attempt to give us a sense of what awaits us. I’d like to start with actual residents of the Fifth Dimension in the compendium First Contact in this article and then in the next article look at the experience of bliss on the Astral and Mental Planes of the afterlife (the equivalent of the 4th and 5th Dimensions) and conclude with what earthly sages have to say about bliss.

First off, how do we know bliss awaits us in the Fifth Dimension? Our sources like Saul tells us.  Speaking of our post-Ascension life, he says that “it is your Father’s Will and yours that you make this move [i.e., Ascension] back into His glorious Presence where you belong and where everlasting bliss awaits you.” (1) He tells us:

“Your loving Father exists and wants you to experience the Love in which He embraces you and the absolute bliss that awareness of that Love will bring you. You are going to awaken; there will be no disappointment.” (2)

Upon Ascension, Saul says, “you will awaken into the everlasting bliss of Reality” where “you know that you are safe and that nothing can harm you.” (3) Many people have wanted to be on Earth at this time because bliss awaits us.

“It is indeed a wonderful time to be on Earth, and that is why you chose to be here now. It is a time when misery, fear, anxiety, and doubt will be replaced with joyful confidence that God exists eternally, and you with Him, in the glory of His magnificent creation where ecstatic bliss is the ever-present ongoing experience.” (4)

Archangel Michael also told us on Sept. 15, 2011:

“I assure you, dear friend, that when you ascend, you will feel a sense of rapture! Now, because that is a highly charged word, I would say, ‘you will feel the bliss.’ So we will not call it the ‘rapture.’ But that is what it is.” (5)

SaLuSa tells us that, with Ascension, “the ‘Living Hell’ [of 3D] will become the heavenly bliss and peace [of 5D] beyond your present understanding.” (6) On another occasion he again used the “nightmare” metaphor to contrast hellish life in 3D with blissful life in 5D.

“You are coming out of the nightmare to live the dream that will in fact become your new reality. You may have had fleeting experiences of true happiness, but it will have been little in comparison to what awaits you. Peace and happiness within and without is absolute bliss, and to be with souls exactly alike in this respect is heavenly. We know because that is how you will find us, as we have long lived in harmony with all life.” (7)

This new life will have us quickly forget the old, he tells us.

“There are experiences to come that will be pure bliss, and heaven will become a place that exists upon your new Earth. Imagine how quickly you will recover from your earlier experiences, in the peace and tranquillity of the Light realms. It is to be your haven and home where you will create exactly what you desire, and want for absolutely nothing.” (8)

In the Heaven on Earth we’ll experience after Ascension, everyone we meet will seem godlike and our experience will leave us in a state of unbroken satisfaction and fulfilment that nothing can interfere with. SaLuSa tells us:

“There is everything to gain and nothing to lose by following the path to Ascension. Indeed, you will gain so much that you will look back at lives on Earth, and wonder how you got through them. Whatever you visualize as the beauty, joy and happiness of moving into a heavenly abode, we would say that you will still be overwhelmed by the sheer magnificence of everything.

“Wherever you go you are the focus of much love and attention by all life forms. You might believe that you have experienced love, but you are in for many surprises. It surrounds you, and you will literally feel as though you are walking on air.

“That is how it should be and is a most natural feature of the higher dimensions. Each soul you meet would seem as a God to you, yet by that time you also shall be one. Were you not made in the image of God, so is it not natural that you would be recognized as one yourself? The real you bears little resemblance to what you are now, but we acknowledge that many of you are trying your hardest to lift yourself up, and achieve success by being ones that lives by the Light and Love.” (9)

“You will be a different person by then and more godlike, and you will truly have become a Being of Light. All of the changes you will experience will be quite exhilarating and leave you in a blissful happy state. It will be the real you, as you were eons of time ago and therefore not feel strange at all.”  (10)

He reassures us that “it is nearing the time when the Light will have been established upon Earth and it will project you into a new era of joy and happiness. It will continue during the restoration of Earth and take you on to Ascension, when you will exist in absolute bliss and become free from all of the problems that beset you now.” (11)

I once lived in bliss for three days after a vision I experienced. (12) The reason I feel so certain that the attainment of pure, absolute and eternal bliss will recompense us for everything we may “lose” is because I know what bliss brings.

In the first place, bliss, for reasons unknown to me, makes it easy for us to know the unknown. Bliss opens up consciousness, or so it seems. If the Hindus call God “Awareness-Existence-Bliss Absolute,” then perhaps expanded consciousness and bliss go hand in hand. I can’t comment on that. But I can say that expanded consciousness does accompany bliss. So if we’re to experience pure bliss as Saul, SaLuSa and Archangel Michael tell us, then we’ll undoubtedly also experience a great expansion in consciousness as well.

In the second place, everything we want, we only want, I’m willing to argue, because we think it leads to bliss. Hindus call bliss “amrit” or nectar. They do so because nectar, I believe, is a word that suggests ultimate sweetness. I have actually tasted amrit from the hand of a holy man and it is a very satisfying substance. So is bliss. Once reside in bliss and nothing feels lacking. It is the mountain peak that all trails lead to.

So I personally have no difficulty in saying that the fact that Ascension leads to pure, absolute and eternal bliss probably means that we’ll have no sense of loss even if Ascension resulted in no other benefit (which is not the case).  Bliss will be our reward for any difficulties and stresses in getting to Ascension and will erase from our minds any sense of loss that may have lingered.

Tomorrow I’d like to continue this discussion by looking at what afterlife communicators tell us about the experience of bliss on the afterlife Fourth and Fifth Dimensions (or Astral and Mental Planes) and then what the great sages of Earth have told us about the bliss of enlightenment.


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