What Can We Bank On?

I’m watching discussions in certain places take a turn towards fear and chaos and I’m puzzled. I would have thought we’d be pulling out of discussions such as that and instead we seem to be going deeper into them.

I respond by doing what I often do and that’s to look more deeply within myself and see what’s most basic. What is the ground I stand on? What can I rely on when fear and chaos mount?

In looking, I encounter the problem that I have no certain knowledge of anything, really. There simply are no absolutely certain things in life that I’m aware of so the answer doesn’t seem to lie in what I know for sure.

I cannot know for certain that Ascension will take place on Dec. 21, 2012 or that it will take place at all. I cannot know for certain that all is as the galactics represent it or as anyone represents it. Not absolutely. Not for certain.

For me the answer doesn’t lie in finding certainty.  It has to lie somewhere else. It has to lie in how I wish to play my part. It has to lie in what I accept as the most likely probability. It has to lie in what I’m prepared to bank on.

With so much uncertainty, chaos and fear around us, and considering that as the economy continues to fall, there may be even more to deal with before we cross to the other shore, how do I wish to play it? What’s the most likely probability? What do I wish to bank on?

I wish to play my role unafraid. I wish to play my role in service to the greater good. I wish to play it not by protecting myself, or hoarding, or intending to survive while others perish. I wish to play it sharing equally and gambling on the survival of us all.

I wish to place my trust in those who have till now spoken in the most reliable, consistent, and uplifting manner, those who, when anomaly has presented itself, have responded in a way that reduces it and leaves me reassured.

In one version of events currently being propagated, the ETs are said to be pretending to be our friends and offering us inducements designed to lull us to sleep. When they’ve implicated themselves in our society beyond the point where we can save ourselves, they’ll enslave us, according to this version.

I choose not to accept that version of events. I choose to believe that the consistently-uplifting manner in which the galactics have spoken to us over the years, the benevolent way in which they’ve conducted themselves so far, and the unfailing wisdom with which they’ve guided us have demonstrated to me that they deserve my trust at a time like this, when chaos and fear are being sold to us by some.

Though I cannot say I have certain knowledge of the matter, I have enough knowledge that I accept that there is a God, a divine order, and a divine plan. Enough evidence has been presented to me by spaceship sightings, the inability of the cabal to float pandemics, weather warfare and a social takeover, the destruction of their underground command centers, the visits of people like Bob Dean to their ships, and other things that I accept that the galactics and the other beings who comprise the Company of Heaven are hard at work to bring about all they’ve promised us. I trust that they’ll succeed.

I have enough reassurance from events like these that I reject accounts that try to portray them as duplicitous, hostile, and predatory. I have enough knowledge of our own earthly sages and of life on the afterlife astral and mental planes to be able to listen to their accounts and judge them as credible and worthy of my assent.

I have enough to make up my mind and agree to turn my face from accounts that argue to the contrary.

I’m settled in the manner in which I wish to play my role and in whom I wish to believe. I wish to play my role faithful to the divine plan as it’s been presented by the sources we follow. I choose to believe not those sources who say that the galactics and the rest of the Company of Heaven are duplicitous, but that they are sincere and honest; not that they are hostile, but that they are beneficent and compassionate; not that they are predatory but that they are peaceful and protective.

This is the ground I stand on and this is the ground I won’t abandon, no matter how chaotic the times become or fearful others around me get. No, it’s not based on certain knowledge. It’s based on choice and what information I have available to me.  I’ve come to trust the galactics and the Company of Heaven and there isn’t the same trust with the version that argues otherwise.

How do I know this resolution serves me? Because I feel my confidence and courage return and I know that if I weren’t building on a strong foundation, my inner voice would deny me both. This choice resonates with me and perhaps that’s the soundest basis, short of certain knowledge, that I can look for.

What can we bank on in lieu of certain knowledge? The answer for me is our discernment, our stand, our choice, and our inner voice.

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