Wave of Rumors Designed to Raise Fear in Us: Please Ignore Them

I seem to be deluged in emails all of which report a wave of rumors sweeping the Internet.

There are rumors about Elenin, early Ascension, a rapture, the splitting of worlds, alien invasion, vacating Planet Earth, terrible storms creating havoc in the month of September, etc. The thread running through all of them is the same: catastrophe for Earth and the need to be afraid.

Here is one example:

“Before the end of 2012 Earth’s surface population will be relocated. Mother Earth is ready to cleanse herself of man-made waste, and pollutants. Some of Earth’s surface population will be transitioned to 5th Dimension and relocated in Hollow Earth. Others will go off-planet via awaiting starships, returning to their home star systems. Destinations are determined by DNA.”

Unfortunately this excerpt did not come with an URL. I’ve tried to track it down on this website and on the Internet generally, but have had no luck. (If you do send me a rumor or a query, please include an URL. Otherwise you’re asking to have a great deal of searching be done.)

I’ve written a large number of articles on the subject of catastrophe for Earth and can only say that whoever is promulgating these rumors must be doing it to spook lightworkers. Let me look at as many of them as I can.

My understanding is that Elenin poses no threat to Earth. On that score Matthew tells us:

“As an example, the celestial body your scientists named Elenin doesn’t pose an iota of danger to your planet! This is another attempt to promote widespread fear by disseminating ‘leaked’ information under the guise of ‘governments withholding information.’ Although that does imply that you cannot rely upon your leaders to tell you about impending danger, the intent is insidious: Be fearful!” (1)

“And please have NO concerns about Planet X, Niburu, a ‘brown star’ or a celestial body by any other name being on a collision course with Earth.” (2)

The galactics have the means to nip any Project Blue Beam alien invasion in the bud, says SaLuSa:

“Our advice to you is to ignore any suggestion of an attempt to take over your world, as it will not happen. Also be assured that we are fully aware of the plan of the dark Ones to stage a false attack, and we will make sure that it fails. That much authority is given to us, and it would have been prevented even if a real attack was intended. Our fleets number thousands upon thousands of craft and we would not stand by and allow your precious Earth to be violated.

“It is not in the plan for the end-times, as you have earnt the right to ascend and your freewill choice will be honoured. The dark Ones can only go so far where you karma is concerned, before we stop them in their tracks. That is easy enough for us with our advanced technology, and not a drop of blood would be shed. You will not have to put up with the activities of the dark Ones much longer, as their days are numbered.” (3)

Says Adamu:

“Some of you have all manner of fears about a so-called Project Bluebeam. Others fear our ships will be attacked and this could trigger a war and so on and so on. My young friends, I can send messages … full time all day every day, until the day we arrive and every day there will be those that present new fearful scenarios that I might have to dispel. This is because you are falling for the manipulation games of those that do not wish for this event to take place.

“Please, take a second. Try to think. If we are able to surround your planet with millions of ships of living light. If we are able to bring ships across thousands of light years in an instant. If our consciousness resides outside of space and time. If we can manifest a ship many miles across by desire alone. If we can defeat a warring enemy without ever attacking them. If we can disable your nuclear devices without touching them. If we can balance your planetary magnetosphere. I could go on and on. The point is, if we can do all these things and so much more, do you honestly think your Earth cabal’s tin toys and party favours are going to get in our way? They are not.” (4)

Storms are being monitored and moderated. Yes, they will continue to do damage but, no, they will not result in a cataclysm for Planet Earth, says SaLuSa:

“It is true that the Earth must be cleansed and that physical changes will take place, but they will not be of the scale to destroy large areas. We monitor such changes and we use our technologies to lessen the impact upon you. If you are disturbed by recent happenings, bear in mind that the dark Ones have been behind most occurrences. We can only fully engage them when we are able to work openly with you, and can put a complete stop to their activities.” (5)

HAARP will soon be closed down, says Matthew.

“The Illuminati’s long-time suppression of free energy developments will end within months and so will their use of HAARP to the detriment of humankind and the planet.” (6)

To the rumors of early Ascension, there have indeed been statements from beings like Sananda that there will be waves of Ascension. You can find statements of it in the excerpts from The Crystal Stair that I’m currently publishing. But my understanding is that the vast majority of us will remain here until the 2012 date. Some Starseeds will return whence they came. Other Starseeds will remain at their posts.

Given that there will be no planetary cataclysm, it follows that there will be no reason to vacate Planet Earth. We won’t be going down to the Inner Earth. (If I carelessly posted an article that says so, I apologize.)

“Some messages claim that spacecraft will evacuate Earth’s residents before the cleansing destroys much of the planet, and when the people are returned, they will have to live underground because the surface will be uninhabitable for many years. Evacuation will not be necessary for any reason, and far from Earth’s surface becoming uninhabitable, it will be restored to its original paradise with amazing speed.” (7 )

On the Two-Earth theory, Matthew said: “Now that holiday observances are over and your thoughts are back into routine tasks, various misconceptions about the year 2012 also are back,” which include “beliefs that two Earths will emerge out of the ascension process.” (8) Matthew says that there will not be a splitting of worlds. The Earth itself will shift to the Fourth and then the Fifth Dimension, leaving nothing resembling the Earth in 3D – as far as I know. Here is his further comment on that theory:

“Understandably, there is a great deal of speculation about what will happen to whom at the end of 2012. There is no definitive answer because what happens to each soul will be in accordance with the uniqueness of each soul. However, we can say with certainty that the theory of a celestial body appearing as a ‘second Earth’ and becoming the third density home for souls who do not physically accompany the ‘first Earth’ into fourth density is erroneous. You are a soul in a human body. Earth is a soul in a planetary body.

“Her soul remained in its fifth density origin while her body spiraled into deep third density during the millennia that her human residents were shedding each others’ blood, mass-slaughtering her animals and severely damaging her body. She could have chosen to let her assaulted body die, but instead she chose to have its health restored so all of her residents in their myriad life forms could continue.

“Moreover the ‘two Earths’ theory accommodates only the people whose lifetime choices would place them in a different third density world. There will be souls whose lifetime choices automatically will take them to first or second density placements; and at the other end of the spectrum are the souls who came from fourth, fifth and higher density worlds specifically to assist Earth in her ascension—when their mission is completed, they will return to their homelands.” (9)

We also are not going to witness people disappearing around us, suddenly and miraculously. Matthew tells us:

“It will not happen on December 21, 2012 or any other date that you will be standing beside two others and before your very eyes, they will disappear into their own ‘timelines.’ Even the usual date of December 31, 2012, will be much like the previous and the following days—that is, except for New Year’s Eve celebrations. The differences between life in this moment and in the Golden Age will be amazing and magnificent, but life will not differ dramatically from one day to the next as Earth continues on her journey through fourth density and on into fifth.” (10)

I have actually seen a statement from Sananda in The Crystal Stair comparing Ascension to the Rapture. That was from 1990 and I would not be surprised to hear that the Company of Light stopped using the metaphor when they saw that it raised more problems than it solved. Matthew Ward says this about the subject.

“Ascension has nothing whatsoever to do with the ‘raptures’ of religion, so please do not try to fit that concept into the universal truth. Ascension is the process of Earth leaving third density and traveling through fourth on to fifth.” (11)

We’ll hear much more on the subject from the galactics and ascended masters when they arrive.

The same with three days of darkness. Matthew says there will not be three days of darkness. Archangel Michael said that the process of Ascension will likely occur over 20-26 hours and part of that will happen while we’re asleep. But not three days of darkness. Here is Matthew:

“There is no validity to the notion that immediately prior to Earth’s entry into fourth density there will be three days of darkness or, as other reports have it, three days of burning sun.” (12)

On the issue of fear, which lies behind many of these rumors, SaLuSa reassured us in January of 2010:

“Fear is your worst enemy, as it lowers your vibrations. You hear of Earth changes and that a great cleansing is to take place, and you worry about your safety. Dear Ones, regardless as to what extent they take place, you will not be left to flounder or cope with it by yourself. You can be forewarned of danger and moved to safety if necessary.

“The plan is for a happy ending to this cycle, and take no notice of those who are misinformed, as there will be no question of punishment of any kind. God is All Love, and sees you all as beautiful souls on the ladder of evolution. Whatever you experience, the Laws of the Universe apply and these are not draconian like many of Man’s, but both fair and just to aid your spiritual advancement. The idea of a vengeful God or one of wrath is totally false compared to the unlimited love you receive from the Father/Mother God.” (13)


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