Remain at Peace

Nov. 8, 2010

What an interesting time we’re passing through. Rumors swirl on the Internet of imminent banking changes, dark plots, disclosure, etc.

Yes, I’m reading them. No, I’m not posting them. If disclosure were to happen, yes, for a day I’d go wild, completely nutty. But then, one day later, it would be back to work.

Apart from that one-day party as the Great Transition begins, the job remains to stay calm and not buy into the rumors and disinformation.

I recommend comparing any accounts you see to those of Matthew Ward and SaLuSa. One other source sounds especially knowledgable until you closely examine his claims and see where they fall down. I’m not posting him either.

To be sure, we’re heading into the period that so many people are predicting events for. And I know you have withdrawn some money from the bank and laid in a modest store of dried, canned and other storable foods.

But, beyond that, as far as I’m concerned, the job remains to ground ourselves more stably in these energies and complete our unfinished business. It’s also to educate ourselves as well as we can on what’s coming down the pike, from the very best sources we can find.

The very best way I know of grounding myself is to observe the breath coming in and going out at the nostrils. That will keep you in the present moment and, in my view, it’s the “now” that we need to remain in.

Raising our vibrations, opening to the new energies, coming from unconditional love, and seeing the world as one – these are the new-paradigm disciplines.

The world is going a little crazy. The merchants of disinformation are working full-time, overtime, all the time, and it’s as important these days what you don’t read (or at least buy into) as what you read.

Yes, it’s taking a while for things to start up. No, that doesn’t mean things aren’t going to happen. But, regardless of how we feel about the pace of things, our task at hand is to continue opening ourselves to the gradual build-up of transformative energies.

The higher beings who channel the energy to us, from near at hand and far away, are raising the energy thresholds gradually so as to cause us the least discomfort. I think it works to cooperate with them by remaining aware of our internal process of unfoldment, which I certainly see in myself.

“Lose wait,” as Chris said. Center your awareness in the here and now, knowing that that is the mystical door. The rest will take care of itself – or so it will seem. In fact a huge number of well-coordinated events will happen, but to us it will just seem like an unfoldment. And, oh yes, many sources say that, when things begin to unfold, they will go fairly rapidly. We’ll be on the carousel then.

The greatest story ever told lies just out in front of us. We’re part of that show. And we have just enough time to learn our part.

Remain present and educate yourself. Open in love and forgiveness.  Remain at peace. The rest will unfold.

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