Out of the Heart of Chaos and Trouble

Policeman in Hackney

This point in time has been called the “time of chaos” by the Hathors. (1)  It has also been described as a time of challenges, upheaval, gloom and doom, change, falling away, and reformation. I have called it the Time of Troubles. We seem now to be in the heart of it.

The really difficult thing in writing about it is that the people speaking are not the same people who are watching their businesses or their houses burn.  Their writing may sound clinical to us and removed from people’s suffering.

But, realizing that that may be the case, let’s nonetheless hear what they have to say. We’ve suffered through the horror of Haiti, the tragedy of Sendai, the heartache of Syria, and now the sadness of London.  And we may be called upon to suffer more.  We’re like the generation that suffered through the Blitz and the darkness of the Second World War.

But we’re also promised that these dismaying scenes will at some point end and that they mark the collapse of an older order, which never worked and which people are now casting off, whether their actions are wise and humane or not.

Of this time, SaLuSa counsels us:

“It is not at all unusual for the period leading to the end times to be chaotic….  You have to deal with the constant assault upon your senses, and the sight of death and destruction that seems to constantly occupy the media. When you can give of your love and compassion to those involved, and are not adversely affected by the emotional tug of your heartstrings, you are placing yourself beyond the reach of a negative response. The anger that it evokes in some people simply adds to the fear that already exists, and feeds the very ones who are trying to unsettle you.”  (2)

The Arcturian Group reminds us that it’s a time in which many are demanding freedom, though outwardly it appears like simple and callous rebellion.

“You are in the beginning stages of many changes that will take place throughout the world.  It is a time of what appears to be rebellion, but what  is actually the awakening of the masses  to their entitled freedom.

“Now is the  time when unknown to themselves, people are feeling an opening to their higher energies which is causing them to feel the need and desire for the experience of  freedom.  That is freedom from the tyranny of those who would dictate,  freedom of those who would have you believe that you need them, and freedom from those who would condemn you for not believing as they do.

“It is a powerful energy, dear ones, that is now awakening many to the realization that they have been kept in bondage by the few.  Be aware of false prophets.  We speak of  those who would speak to you in tongues gentle with what seems to be truth, and yet is simply another way of keeping you in bondage.” (3)

This is a time for us to make right what’s wrong in our personal lives, says SaLuSa.

“These are times for sorting out any remaining problems in personal relationships. Try not to leave loose ends until the end of this cycle, as it is far better to have settled any issues even if it means eating humble pie. Forgive and forget, otherwise you will carry the energy with you until you do find a way of settlement.” (4)

It’s a time for us to pull out of the orbit of the dark ones, in every way we can. He adds.

“The chaos has a purpose and is all part of the extensive cleansing that is well in hand. … [It is] a wake-up call to Humanity, to use their power to change the course of their future. If you are in a position to influence what is happening, you are being spurred on to take action. Some of you are here for exactly that purpose, and you will be inspired to use your skills accordingly.”  (5)

It’s not the time to be dragged into mourning what is collapsing, as the dark masters wish us to do, say the Sirian Council.

“Now is not the time to be concerned about what is falling down in collapse, but a time to weather the storm knowing the dawn of a new day is near! We are not being asked to sacrifice our joy or happiness during this time of upheaval. Actually, it is the very opposite!”  (6)

SaLuSa tells us that it’s rather a time to remain centered.

“As the old drops away so a new pathway emerges. By now you should be able to see the direction you are heading in, and it will conform to the plan for Ascension.

“For each individual there are the personal experiences, as you notice the changes in your consciousness. You are finding that you are more able to keep centred and are not so easily disturbed by outer happenings. The end times are a great test that determines how far you have evolved.” (7)

By using the Law of Attraction as it should be used, we can draw a different future to us, the Sirian Council says.

“The more that we can focus on the New World vision and hold it in our hearts, and feel its power and presence inside our core, then we are entering a realm of true happiness. It is available now! All it takes to achieve this grand transition is to alter what we project into our future.”  (8)

Matthew agrees:

“Beings of light throughout this universe are cheering you on during this time of transition into the Golden Age. Keep foremost in your vision the glories of that world that already IS and awaits your arrival!” (9)

Archangel Michael advises us, at this time, to be gentle with ourselves.

“Beloved Ones, this is a time of Transition. Be gentle with yourselves as you move into Higher Dimensional Life. Know that sometimes the Flow may be easy as you work with the Miracles of Creative Manifestation, and sometimes it will be a little difficult as you may briefly drop into old frequency addictions and fear habits. This will be because many around you will still be in the frequencies of fear and they may briefly shift you from your center.

“If this happens, just gently move back into the Higher Frequencies of Love and Peace. It is so important that you embody this Radiant Light so that others may experience Higher Frequencies and learn to align with these energies. We would say that this time, your major work is to hold your Joy and Peace so that others may experience these energies through you.”  (10)

SaLuSa advises us to join with others and help those most in need.

“We of the Galactic Federation see a broad spectrum of activity on Earth, and are pleased to see people adapting to the problems caused by the financial fall out. Caring for others in their time of need has never put such demands on you as now. You are rising to the challenge and in many communities groups are forming to help out. There is no denying it is tough going, but as we often stress it is necessary to clear the way so as to allow the new in. While old structures remain, there will always be attempts to resurrect them.” (11)

The Time of Troubles will be followed by a time of acceleration, abundance, new beginnings, awakening, enlightenment, and ascension. It is therefore a time of transition, as Matthew Ward makes clear:

“[The end of the year] 2012 heralds Earth’s entry into the Golden Age, and between now and then is a time of transition from life as you have known it into life totally in harmony with all of Nature. Changes you can’t conceive of in this moment will be taking place, and they will do so in an orderly fashion after the initial confusion and resistance have subsided.”  (12)

The Light Beings through Phoebe Lauren have counseled us to let everything old fall away.

“Let everything fall away. Do not be concerned if your life, as you now know it, transforms rapidly. Many present forms are falling away. Do not try to hold on to them. If you do, your hands may get burnt. This is the supreme time of testing, of letting go, or preparation for the next step.

“You may feel hopeless. You may feel frustrated. You may feel discouraged, sad, depressed, whatever. Just know that these feeling are completely natural before the sunlight returns to earth. When you hear of the next business failure, laugh, rejoice. All the kingdom must fall before it can be rebuilt.

“The kingdom of God is coming to earth. Yes, it will take time in earth days. But remember the kingdom will be rebuilt by souls like you. Each one of you will have a role to play. You are all joined together. …

“There is only one way to help others and that is to choose love. Every time you are upset, perplexed, or unsure of yourself, take no action. Go within and there you will be guided. Ask for help. Ask us for help. …

“Now, please, breathe out and rest assured that the Plan is unfolding exactly as it should.”  (13)

Saul assures us that the time that follows this Time of Troubles will wipe away the tears from our eyes.

“Truly a time of great joy and peace is almost upon you that will wash away all the pain, all the anger, all the fear, and all the distrust that has plagued humanity for so long.

“It will be a soothing balm, providing an experience of delightful contentment and an intense and wonderful conscious knowledge that all is indeed divinely taken care of. The apparently unending struggle for survival that such a large proportion of humanity experiences constantly will cease – instantaneously. In its place, there will be the reality of total abundance as every need is satisfied, and life becomes an occasion, an experience of complete and harmonious joy and delight that has always been divinely planned and intended.

“Your times of sorrow, pain, and confrontational disharmony are almost at an end, as God’s divine light and grace washes over the planet, healing, repairing, and renewing, so that the pristine beauty in which all was created may be gloriously re-established.

“Intense joy and delight are about to sweep over you all, as you return once more to the heavenly realms from which it seems that you have been separated for so long. The illusion that has brought you so much sorrow and pain is about to dissolve, as you awaken into the divine light of God’s unending sunlit environment of spectacular wonder and beauty.” (14)

To summarize, then, we are confronted in the Time of Troubles with scenes of chaos and destruction. Where we can, we are to help. Where we cannot, we are to send love and light to all concerned. We’re encouraged to remain centered and undisturbed by the chaos happening around us.  Our strength should lie in our knowledge that these conditions are temporary and that what we lose we shall soon regain.

While all seems destruction and chaos, we are advised that these are really the symptoms of humanity’s demand for freedom and equality.  We are watching the fall of the old, to be replaced almost immediately by the rise of the new. This storm will pass.

We’re encouraged to allow the old to collapse. We have only these last few weeks or perhaps months of disharmony and seeming rebellion to weather. They’ll be followed by a time of great joy and peace, total abundance and complete harmony that will wipe away all our tears.


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