Nothing to Fear from “Solar Storms”

We hear that NASA is planning a press conference today on solar storms. What might they be up to?

Earlier today we heard “Capt. S,” allegedly from the U.S. Navy Space Command, claim that:

“NASA is just a front for the public. their budget is miniscule. not enough money to really do anything but put a few probes in our solar system. The real space program falls in the military’s domain, mainly air force and navy. but the nice chemical rockets sure are fun to watch. as far as NASA spilling any beans. very few people from nasa are actually in the loop. they don’t know anything to spill.” (1)

What is NASA claiming? Pat has reported NASA’s allegations that:

“A massive solar flare, the largest recorded in four years, occurred last Tuesday prompting fears the blast could result in some disruption to Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) or communication signals around the world.

“Solar flares happen when the powerful magnetic fields in and around the sun reconnect. They’re usually associated with active regions, often seen as sun spots, where the magnetic fields are strongest. The most powerful flare on record was in 2003, during the last solar maximum. It was so powerful that it overloaded the sensors measuring it. The current solar cycle will peak in 2013.

“A powerful X-class flare can create long lasting radiation storms, which can harm satellites and even give airline passengers, flying near the poles, small radiation doses. X flares also have the potential to create global transmission problems and world-wide blackouts.” (2)

What is the truth of our situation with regard to solar storms and geomagnetic changes? Matthew tells us that what’s occurring with our Sun is in line with Ascension and poses no danger to us:

“What is your sun doing? It is responding to the rapid changes going on throughout your solar system. If your astrophysicists were aware of Earth’s ascension through the ‘universal time window,’ they would know that stepped-up solar activity is a natural effect and that Sol poses no danger to your planet.” (3)

SaLuSa agrees that what’s happening with the Sun arises because increased Light is being sent to us:

“The Light is growing exponentially and is creating changes of a solar nature that is affecting your whole system. It is a massive process involving many planets and millions of souls that extends throughout your Universe. It is carried out with great love at the Creator’s request, and cannot therefore fail in any circumstances.” (4)

“You are so near to major changes upon Earth, whilst the Sun and your solar system continue to move into a higher vibration. That is already being noted, but again such information is not readily made public but held back. There has been a policy of secrecy for many years, none more so than the findings of NASA who have deliberately set out to keep you from knowing about our activities and us.” (5)

In January 2011, the Hathors through Tom Kenyon asked us not to fear the intensity of the expected solar storms.

“As we view your current probable future, you collectively stand before a great storm. The birthing of this tempest is from the very heart of the cosmos and is nothing less than the harbinger of immense change. Do not fear its intensity. Embrace it and ride it to the heights of your own consciousness. By doing so, you will become a light to yourself and to each other.” (6)

Lauren Gorgo’s Pleiadian High Council have addressed the solar changes on a number of occasions, reassuring us that all us in order. In January 2001 she reported:

“It has recently come to my attention that we are beginning to mentally align with (become aware of) the great shift in perception that the unseens have been talking a lot about lately and this shift is apparently the result of some massive global (energetic) re-balancing that took place over the last 3-4 weeks in the form of a magnetic pole shift. These re-balancing energies started to aggressively bubble up on the winter solstice/lunar eclipse and are currently completing a round of physical aftereffects in the form of solar and geological activity…geomagnetic storms, solar flares/winds, coronal mass ejections, auroras, quakes and fissures, etc.

“So much of what is currently happening around the world is related to this shift and the unseens would like to clarify some things to settle any fears that may be festering from the uncertainty of such dramatic forward movement.

“First and foremost, we are being urged to realize…no matter what surrounds us…that nothing is ‘out of hand’ in this evolutionary process and that all is well despite external appearances. We are constantly reminded that everything is perfectly in place…how could it be any other way?…and that the increasing calamities on earth serve a great purpose in the planetary ascension. …

“For those who still cling to fear, we reprise: All is well, perfectly orchestrated and systemized, as are all things in a vibrational universe.” – Pleiadian High Council ” (7)

In February she returned to the topic:

“Today, the Pleiadian High Council confirmed that this year and onward there will definitely be an increase in geomagnetic activity…not that this is new news, just a confirmation that what we have been feeling recently around the world is related to the increased levels of light now capable of penetrating the planet thru/due to these various geomagnetic phenomenons: solar winds, solar flares, CME, etc.

“The PHC want us to know that this level of intensity is actually the “new normal” that we will all eventually adapt to, and that these energies are here to stay.

“This is helpful to understand because just as we are already seeing, in the coming days there will be an increase in volatile weather patterns in addition to human emotional uprisings, protests, revolts, etc., as mood swings border on the extreme due to these magnetic fluctuations. The light of truth is becoming impossible to resist and we will be witnessing this more and more on the global stage, just as it is becoming unbearable to live without the light of truth in our own lives. In other words, once we feel the blissful, transcendent connection to our power Source, we literally can’t bear to live without it…this is becoming more and more clear to each of us.” (8)

So sit back and enjoy the show. Have no worries or fears that damage or destruction will hit the Earth. The Company of Light is watching over things and has the situation of solar storms and geomagnetic activity well in hand.


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