Global Warming and Other Earth Changes – Part 4/4

(Continued from Part 3.)

Global Warming is an Intentional Product of the Rising Energies

Many people are concerned about the phenomenon of global warming. But if we read the galactic and spirit teachers on the subject, we see that they are not concerned. According to them, global warming is part of the Ascension process. Matthew Ward explains.

“You who are familiar with these messages know that Earth’s restoration to her original Eden self includes the polar and tropical temperature extremes giving way to what ultimately will be a moderate climate worldwide.
“This actuality also is unknown to your scientists, and to most of the rest of the populace too. (1)

“Climate change is of serious concern, so for newcomers to our messages we are happy to say again that this is Earth’s transition to a moderate climate globally. Record-breaking temperatures, increased solar flares, melting glaciers and polar regions, low islands slowly being submerged and strange new juxtapositions of planetary bodies are aspects of Earth’s ascension process and the return to her original health and pristine beauty.” (2)

Matthew is not alone in expressing this point of view. Here is SaLuSa of Sirius also pointing to the same conclusion. Moreover, he says that global warming is happening throughout the solar system.

“Global warming is currently very much the topic of the day, and it is well that you try to understand how you can reduce the damage you are causing. However, what is not fully taken into consideration is that your Sun is changing, and is by far the main reason that the changes are taking place. In time they will settle down and you will have more temperate conditions throughout the world. The extremes of weather as you have always experienced, will no longer occur and life will become more pleasant and totally bearable.” (3)

“Your weather worldwide is changing and it is Mother Earth and your Sun adjusting to the new incoming energies. The outcome will eventually be a more temperate climate without the extremes that you are used to experiencing. This not only affects you but also all life forms that may disappear or move to new location where it is right for them. The fauna will also be affected and again the changes will encourage growth for some varieties, whilst others may no longer flourish as previously.

“The outcome of all the changes is to uplift all life upon your planet, and that which is of the lower vibrations will disappear completely. Anything less cannot advance unless it too is of the higher vibrations. What is happening on the Earth is occurring throughout the solar system, but on planets that were already working on a slightly higher dimension, the changes are less extensive.” (4)

As with other Earth changes, the galactics are operating here too to minimize the impacts on terrestrial life.

“Global warming is bringing rapid changes to your weather systems, but they will not be catastrophic. Naturally physical changes will occur on Earth and we are aware of what will take place and are allowed to direct them in ways that will minimise their effects. Be assured that in the end it will all prove to be in your interests, and the world will experience more stable temperatures and variations. It will eventually prove to be temperate and ideal regardless of where you are.” (5)

The Extinction of Some Animal Species is Unavoidable

SaluSa has been discussing these changes for a while now. Here he is in 2009 telling us that they will cause some animal species to become extinct. But these species will find new habitats on other planets.

“As with the Human Race, the animal kingdom will also change and a number of species will completely disappear. They will be mainly those who normally live in the more extreme conditions, and are unable to adapt to the new Earth. They are not lost for all time but will find another planet where they can continue their evolution. All life is immortal and there are no exceptions, and changes take place all of the time as indeed you are now beginning to experience.” (6)

Ela of Arcturus agrees with SaLuSa and says that the animals will continue to evolve elsewhere.

“History will show that some species of animals have disappeared such as your Dodo, and even more are in transition because of the changing vibrations. As with you, it is not the end but simply a continuation of experience in another cycle at a different level. All continues to proceed ever onwards as evolution never stands still.” (7)

Our diets will change, Matthew tells us. We will refrain from eating animal meat and turn to eating plants.

“As Earth continues ascending into higher vibrations, the sacredness and interconnectedness of ALL life will be understood and greater sensitivity to animals will result in most humans becoming vegetarians.” (8)

“Diets will change from meat and seafood to plants as people learn to respect and honor all animal life.” (9)

At the same time, food animals will sense what is happening and cease to breed, he explains.

“Animal numbers will shrink in the next few years as instinctively they will breed less often and produce fewer offspring. While most species will be able to adapt to environmental and climate changes as Earth is restored to her Eden self, when there were no temperature extremes and all lands were arable, species living in polar regions will not survive. Their souls will go to Nirvana and continue evolving, and in time they will incarnate in a world where conditions are suitable for their new bodies and life purposes.” (10)

“You will see changes in the animals’ ability to reproduce, with fewer and fewer food animals being born, and far more humane treatment of those who are.” (11)

“The herds of food animals will decrease through the cessation of breeding and natural transition, and, as plants become diet staples, any that were harmfully genetically engineered will shed those properties.” (12)

Raising Our Vibrations Reduces the Extent of Earth Changes Needed

We are, according to Atmos, reducing the extent of Earth changes needed by raising our conscious vibrations: “By raising your consciousness levels, you are lessening the likelihood of Mother Earth needing to make drastic changes to the land.” (13)

He tells us that the galactics will minimize the threat to us from the remaining changes.

“If there are dramatic cleansing activities needed you will not suffer in consequence. There are a number of options open to us to protect you, so you need not have any fear as to the outcome.” (14)

“Physical changes are inevitable, but with our help the threats to you can be minimised.” (15)

Matthew Ward tells us that the Law of Attraction will draw towards us what we fear as well as what we want and explains why that is so. In consequence he advises us not to live in fear of Earth changes.

“Every bit of energy given to forecasts of catastrophic damage adds to the possibility that it may occur.  Energy is neutral and without reasoning capacity — it is your thoughts and feelings that attach themselves to energy streamers that give them direction and forcefulness. As the collective consciousness starts churning with fearful thoughts and feelings about such forecasts, the possibility of occurrence becomes a probability.

“Even though our universal family stands at the ready to intervene in situations where they are authorized to do so — reducing the harmful effects desired by your weather manipulators always is allowed — please be ever mindful that the impartial law of attraction is constantly operating and is powerful.” (16)

Progress Made by the Earth

The current planetary logos, Sanat Kumara, urges us to assist Mother Earth through her cleansing process in every way we can.

“You must continue all your efforts and intensify them, to assist your dear Earth as she releases the lower vibrations and the pain and suffering that she has so bravely allowed humanity to release into her very Being.

“Your beloved mother earth has taken on much for you, dear ones, and now you must assist her in releasing it, and you must not continue, as a mass consciousness,  to fill her with the destructive frequencies of the lower third dimension.  Your earth is most gracious and most accommodating in assisting those of you with the sincere desire to release that which no longer serves you, and all humanity and creation.  She will lovingly take on the lower vibrations that you release, as you ask for her assistance.  With great love she will support you and transmute these vibrations for you.” (17)

He reveals that Mother Earth has already entered Fourth Density and cannot continue to absorb Third-Density negativity.

“Your Mother Earth is well into fourth density and can no longer absorb the mass consciousness of third density.  This is where you must assist her, as you send out the love light and the Violet Flame to transmute these lower densities so your earth does not have to take on this transmutation.  This is the most great and joyous assistance you can provide to your earth at this time.

“You will assist your earth in moving through her transition with more ease and grace and you will assist her to be able to move through earth changes which are necessity for her passage into the higher realms.  The earth changes have been predicted to have been of great devastation, yet through your continued dedication to assist your earth, you have averted the tragedy of the destruction of your planet and you have averted the tragedy of great unnecessary devastations.” (18)

Therefore the galactic and spirit teachers do not share our views on such matters as global warming and species extinction. Moreover, they do not share our neglectful ways and lack of concern on such matters as pollution. They tell us that the dark forces have kept much of their knowledge of what is happening on Earth and in the solar system from us and have tried to continue profiting from polluting the Earth and harming us by raining toxins down upon us.

But our space family is both curtailing the damage the dark do and taking away their power. When the galactics can come freely among us, they will quickly restore the Earth to its pristine original condition, cleaning up the oil spill, radioactive waste, and other pollutants and toxins and furnishing us with non-polluting, free technologies to see that we never go in want or damage the Earth again.


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