Calm Steadfastness in the Face of Troubles

Example of courage: Chilean Miners

I’d like to comment on the continued hubbub from so many sources on a possible bank holiday coming up (Nov. 11), speculation on the Obama trip, etc.

The bank holiday occurs every year at this time and is nothing out of the ordinary. Even if it were out of the ordinary, we know that the Earth allies have been planning and practicing for the bank changeover for months if not years. Everyone (Company of Heaven, Earth allies) knows what role to play to make the changeover to NESARA run smoothly when it comes.

Every aspect of the Obama trip has been played up and blown out of proportion. There are not 34 naval ships deployed; that would be ten percent of the U.S. naval fleet accompanying Obama. That is not the case.

There is not $200 million being spent a day. And I could go on down the list of exaggerations correcting each one.

But the wider point is that we know we are in the time of chaos or troubles. We know to expect that the Illuminati, New World Order, CIA black ops unit, some Republicans, some Tea Party adherents, and various others wearing dark hats are working overtime to say anything they can think of to smear lightworkers, President Obama, NESARA, disclosure, the galactics, etc.

Calm steadfastness: Abraham Lincoln

You have only to watch TV to see how the entertainment channels are pitching fear, monsters, the walking dead, aliens, “terrorists” – anything that can scare us and send us into the arms of the powers that be, looking for security.

Moreover a great deal of the fear-inducing news is coming, not from darkworkers, but from lightworkers – I won’t name names so as not to start a lightworker war, but I’m sure you know who I mean because you send me their articles.

Consider what Matthew said today:

“You knew this was one of the potential scenarios when you eagerly asked to play a part in this unprecedented time on the planet. You knew that your cumulative lifetimes well prepared you to fearlessly weather the turbulence.

“The universal high council that designed the Golden Age master plan knew that too—that is why you were chosen and many others with lesser experience who also wanted to participate were not selected.

“The energy of your calm steadfastness in the light will touch those around you and the ripple effect will circle the globe, so welcome the challenges ahead as the darkness is totally uprooted and Earth continues spot on target to take you into fourth density.” (Matthew’s Message, Nov. 6, 2010.)

Courage in the face of troubles

I know it’s true that the energies of the cosmic feminine are loosening the planet from centuries, perhaps millennia, of cold patriarchal energy. But Matthew has said in his current message that what is sought is not a total predominance of one energy over another, but balance.

The energies of the cosmic masculine that have to do with courage under fire, in my opinion, remain useful to us, especially at a time like this.  These are often considered to be martial, or lightwarrior,  energies, but Matthew’s “calm steadfastness” is not a martial energy.

I’m not suggesting that we take up arms, resist, fight, or anything of the sort. I’m suggesting that we take on being brave in the face of attempts to make us afraid.

You may have noticed that I’ve turned back a few comments which were grounded in fear, critical of others, expressing skepticism or criticism of the Company of Heaven. Now is not the time for doubting the masters and celestials. We are their Earth allies. That’s what we came for: to serve Ascension 2012.

It’s our job to model or demonstrate calm steadfastness. We’ve been told that our old materialist, cynical, five-senses-school ways of seeing things will not serve us at this time. The old-paradigm view was that God did not help His (Her, Its)  children, there was no assistance to be expected from angels, spirit guides, and galactics, and that being afraid was healthy. The new-paradigm view is that the Divine does assist His (“He” is not a he) children, assistance can be expected from angels, spirit guides, and galactics, and being afraid only attracts the outcome one is afraid of.


Light and love are being sent from higher dimensions, higher beings, the far reaches of space, through gateways, portals, pyramids, crystals, etc. A concerted plan is underway to drench this planet in transformational energies and that plan is unstoppable and irresistible. It will succeed.  Our wavering can only slow it down, and then for only so long, but not scuttle it.

So I’m saying: we’ve reached that stage in things where our contribution is needed and valuable.  Rather than responding helplessly and self-servingly, I invite everyone reading this to commit to serving helpfully and selflessly.

If you have extra money, consider giving it to those in need. If you have stored food, consistent with your own needs and those of your family, consider sharing it with others when the time comes. If others around you are afraid, consider being courageous yourself and comfort or reassure them.

This is the time we came to serve in. We are on stage. The curtain is rising. We are the ones who will save the situation in the face of last-ditch attempts by darkworkers to scuttle the expected changes and ensure the continuance of their rule.

You are the one. I am the one. We are the cavalry. It’s our time. Whatever happens, this is it. This is the cause we came to serve.

When you forget that, please remember it again. To do so is what you and I came here to do.

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