Atlantis Rising Will Not Give Rise to Floods

A reader has asked if floods will accompany Atlantis rising again.  In that regard and to calm people’s nerves on the subject of Atlantis rising, let me share the following comments from Gaia speaking on An Hour with an Angel, through Linda Dillon, on April, 9, 2012:

“Atlantis will rise again. This has always been part of the plan and part of the restoration, but it will not be in devastation. It will not be in the flooding of continents, for why would I trade one for the other? I do not find that necessary or desirable, and neither does the Mother, and neither do the realms that we work with.

“You say, ‘Well, will there be hurricanes, tsunamis? Will there be earthquakes?’ Yes. This is part of adjusting our grid, yours and ours. Think of it, dear heart: you are having small quakes within your body all the time, and so am I. Your question of late has been to me, ‘Will I survive?’ We have not come this far together, your star brothers and sisters have not come this far, to simply witness devastation. We will not only survive; I will shelter you, I will lift you up, I will keep you close.” (1)

So, no, Atlantis rising will not cause floods, according to Gaia.


(1) “An Hour with an Angel, April 9, 2012, with Geoffrey West and Gaia,” April 12, 2012, at

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