The Coming Together

We can see a number of messages appearing at the moment which talk about the separation of worlds (Denise LeFay), the splitting of worlds (Inelia Benz and Lucia Rene), and the point of no return (Gillian MacBeth-Loudan). In 2009 Karen Bishop was calling it the separation of worlds as well (

I’m just about to post messages by Gillian, Karen, and Inelia on the subject because I think we may wish to read the whole of the messages on it – to get a complete view of what is being said.

I actually prefer to see the matter not as a separation of worlds but as a coming together of Lightworkers. If I understand the matter correctly, Starseeds and Lightworkers will now be coming together in what we’ve called in the past a “conscious convergence,” making ever more intimate connections and common cause.

It’s my intention  to write an article on it afterwards, looking at the essence of what’s being discussed. I urge you to read the material calmly, in the certain awareness that your own Ascension is assured as is that of everyone who has chosen Ascension and is orienting towards it.

I believe we’re at the beginning phase of this movement. I further believe that the undecided will continue to have the opportunity to choose Ascension until the final date of that event, whenever it is, but that those who have already made the decision will now begin to congregate by the Law of Attraction. I don’t believe that final date will be in 2011 but near the end of 2o12, but you’re welcome to believe whatever seems accurate to you.

So again I suggest that we approach the subject calmly and in the full assurance that it represents no danger to us to read what is being said.

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