From Inside the Tornado

I’m getting a fair amount of correspondence about Denise LeFay’s recent column on the “separation of worlds.” I’m not sure if her column is what has set off this current round of elevated tension among people, whether it’s related to the Tenth Anniversary of 9/11, or just what it might be. But elevated tension has never served us and so somehow I have to walk through whatever is happening and have us return to that middle ground of safe harbor and calmness.

For me that involves saying a number of things.

(1) I don’t know what the full truth is around the “separation of worlds.” We all know that some people will choose to ascend and some people will not.  We all know that there will come a time when a decision must be made.  When that decision is made, those who chose to ascend will do so; those who chose not to will encounter various circumstances.

When the energy rises so high that the physical body cannot survive unless it has evolved to a crystalline structure, the ones who choose not to go, as far as I’m aware, will succumb to natural causes and transition away from the Earth. Whether their number is in the millions, or more likely in the billions, the ones who choose not to ascend will leave the stage in some manner.  In the normal course of events, we’ll all transition from the planet in some manner and with those who reject Ascension, that departure, as far as I understand it, will resemble a natural event.

(2) Ascension was postponed from the turn of the millennium because it was felt that, by postponing it, many more people would ascend. And probably many more people will. I know I would never have known about Ascension if it had taken place at the turn of the Millennium. I did not know about it until 2008.  But whether that’s material to how things would have ultimately turned out, I have no idea.

(3) The only thing that is sufficient to cause us anxiety around Ascension, I think, is if we believe somehow that we (that is, you and I and those with whom we identify) will not ascend. I cannot speak for your loved ones. I wish I could but I’m not aware that that’s possible. But anyone reading these words right now, with the exception of the dark ones who also read these words, has, it seems to me, chosen to ascend. The great preponderant probability is that you will do so. So please let’s lay to rest thoughts that you somehow won’t ascend. This party is for you. If anything, the Company of Light will move Heaven and Earth (pun intended) to see that you do ascend.

(4) For the rest, I’ve had to take an Executive Decision on myself. Bulletin from Big Steve to Little Steve: “No matter what you know or don’t know, I request that you remain calm.” And that is my choice.

I’ve been working myself into a state all evening because there are so many brushfires happening that it makes what’s transpiring in Texas look small by comparison.  But finally I’ve reached the place of saying: going that route is not going to get me anywhere.

My safety (and I suggest yours as well) is not compromised, not endangered. No matter what the frenzy and anxiety going on out there, I do not choose to get frenzied and anxious along with it. I may not know all that’s happening. I may never know. But I am king over this small bit of territory that I call myself and I don’t choose to go farther along this road that leads to anxiety and dread.

There are people questioning our channeled sources, questioning lightworkers, questioning everyone, and I don’t say that’s necessarily a bad thing.  But, in the final analysis, this is my life that’s playing out on the big screen and I choose how I wish it to play out.

I can’t answer all the questions that are being asked of me right now but I can choose to remain calm. And I do so.



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