Whoever Saves One Life Saves the World Entire

"Whoever saves one life saves the world entire."

I’m not sure how it is for anyone else but there seems not to be an aspect of my life that has not been shaken since 11/11/11. How long has it been? Two days? Two years?

Everything about me and some around me seems to have gone through a total re-examination, re-organization, re-arrangement. And there are urges arising in me that are radical, insistent. I suppose I need to discuss one in particular.

I have to say to you that having a conversation with a being like Archangel Michael is a most unusual thing.  (And by the way, talking to him is open to you too.) He says something in passing, but within a day or two that something has become a mandate, a directive, a commandment.

You may say that I’m easily hypnotized or entranced. Maybe so. But all I can say is that he says it and within a short time, it is now arising within me as a settled purpose. At some point others may be firmly at work in their missions and the same may happen for you as well (or may already be happening; how could I know?).

In the course of our private discussion, AAM said in passing: “That is why you are still on Planet Earth rather than elsewhere. You are saying to the collective, the undecided voter as it were, ‘Come on along.’” No sooner had he said it than, within me, it was re-created as a new work, a new desire. There arose inside me a yearning to see that as many people as possible ascend.

And that has revolutionized my being and I probably could write and write on the subject. So I’ll definitely need to begin to write on that now. I don’t think I could avoid it.

Where to begin? In Buddhist literature, there is a being called a bodhisattva, a being for whom life is service and service is life. A bodhisattva has taken a vow that he or she will not enter nirvana until every living being has entered nirvana first.

I am not there yet. But I’m impressed with the sacrifice the bodhisattva makes. It rings within me in a way I can’t describe.

In Hinduism, as I’ve related before, there was a venerated saint called Ramanuja who was given a mantra by his master. If I recall the story correctly, and I may not, it took him much effort and sacrifice to find his master. And in giving him the sacred mantra, his master cautioned him not to let any other being hear it. He asked his master why and his master told him, if anyone hears and repeats your mantra, they will be emancipated but you will go to hell.

Ramanuja promptly climbed to the highest place in the land and began to shout his mantra at the top of his lungs and beg everyone to listen and repeat it. Asked what in heaven’s name he was doing, he said, if by my repeating my mantra to all who’ll listen, all will be emancipated, then I’m pleased to pay the price and go to hell.

There is something like that happening for me though not on such a scale. My mission has become now, as it were, to extend to the undecided voter, the fence sitter, the invitation to “Come on along.”

There is another phenomenon in growth and spiritual circles that, when the guy at the front says something, the people listening somehow magnify it and take it places that the fellow at the front never intended. I’m not sure how to stop that happening. But I will try my best.

I am gripped by this desire to see as many people as possible hear from the Company of Light the invitation to ascend. I’m bitten. I’m overtaken by this desire, this purpose.

But at the same time, I respect the natural law of free will. I know that no one can be forced to ascend. I’m aware that one has to be appropriate, gentle, inviting and not zealous, missionary-like, and in another’s face.

So while I say that my heart at this moment burns to see that as many people as possible hear the invitation, I haven’t a bone in my body that’s trying to encourage people to be inappropriate with others, to be a nuisance or stick one’s nose into other people’s business, etc.

But I do see that I myself will now begin to produce literature that lays out the benefits of Ascension, to make the invitation to ascend explicitly and to do whatever else I can think of to see that everyone on the planet knows what an opportunity is in front of us. I’ll turn my attention now from Starseeds to terrestrials, from people who’ve already ascended in other lifetimes to people who haven’t previously ascended.  I’m drawn in that direction and not to honor whatever the tug is that’s operating in me is to feel out of sorts and at loose ends. In fact it’s worse. It’s to feel unwilling to do anything else.

One of the impacts of 11/11/11 on me is that I’m more “drawable.” I feel myself being drawn in different directions. I feel much more delicate and impressionable. I verge on tears a lot of the time, especially when I think that some people who might have ascended if I had not been slothful didn’t.

Do you remember that soul-touching scene in Schindler’s List when Schindler (Liam Neeson), who had, up till this time, been an aloof, no-nonsense businessman, albeit one who saved Jews from concentration camps and death, now faced the end of the war? And all the more than 1,000 Jewish “skilled workers” (not) who’d been in his factory were saved? He was now about to get in his car and drive off we knew not where. The workers presented him with a letter that all have signed and with a ring on which was inscribed, “He who saves one life saves the world entire.”

And Schindler is standing beside his assistant, Itzhak Stern (Ben Kingsley), and is falling apart in tears. I’ll post the video below, but in this trailer we see only one part of the scene and not the most affecting. Schindler says, “I could have got more, I could have got more out, if I had made more money, I threw away so much money, you have no idea, if I had just, I didn’t do enough.”

YouTube Preview Image

In the part not shown here, he went on, and falls completely apart, saying, and I can only paraphrase, “I could have saved three more if I had sold this badge, twelve more if I had sold my car.” And he has to be helped to the car he is so distraught.

I already feel that way. Three more could have ascended if I had written this book. And twelve more if I had written that book.

I know we cannot save anyone. I know, I know, I know. But I also know I can’t withhold my efforts from making the opportunity known. As the Boss said, if not, I’d be somewhere else. I know I don’t need to be here.  He’s told me repeatedly, you don’t need to be here. I’m here to serve and only to serve.

Other people can say, “That’s silly. You need to take care of yourself. You need to rest, get out in nature.” Perhaps. But I can rest in the Fifth Dimension.  Right now I need to serve. I need to offer that invitation: “Come on along.”  I need to do whatever I can think of to see that any one who doesn’t know what the opportunity is and would have come along had they have known, knows.

Life is not the same for me after 11/11/11. That day was a sleeper. It worked its magic in subtle, almost-undetectable ways, but it has worked its magic on me nonetheless. It’s useless to argue with me. I am hooked, intoxicated, driven. It’s my life and I don’t value this body a whit. I need to be at work. I need to serve. I don’t care how I look or how other people consider me. Like Schindler, I need to know at the end of it all that I did all I could.

“I could have got more, I could have got more out, if I had made more money, I threw away so much money, you have no idea, if I had just, I didn’t do enough.”

If I had only done more.




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