Alan Grayson Lays Out OWS in a Minute and a Half

Former Representative Alan Grayson (D-FL) lays out what Occupy Wall Street is about in a minute and a half.  The points he makes are some of those made by Marianne Williamson in an earlier video. Thanks to Bev.

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Video notes:

The other panel members were Republicans. For most of the show, Alan just sat quietly, which really surprised and disappointed me. Then suddenly, he let them have it. It was great. I just wish that the camera had shown the standing ovation.

Article on the show:

The week before last, Alan Grayson appeared on HBO, on Real Time with Bill Maher.

The subject was Occupy Wall Street.

Bill’s guests mocked the Occupy Wall Street protesters, complaining they didn’t know what the protest was all about.

Grayson had a different point of view:

Grayson: Let me tell what they’re talking about.

They’re complaining about the fact that Wall Street wrecked the economy three years ago, and nobody’s been held responsible for that.

Not a single person has been indicted or convicted, for destroying twenty percent of our national net worth, accumulated over two centuries.

They’re upset about the fact that Wall Street has iron control over the economic policies of this country,

and that one party is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wall Street,

and the other party caters to them as well.

That’s the truth of the matter, as you [Bill] have said before. And . . . .

P.J. O’Rourke: Get the man a bongo drum, they’ve found their spokesman!

Grayson: If I . . .

If you’d like to see more of the program with some of the mocking comments, here is a wider segment:

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P.J. O’Rourke: Get your shoes off, get a bongo drum, forget where to go to the bathroom, and it’s yours.

Grayson: If I am the spokesman for all the people who think we should NOT have 24 million people in this country who can’t find a full-time job; that we should NOT have 50 million people who can’t see a doctor when they’re sick; that we should NOT have 47 million people of this country who need government help to feed themselves; and that we should NOT have15 million families who owe more on their mortgage than the value of home, OK, I’ll be that spokesman.

The moment was electric. Bill Maher looked at the audience and said, “Look, they’re standing!” It was the first standing ovation for a guest in the 10-year history of the show.

And why? Because in less than a minute, Alan Grayson articulated what so many observers had been groping for, since the Occupy Wall Street movement started: the sense of what’s gone wrong, and the urgent need to do something about it.

(1) Wall Street has created and perpetuated a system of enormous inequality.

(2) That system caused The Crash, and no one has been punished for it.

(3) Wall Street perpetuates that system through iron control of our political process.

(4) The result is pervasive suffering: joblessness, homelessness, illness, poverty and even hunger.

That’s why it’s Occupy Wall Street, not Occupy Grant’s Tomb.

And Alan Grayson has the insight and the courage to say that.

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