Jean Warner: Trust the Plan

I totally agree with what Jean says here. How synchronous of her to say it now. Thanks to Su and Ramona for sending it along.

Thoughts to Ponder: Trust the Plan

By Jean Warner
March 20, 2011

You are nearing the end of the world of darkness, and those of the dark are throwing everything they have at the Light in order to keep their power and control over mankind. This has happened many times before. Every 26,000 years the cycle repeats itself as a new era approaches. You are on the fringe of the Age of Aquarius, where the planetary alignment is fast moving into position to give the Earth and her population the maximum support to enter a new frequency in their evolvement.

This is a time for choice and preparation. Consciously, on a soul level, or unconsciously, most have made their choice. Those who have chosen to move into a new world of light and love are preparing themselves by balancing and harmonizing their thoughts, attitudes, physical and emotional attunement, and spiritual uplifting. Many of those who have chosen to continue their lives in a third dimensional environment are seeking to hold onto their power and control through fear tactics, war, killings, and whatever avenue they can take to manipulate the population who no longer want to put up with their dominance through deceit.

And so you have the “good guys” and the “bad guys” lining up for the battle: the control of humanity or the drawing together in oneness. It might appear at times to be the locking of horns in a no-win confrontation, causing uncertainty, confusion, frustration, or despair.

Know that this is not the case. Darkness cannot withstand the Light of God. Mankind has taken his gift of free will to the extreme and through foolish choices has put his entire planet on the brink of extermination. One’s free choice cannot be destructive without consequences. The free will choices are now facing limitation, for the will to destroy a civilization or a planet will not be allowed.

You can be assured that annihilation will not happen. The destruction you are witnessing now will enforce God’s plan to bring his children into a higher frequency in order for them to advance to a higher standard of living in a world of brotherly love where integrity is a given and goodness and kindness are automatic.

Do not shake your fist at the Father of All for the devastation you see occurring. For thousands of beautiful beings of Light have volunteered to incarnate on Earth at this time to be the victims, if necessary, of situations that would shake the apathy of those who tend to overlook the fate of others so long as it doesn’t directly involve themselves. The horrors going on in the world have stirred the population to revolt against the terror and have awakened them to where they can put themselves in the place of those afflicted. Have you not seen the mass movements to aid those who have lost their loved ones, their homes, their jobs and their means of making a living? The love and caring displayed have raised the frequencies of Earth mankind.

Citizens world-wide are awakening to the oneness of all and the knowledge that, rich or poor, all of Earth’s citizens are equal in value. This awareness has gladdened the hearts of the Heavenly beings in other realms that have come forth to bring you out of the darkness into the light. They are eager to be of service, but will not invade your free will. If you ask for help, they will come. They are yearning to be asked.

Earth herself has chosen to go into a higher realm. She has lent herself as a school for those who wanted to experience duality, for growth comes much quicker when one is confronted with opposition. Great learning experiences have resulted from challenges. Does not a rough gem glisten with light when it is ground and polished? And so learning through adversity in dual situations is a shortcut toward spiritual progression and thus has brought millions of students to this planet. However, when two sides are not in balance, chaos occurs. The duality of Earth has become way off balance and the resulting chaos is less conducive to spiritual growth.

The time for change has come. Earth’s population has been stuck in the muck, so to speak, and its frequency had dropped so low that growth at times was becoming a seemingly insurmountable aim. For eons Earth mankind has struggled to advance, but the negative side of the coin has claimed too much control. It is most difficult to combat a force that feels no need for integrity, honesty, or compassion and thus feels no limitation in its actions. This force has gotten out of hand, and the Father is eager to bring home those who are weary of the struggle. Those who want to return home will be allowed to go with Mother Earth into a higher realm. Those who want to continue in an environment of duality will be accommodated elsewhere. Where they go will depend upon their frequencies.

Do not assume that all those that choose duality are evil. There are varied reasons for their choices. Some may simply want to be with loved ones who have gone astray to help them find their way back.

God’s plan has always been to bring His children back into the Light. The plan is moving forward. Whatever is needed to jog people’s mindsets in a positive way will be allowed to continue for a little while longer. Then the separation will be made. Those who choose not to go with Mother Earth will have other opportunities to progress toward their freedom. Eventually, all will return to the Light.

Know that all is in Divine Order at this time. Everyone is in his right place and is being given guidance and protection if requested. Do not be discouraged. All is well. Remain optimistic lest you lower your frequencies. Trust the millions of light workers, on and off planet, that are supporting you. Know that you are loved and never alone. Look for the good in every situation, for it will be shown to you if not immediately recognized. See the beauty of nature around you, even the tiniest flower or smallest animal or bird. Listen to inspiring music or sit in the sun and gaze at the beauty of the sky when you need to be uplifted.

Time is getting shorter and shorter as the Earth’s magnetism grows close to zero point when there will be no time but the eternal now. This happening will come sooner than you think, so be not impatient. Your emancipation is nigh. Be at ease. There will be a great celebration in the higher realms when you arrive! Focus on this, for you will be amazed at the peace, the beauty, and the harmony that await you. And know that you are greatly loved.

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