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David Icke on 2012

“We’re entering a period of fantastic change, which is getting faster all the time,” says David Icke in this 9-minute video, David Icke and 2012. “And we have two challenges, one after the other. The first is to open our minds, start taking responsibility back, and remove this edifice of control and suppression of information which will allow the full flow of knowledge of who we are to flood into the public arena.

“Once people start to realize who they really are and the nature of life, then we can go into stage two which is  the incredible consciousness shift that is going to happen, and is happening for many people already, but can happen for everybody if we open up to the knowledge of what’s going on and to do that the edifice of suppression has to go.

“And what I see so often in … what we call New Age movement is that they’re focusing on the second bit and they’re in denial about about the first.And the second is not going to happen for many people unless we remove the edifice of suppression cause most people are going to think what the heck’s going on and they’re going to go through this great change in a complete fog of what’s happening. …

“Two things to do here. One is to start focusing on how the world’s controlled, identify it and remove it. Secondly, then we can concentrate unhindered on the transformation spiritually that is unfolding in the year 2012 and beyond. …

“We’re at a point now where we can make incredible leaps as this 26,000-year cycle comes to an end. It’s going to be an incredible challenge.

“But no matter how challenging it gets, one thing remains constant. We live forever.  We are everything and everything is us. Whatever we’re experiencing in this moment is just an experience. We live forever. We are genius. We’ve forgotten we are genius. And that’s why a few people run the world. …

“When we heal ourselves, we heal the world. When we change ourselves, we change the world. When we love ourselves, we love the world. And when we love the world, it manifests in a very different form to the one I’ve been talking about, over these thousands of years of manipulation. Freedom is upon us. It’s time to grasp it.”

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  1. The truth as plain and veritas is.

    Sai Ram

  2. But why are we so focused on Physical Existence. It’s so far from HOME, and quite frankly, I’d rather exist in a form not so dense that is fully self-contained and doesn’t need to destroy anything. . .vegetables included. . .to continue existing. I’d rather move at the speed of thought, and be able to access the Akashic Library any time I wanted to, and retain everything I learned with no Veil to blind me from any real information, as opposed to all the illusory garbage in this realm.

    Yes, I know it will be different, but it will still be limiting, no? And isn’t what is spoken of already available in various realms on the Otherside of The Veil???????